Is there a better way to usher in the weekend than with some beautiful floral arrangements? We don't think so! Today we're featuring 3 lovely student arrangements from our current sessions of our Floral Arranging 101 with Chelsea Fuss of Frolic! These were some of her favorites and we couldn't agree more. Read on to see some of the great work our students are creating! Our first piece is the Wild English arrangement from student Amy Cash. Everything about this arrangement is swoon worthy -- the colors, the shape, the flowers, the styling, the photography... we love it all! Great work Amy! Nicole's Classes Student Work Nicole's Classes Student Work
Now that spring has officially sprung, it's the perfect time to bring back a little Floral Friday! Today we're sharing 3 of our favorite arrangements from our Floral Arranging 101 class. While it's hard not to make flowers look pretty, we're always so blown away by the student work from this class and all the amazing things our students are learning from Chelsea Fuss of Frolic! Read on to see just a few of the great arrangements our students have created over the last few months! Viktorija Prušinskienė created this beautiful hand tied bouquet for her Week 1 homework. Not only are the pictures so soft and pretty, but we adore her choice and mix of interesting florals. Nice job Viktorija! Nicole's Classes Student Work
We never get tired of showcasing the great work our students create in our myriad of online classes. This week, we're featuring the best of the best from our photography based classes. Read on to see some of our recent favorite shots! Our first image is from Food Styling 101 student Adrienne Robideaux. Adrienne has taken our full fleet of photo classes, plus more in other disciplines, and she has been a standout in all of them. But we just couldn't resist featuring this beautifully styled and photographed image we saw on instagram. Check out more of her amazing images on her food blog Susie Makes Supper! Nicole's Classes Student Work
Happy new year everyone! We thought a great way to start out blog out in 2015 would be to show you some amazing student work from some of our 2014 Floral Arranging 101 students that we've been saving up! Keep reading to see what these students were able to create after just 1 month of learning with Chelsea! First we have a beautiful bridal bouquet created by Jennifer Chandler. We love the classic whites and pale palette but we're dying over those pops of bright orange and peach! Great selections Jennifer! Nicole's Classes Student Work
We could not be more excited to share this weeks student work from our new Branding 101 class! One of the early steps of envisioning your brand is to find visual inspiration that supports the creative vision you/your client want to take. This is called an inspiration board, and our instructors ask students to put together 3 different boards that represent 3 different directions the client could go with the brand. Here are boards put together by Branding 101 students based on the Creative Briefs they also created in Week 1 of the class. Enjoy! First, we're featuring all three boards from student Rachel Russ. Her creative brief clearly called for a Native American theme as all three boards are inspired by that, but are also very different and achieve that vibe in very different ways. Board A is bold and bright, Board B is rustic and natural,  and Board C is feminine and sophisticated. We really love all of the boards and think the client will be happy with any of the 3 directions! Great job Rachel! Nicole's Classes Student Work
We're back for the second week in a row with more great student work to share! This time it's from our beginning graphic design class Illustrator 101. While we hope to relaunch a class that specifically teachers more advanced and intricate patterns in the near future, we're so excited that our recently revamped Illustrator 101 class with Holly Hucklesby teaches pattern making. So without further ado, here are some recent amazing student pattern designs! Our first set of designs was created by student Sofia Arnaboldi. She created a pattern as part of a logo/branding set that is just too cute. We love her pastel color choices and her use of the on-trend arrow design. Great work! Nicole's Classes Student Work
We know it's been a while since we showcased student work, but it isn't because they haven't been consistently cranking out amazing stuff. So bear with us while we do a little catch up from the last few months of our Floral Arranging 101 class: Our first piece is from student Elizabeth Romeril who was enrolled in our May session. She achieved a great loose shape for her English garden arrangement and we love her bright floral choices. Elizabeth said this about her Nicole's Classes experience: "I have loved the class! I have learned so much. I would say my biggest challenge has been that in rural New England it's harder to find the "right" flowers to use for the arrangements. With week two, I lucked out by being on vacation, and finding a larger variety of flowers, along with some greens out of the yard." So glad you loved the class Elizabeth! Nicole's Classes Student Work
A note before we begin: In April, we asked our former students to share their unique and amazing Nicole's Classes stories with us. And share they did! Today is the second installment of this series (see the first here), where each student will tell you in their own words (and with examples of their own work!) how Nicole's Classes has helped them on their creative journey. Enjoy! My Nicole's Classes Story Britney Johnson Hi, my name is Britney Johnson and this is my story!
A note before we begin: In April, we asked our former students to share their unique and amazing Nicole's Classes stories with us. And share they did! Today is the first installment of our "My Nicole's Classes Story" series, where each student will tell you in their own words (and with examples of their own work!) how Nicole's Classes has helped them on their creative journey. Enjoy! whitneyrhoden I am so thankful for every last thing I have learned from Nicole's Classes! I can't remember exactly how I stumbled upon this golden nugget of a website, but my goodness I'd be nowhere near the place I am today without it.
Happy Floral Friday everyone! Today we're posting some amazing arrangements from our Floral Arranging 101 class taught by Chelsea Fuss (btw, have you read about her cool new adventure farming in Europe?). Like all of our classes, we're always so inspired to hear what students will do with the new skills they've learned, and this week does not disappoint! Our first arrangement is from international student Sara Cangueiro. Sara joined the class from Portugal and created this truly stunning bridal bouquet. We're blown away not only by her beautiful arrangement, but by the beautiful photos as well. You can see more from Sara at her her blog Hoje é Especial. Nicole's Classes Student Work
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