How do Nicole’s Classes work?
The Nicole’s Classes application is a downloadable program you install on your computer (the link to download will be provided the day the class starts). Learning is divided into either 2 or 4 weeks, and within those weeks you can learn at your own pace, anytime, anywhere within the time you have access to the class. There are no set class times, though homework is due every Sunday night for instructor feedback.

Students also have unlimited email access to the instructor for the 2 or 4 week period, to ask questions or get any help when they’re stuck. They’ll also potentially have an online chat session with their instructor during the class to ask their burning questions (depends on the discipline). Our classes are flexible, fit into most any schedule and we happily welcome international students!

PLEASE NOTE: Our custom application runs on the Adobe AIR platform, so your computer must meet the system requirements to install this program. Please make sure your computer (it must be a computer, our application does not run on mobile devices or tablets) meets these requirements, or that you’re able to update in order to meet them, before purchasing classes.

Is your application compatible with tablets or mobile devices?
Unfortunately, our application can’t be downloaded onto tablets or mobile devices. Our application is only compatible with laptop and desktop computers.

How long will I have access to the class materials?
For most classes starting on or after April 2014, you have access to the instructor and the class materials during the dates listed at purchase. After the class end date, you will have extended access to the class materials only.

PLEASE NOTE: If you enrolled in a class prior to April 2014, you only had access to the class materials for a finite number of weeks. We’re working on rolling out extended access for past students and in some disciplines, so please stay tuned for more information. We will email everyone the relevant information when access is available. It will not be available for all classes that have ever been on the Nicole’s Classes roster.

Do I need an internet connection to take your online classes?
You will need to have an internet connection to use the Nicole’s Classes application. Since our classes consist of videos, slower internet connections may take more time to load.

What kind of camera is required for your online photography courses?
Our Photo 101Tabletop Photography and Photo 102 courses are designed to teach you how to use a DSLR camera (ex: Canon Rebel, Nikon D5100, etc), but you really only need a camera that allows you to change the aperture and shutter speed. Most point-and-shoot cameras will allow you to change those settings, but the ranges are more limited, so you may not get as much out of the classes.

Do I need to have the appropriate Adobe program installed on my computer for the Illustrator and Photoshop courses?
Yes, you will need to have the relevant Adobe program installed to take our Photoshop and Illustrator full and mini courses. We do not provide the program for you, but you can download a free 30-day trial from the Adobe website. Please note that you should wait to download your trial until the class starts so it doesn’t run out early.

What versions of Photoshop and Illustrator are compatible with your courses?
Our current classes are taught in Creative Cloud. Versions CS5, CS6 and CC are recommended for use with this class. Version older than CS5 versions may not translate well enough and are not recommended, so you’ll need to either upgrade or download a free 30-day trial of the newest version as noted above.

I received a confirmation email — is my order confirmed and when will I hear from you next?
Yes, your order is confirmed. If you’ve ordered a textbook, please see below for information on mailing and delivery. If you’ve ordered an online class, a schedule email will be sent to you 1 day prior to the start date of the class.

I didn’t receive a confirmation email — did my order go through?
All completed orders will receive a confirmation email from us immediately after purchase (if your email address was entered correctly). If you did not receive a confirmation email, than your order did not go through and you should try again or contact us.

Do you ship textbooks internationally?
We do ship textbooks internationally, though we do not offer tracking on these orders. The price for shipping to your country will be presented at checkout.

When can I expect to receive my textbook(s) in the mail?
Our textbooks ship out via USPS within 3-5 days of the order placement. For domestic orders, shipping confirmation and a tracking number can be provided if requested via email. Domestic orders typically take 1-2 weeks (or 5-10 business days) to arrive. Please note that we do not offer tracking on international shipments, but these orders typically take 6-8 weeks to arrive.

I’ve sent an inquiry via your contact form. How long will it take for you to respond?
We strive to respond to every inquiry within 24-48 hours. If you have not heard from us after 48 hours, please feel free to send an email directly to

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