Are you a beginner photographer?

Or an experienced snapper in need of a refresher?

This class is for you!

No photo experience? No problemo. Photo 101 is for for you. Plus, lots of semi-pros have found it to be a super helpful refresher course when they’re feeling a little rusty.

In class, you will learn how to work your DSLR camera using manual settings. A large portion of the class will focus on exposure and composition. Shooting with natural light will be encouraged and instructed.

Have a camera and don't know how to use it? Let’s fix that. It’s time to get off auto mode and create beautiful photos.
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Tired of being afraid of your camera? Looking to take better snaps for your brand, business or maybe your kids, dog or that morning latte with heart-shaped foam? We’ll help you get off auto mode and start making some photo magic in our online photography class.


Whether you want to learn a new skill or create killer visual content for your blog, we can help you do it all—at your own pace, any time, anywhere!

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Thank you so much for this class! Thanks for your amazing feedback: starting with the positive, and when necessary, ending with tactful, honest, awesome advice. My camera returned and I can’t wait to get out shooting today. You have inspired us all. -Judy
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Learning is divided into 4 weeks and within those weeks you can learn at your own pace, anytime, anywhere you have internet. There are no set class times, though homework is due every Sunday night for instructor feedback. Students also have unlimited email access to the instructor for the duration of their course, to ask questions or get help.

Want to see what our classes are really like? Try a free mini course!