More of What Our Students Think

Last week we shared a little feedback from a couple of our students. Here’s a little more of what past students have had to say about Nicole’s Classes.

“You cannot imagine how much I am loving the course!! I am a biologist in a big pharmaceutical company and my job has nothing to do with creativity. But I am exploring my creative side lately and am very happy. I already made the Illustrator 101 and Pattern courses and loved them so much. I am becoming addicted to Illustrator… Until now I was not able to distinguish a good typeface from a bad one — not that I am now the expert or anything, but everything makes much more sense now and I cannot stop looking at typefaces everywhere!!!”
-Silvia C.

“I suspected that I didn’t know what I was doing and now I know that I don’t know what I’m doing. I’ve been a graphic designer for about twelve years but I haven’t been doing much with it for the past five. I want to reopen my business with a fresh portfolio in June so I’m feeling the pressure to get some learning in! Thank you for your excellent class!”

-Heather B.

I’ve always been obsessed with patterns-but now! It’s ridiculous how much I love them ever more! You have a wonderful manner of teaching. . .always filling us in with what you’re doing and what short cut is being used (so helpful). . .I even liked how you made the occasional “oops” because it just made it even that more relaxed. I had a basic background of Illustrator, but I was all so disjointed-now I know how to utilize all these different components together to make things I”ve actually wanted to do! I also liked how you were aware of common errors and knew what to do when in those situations. Illustrator is AWESOME.” 

-Joni T.

Another big thanks to each one of our students (past, present, and future!)  this week!

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