The Best iPhone Editing Apps

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Top 3 Photo Apps

I’m such a fan of sharing photos through Instagram, but I don’t always post photos from my “real” camera. Since our smart phones are still pretty limiting, I often rely on these three editing apps for post-production, white backgrounds, and text.

VSCO Cam ($.99) has become incredibly popular and it’s most popular faded/hipster style makes it easy to spot a photo that’s gone through VSCO Cam. I love it because I can avoid all these cheesy photo styles provided by Instagram and nearly all other editing apps (trust me, I’ve tried SO many) and make minimal, but effective adjustments with its easy interface. And at only $.99, it’s a steal. See for yourself!

Whitagram (free) helps you keep your vertical or horizontal orientation and places it in a white frame so you don’t get ugly black bars across its edges when you use square-based applications like Instagram. This helps keep a really clean image, keeping attention on the photo, not the black bars! It’s free, so you might as well download it!

Over ($1.99) is the best app I’ve seen for adding text, with great font choices and an incredibly easy interface. With more upgrades, you can have access to a huge library of fonts, but even with the starter packet, you’ll find many to like! Get text happy here!


Here are some of my Instagrams using VSCO Cam.. and you can follow me here.


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With so many photo editing apps out there, which are your favorites?

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