Getting More Blur in Your Background

Some people think that “professional” photographs are the ones with blurry backgrounds. Not exactly, but most of us can all agree that those blurry background photos grab our attention quickest because we are forced to look at what is in focus.

In my Photo 101 class, the question of how to get those blurry background shots always comes up in the first few minutes of our chat session. So, here is my free download for you to keep with your camera to remind you of the three ways to get more background blur.

And what is bokeh, you ask? Let me tell you first, the term “bokeh” was never used in photography school… it’s more of a recent term to describe those blurry shapes in the background made by the camera’s aperture and the lens abberations, most visible by highlight areas. Notice the image on the right shows circles. While bokeh is desirable to most, it can sometimes become a distraction, so keep an eye out for that!!

Happy Shooting!

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