Watercolor 101: Experimenting with your Work


So you have learned how to be creative using the computer, your camera and paints at Nicole’s Classes… now what? Don’t hide your light under a bushel! Have some fun! There are so many print on demand websites out there that you can experiment quite inexpensively.

I recently played with a bit of experimenting myself! Santa brought me a new iPhone for Christmas and I needed a new case for it. I decided to create one with my own watercolors! How fun is that? So fun, that I got completely carried away and created quite a few of them. I went ahead and loaded up artwork according to the guidelines on Society6 and the next thing you know I was able to not only buy one, but sell them too!

Using a website like this is a terrific way to test and see if what you are producing would be commercial. I sized and resized, added backgrounds and took them off until I got a few that I liked. I even went ahead and ordered 2 of them. Viewing it on the screen and then having it in hand is a great way to see what I like and don’t like about my own work.

In Watercolor 101, I not only teach watercolor techniques but also some techniques for scanning and cleaning up artwork so it can work well online. Maybe for your own phone case, prints or pillows!

I have decided that a girl needs as many phone cases and she does shoes. (Although I sort of like the RING! RING! Telephone too!) You can see some of my cases below, and you can purchase one in my Society6 store. Happy experimenting!


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