Student Work: Typographic Edition

We’re happy to see the end of another great week with our students and all of the hard work they’ve put into creating new designs. Start your Friday off with a few fun pieces, and let us know what you think!

Kristin Creech created two pieces that we absolutely love. The first mixes bold, colorful fonts and an organic, textured background that really makes the text pop off the page (or screen!). It has a vintage edge that’s right on trend. The second is a well-done wedding announcement–we like the unusual choice in dark colors and the big, curly ampersand. Not to mention the fun pair of brackets at the bottom.

student work by Kristen Creechstudent work by Kristen Creech
The following piece comes from the mind of Jackie Kutrovacz. She said a packaging idea popped into her head, and she created the vector below to bring it to life. The simple colors work well together with a few different typefaces to create a great design.student work by Jackie Kutrovacz.
Sometimes in design, simple truly can be better. This business card by Pooja Makhijani catches the attention right away. The stark contrast of black against white and all-caps, bolded font looks both creative and professional. student work by  Pooja Makhijani.
And to finish off the round-up, Katrina Scaramuzzi imagined the inventive piece below. Her unconventional take on this landscape scene is beautiful and calming, and we love the tribal vibe of the type she chose. Look out for work from Katrina next week, too!

student work by Katrina Scaramuzzi

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