Stepping into Spring with Student Work

Welcome to our weekly round-up of student work! We can’t say enough good things about our students, so instead of gushing on, we’ll let the work speak for itself!

Our first piece of student work comes from Cécile Kotsch in Illustrator 101. We really dig her font choices, perfect color scheme and the placement of her adorable shower related icons!

Student work by  Cécile Kotsch.
This Photo 101 assignment captured by Chrissie Brown is an excellent study in depth of field. Well done!

Student Work by Chrissie Brown

Marjorie Limbonhai created this amazing portrait we wanted to share with you. This piece proves that with time and practice (she’s taken many of our Illustrator based classes), you can develop impressive skills and a robust portfolio.

Student Work by Marjorie Limbonhai


And to wrap up this edition of student work, we have a painting from Katie Lenius in our Watercolor 101 course. We love how she layered the paint (or “glazed”) as it really brought depth and detail to the flowers. Monica also teaches students in this class how to take their paintings and scan them into Photoshop to clean them up a bit — you can see how Katie really made her painting pop in post production!Student Work by Katie Lenius

Happy Friday everyone!

Spring Student Work

This week we’re bringing you student work a little early! We’re happy to show what our students have been up to this March from a variety of classes. Enjoy, and happy Thursday!

The first couple of pieces are from Kimberly Aldrich in our Photoshop 101 class. We love the before and after of these adorable kids. It really shows how a few small edits can really make an impact on a photo! student work by Kimberly Aldrich

student work by Kimberly Aldrich
Madeline Markos, who has taken Illustrator 101, created the invitation below. The bright greens and purples help create a party-atmosphere, and the way she illustrated the birthday cake makes us want to eat a big slice. We also love the bunting detail!

student work by Madeline Markos
Whitney Rippon captured a beautiful moment in Photo 101. This kid’s happy face and crazy curls make for a great subject, and we love how the camera is focused and angled.

student work by Whitney Rippon
We thought this next piece by April Griffith was perfect with spring right around the corner. The mixture of the fluffy texture from the wool and the slick pieces of grass, paired with some well-placed shading, makes for an excellent composition. And the color palette makes us excited for Easter!student work by April Griffith

Student Work: Typographic Edition

We’re happy to see the end of another great week with our students and all of the hard work they’ve put into creating new designs. Start your Friday off with a few fun pieces, and let us know what you think!

Kristin Creech created two pieces that we absolutely love. The first mixes bold, colorful fonts and an organic, textured background that really makes the text pop off the page (or screen!). It has a vintage edge that’s right on trend. The second is a well-done wedding announcement–we like the unusual choice in dark colors and the big, curly ampersand. Not to mention the fun pair of brackets at the bottom.

student work by Kristen Creechstudent work by Kristen Creech
The following piece comes from the mind of Jackie Kutrovacz. She said a packaging idea popped into her head, and she created the vector below to bring it to life. The simple colors work well together with a few different typefaces to create a great design.student work by Jackie Kutrovacz.
Sometimes in design, simple truly can be better. This business card by Pooja Makhijani catches the attention right away. The stark contrast of black against white and all-caps, bolded font looks both creative and professional. student work by  Pooja Makhijani.
And to finish off the round-up, Katrina Scaramuzzi imagined the inventive piece below. Her unconventional take on this landscape scene is beautiful and calming, and we love the tribal vibe of the type she chose. Look out for work from Katrina next week, too!

student work by Katrina Scaramuzzi

A Little Student Work

Happy Friday everyone! We’re excited to start your weekend off with a tidbit of student work from two very talented students. Enjoy and let us know what you think!

Meredith Collie has taken Illustrator 101 and she created this trendy arrow pattern. We love the variety and bright colors. We also adore the irregular placement, which makes the pattern feel unique and fresh.

nicole's classes pattern student work

In our Tabletop Photography class, Christen Fleming completed a lighting assignment by first using a back light (on the left) and then a side light (on the right). This is a perfect example of how different light sources and light directions can create completely different moods. Great job!

nicole's classes tabletop student work

Student Work: Patterns and More!

We’re excited to share student work from January with all of you! Our students never fail to impress us with the talents they pick up over the  weeks. Check out what they’ve been up to below, and happy Friday!

This is a pattern by student Keema who shows really great color pairings and reinvented hearts in a new, fresh way just in time for Valentine’s Day. We LOVE it.

Student Work by Keema

Illustrator 101 student Tara Carpenter created these two patterns that we adore. They are both very unique and fun!

Student Work by Tara Carpenter

Tara Ouitavon snapped this action shot in Photo 101. We love the moving moment she captured and the bold colors of the grass and the sky. Not to mention the perspective is incredible — we think it’s amazing!

We saw this picture Dani DiPirro designed of her puppy, Bella, on Instagram and had to share it with all of you. We love this simplistic style and think it turned out darling.

Student Spotlight: Marjorie Limbonhai

Nicole's Classes Work by Marjorie Limbonhai

Today we wanted to introduce you to one of our very talented students, Marjorie Limbonhai. We’ve loved the work she’s created in many of our classes (including the design above!), and it’s been really fun to have her in the virtual classroom. See what she has to say about her Nicole’s Classes experience and her journey into design in the little interview below:

How did you hear about Nicole’s Classes?
I read about Nicole’s Classes in a blog called How About Orange.

What got you interested in design?
I’ve always been interested in art and design as a kid, but I never considered it to be more than just a hobby. A few years after college, I was looking for a career change when I bumped into a creative blog on the internet. I didn’t blog then so I was completely new to the blogging world. I was nothing short of enchanted by her words and her beautiful pictures, her imagination and her creative energy.

I searched for others and found that there was actually a whole community of artists on the internet! And I knew from that moment on, that I wanted to be just like them, to create beautiful designs of my own that would also inspire other people like me.

Which classes have you taken from Nicole’s Classes?
I’ve taken most of the Illustrator classes and I’ve got a few more lined up for this year — both for Illustrator and Photoshop.

What have you done with the skills you developed in Nicole’s Classes?
I create projects of my own to practice what I learned. I’m still learning and experimenting with Illustrator, and still in the process of discovering what my style is. I do hope to find a career in art and design someday. Nicole’s classes helped me a LOT. They not only taught me how to use Illustrator effectively, they also taught me how to think openly and creatively.

Where do you get inspiration for your work?
Anywhere and everywhere really. But when I do need inspiration right away, I always go to art blogs and creative websites. I love seeing what others have done. And when I find something beautiful, I try to interpret it my way.

Where can we find you online?
My blog Mints and Chocolates.

And of course, here are more of her designs!

Nicole's Classes Work by Marjorie Limbonhai

Nicole's Classes Work by Marjorie Limbonhai


Nicole's Classes Work by Marjorie Limbonhai

Student Project Feature: Craft and Cookie Party

Happy Monday, everyone! We hope you all had a great weekend  and are ready to take on this coming week.

Today we wanted to share something from one of our very talented students, Alison Salcedo. Alison used some of the skills she picked up in Nicole’s Classes to create invitations for a  holiday craft and cookie party. We loved the way that everything turned out , and wanted all of you to see her work, too! Stop by her blog, see what Nicole’s Classes can teach you, and let her know what you think of this cute idea!

Check it out right here!

Student Work before the Holidays!

This week, we have an especially wonderful batch of student work to share! There’s a lot of talent in our classes this month, so we hope you enjoy all of these pieces as much as we did.

To start us off, Jeni Elliot created this blog header in Illustrator 101. It’s cute while remaining simple and professional, and we love the graphics she chose. Pay Jeni a visit over here!


Jackie Knight developed this pinwheel-type pattern, and we love it! Pay special attention to the fun detail of all the layered colors.

Rachael Smith designed this wrapping paper after taking one of our advanced Illustrator classes, and we love the practical application! This work is so festive and creative, and the addition of the colorful gift tags is the icing on the cake. Make sure you check out the work Rachael does at the Pretty Paper Club–you won’t regret it! 

Andrea Istwan delivered another great piece, and just in time for the holidays! We love the blue coloring she chose and the random repeating pattern.

Valentine’s Day isn’t too far away, and this darling pattern by Christiane Pessoa is perfect for such an occassion! We love the different colored and sized hearts and the word detailing on the arrows.

Lisa Paik Whelihan used the pen tool to create this Chanel nail polish pattern.  The art she created is beautiful and classy, with just enough detail to really make the entire image pop.

Riana Alizio, who you can see more from over here , made the two pieces below with an impeccable sense of color and design. The adorable dessert graphics and bold choice of fonts make both of these parties events that we would want to be invited to!

In Tabletop Photography, Noelle Acheson shot this scruptious photo. The lighting creates the perfect amount of shadow, and the texture looks incredible. We just want to reach out and eat one for ourselves!

And lastly, with Thanksgiving just behind us, the talented Daria Penta created the pie-themed image below. We love the images she used to represent each flavor and how she tied it all together with a synonymous crust image.  The colors are a job-well-done, too!

End of the Week Student Work

It’s Friday again, and time to show you all what our students have been up to this week!

Daria Penta, who was also featured on our blog over here, put together this fun Oktoberfest postcard. If the block letters and bright colors don’t win you over, then the pretzel letter ‘o’ will. We love it, Daria!Work by Daria Penta

Nicky Berry is in our Babies, Toddlers, & Kids class. She snapped this adorable shot of her two-year-old snacking on some ice cream. We love the close-up detail and how she managed to capture such a sweet, simple moment. What did Nicky have to say about it? “”I am so grateful to Nicole’s Classes for giving me the skills to take the photo. I just love having this shot of her!” Work by Nicky Berry

And last, but not least, some invites from Stacy Olson. She created some wonderful graphics with bold, wintry colors and we love the banner details. Great job, Stacy!

What Our Students Have to Say

Here at Nicole’s Classes, we’ve come to love working and interacting with our students. It’s a privilege to share a little bit of our knowledge, and it’s fun, too! If you haven’t taken a class from us already, you can take a peek at the variety we offer over here. And if you have taken a class, we’d love to have you back for another! This is what three of our past students have had to say about us:

“Just wanted to let you know that even though I am starting a bit late in this class – I am totally enjoying it! Things that I could not even think of how to do a month ago – I can now do – like clipping masks. Not sure why I tried to read a description and played with the process for two days and still couldn’t figure it out – I got it in this class in literally 30 seconds. Thank you for making that so simple!!”

—La Toya M. Jackson-Wilson

“I would like you to know how much I appreciate your class. I have been reading all of the comments you write about each of the students homework assignments. I love reading your feedback and the suggestions you will make. Doing the homework assignments really helps in reinforcing the knowledge learned for the week.I am learning a lot in a short amount of time. I am so thankful for your instruction on the pen tool which allowed me to let go of my intimidation for it. Your instructions were so clear and I am actually excited to be able to use this tool in the future. I am planning on registering for your other classes you are offering.”

-Christine Czarkowski

Thank you also for your feedback on my cards…Now THAT is valuable. It’s the one thing I think that is missing from this uber supportive, virtual community of creatives (Etsy, Flickr, Pinterest, Blogging etc.). Actual,honest, thoughtful, critical feedback is hard to find and many of us are self taught so it’s crucial to our development…Thanks again for everything. I adore your voice on those clips of instructional video. I find your explanations really well rounded in their thoroughness and complexity (not too difficult to understand and not so shallow as to be of little use to those of use with some Adobe experience). Oh, and quick copy has changed my life!!! The keyboard short cuts too! Those have been wonderful. Now I have to learn them for Photoshop.”

Rachel Haynes

We appreciate the feedback and want to give a big thank you to all of our students!

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