Today I wanted to share one of my favorite easy lighting setups I used for a collaboration with Naomi that maximizes contrast and gives an image that added punch. Getting strong contrast comes from a stronger light source. Outside, it's the sun. In the studio, it's a strobe without much (or any) diffusion. This lighting setup is similar to on-camera flash, but is more flattering because the light is slightly higher than the subject's face. If you don't have a strobe unit, you can easily use the flash off-camera with the appropriate accessories. Naomi's pictures were shot at home, and so were mine seen in this tutorial. It took only a 7' x 4' amount of space (my small kitchen nook), and I even propped the background boards up on the chair I was sitting on. The close distance of my body to the board also helped strongly illuminate the background since I was only using one light. Get Punchy Light with One Light
When you heard about Nicole's Classes new Food Styling 101, you might have thought you would learn how to eat spaghetti while rocking the latest fashion. But this class isn’t about looking good while devouring your favorite foods. Food styling is the art of making food beautiful for photography! 411 on Food Styling 101
Essential Design Toolkit While a computer and the Adobe Creative Suite are indispensable tools, they're not the only ones you need to have to be a good designer. I teach Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign and have been a working graphic design professional for years and I have some great essentials that you definitely need to add to your toolkit!
Lightroom Map Module I take hundreds of photos a week on my smart phone and these photos all have GPS data attached to them. More and more cameras are equipped with GPS devices that track where each photo is taken and this can be useful both professional and amateur photographers alike. One module that is often overlooked in Lightroom is the Map Module.
Nicole's Classes is so excited to have Ariana from Flight Design Company (1 of the 3 amazing teachers of our new Branding 101 class) sharing 5 tools to help you name your next venture. Enjoy! Nicole's Classes Branding Blog What’s in a name? When naming my son I remember the weight of the decision really hitting me. He’s going to have this name for his whole life, but no pressure, right? And now as I step deeper into the role of entrepreneur, I realize how true this is for businesses as well.
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