Student Work is Back!

We’re finally back to our regular posting schedule, which means we have some fabulous Friday student work for you!

We start with an amazing before and after from Shannon West of our Lightroom 101 class. The girl in the before image on the left is underexposed, but the after image on the right is exposed perfectly and she now looks positively luminous and angelic. Fantastic editing Shannon!

Nicole's Classes Student Work

Nicole Massara, also from our Lightroom 101 class, edited the image below. The before image of the train on the left has very little contrast and looks a little flat. Nicole used one of Lightroom’s great pre-set’s and then upped the vibrancy and added some vignetting to get her amazing after image on the right.

Nicole's Classes Student Work

And we end with Michelle Wilkins’ work from our advanced Illustrator class. Her floral pattern below was a favorite of the instructors and we love it too!

Nicole's Classes Student Work

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