Check Out Our Students!

By the time classes wrap up at the end of every month, we’ve always collected a lot of really great student work.  So much so that we decided we needed  to put together another round of pieces to showcase all of our students’ effort and talent!

The two images above were created by Kate Burgener, who you can find right over here.  Her elegant take on these wedding invites made us want to share them with all of you.

This invitation was designed by Elise Suter.  The varying text size makes for a dynamic invite!  If you want to see more of Elisa, pay her a visit here!

The next 3 pieces were created by Annie Preece of HairyShoeFairy.  She has an eye for color that caught our attention, and we love her creativity!

And from our Illustrator 101 class, Emily Stephenson designed this black-and-white quote.  The way she designed the text made for an eye-catching poster, and we love the addition of the arrow graphic at the bottom.  Find Emily over here!

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