Branding Student Makes Team Member! 

We’re so excited to be sharing with you that one of our Branding 101 students, Hana, has actually now joined the team of teachers (Katrina, Matt, and Ariana of Flight Design Co.) who teach the Branding 101 class! Here’s what they had to say about a new ceramics brand Hana created:

“We’ve been teaching our online brand design class through Nicole’s Classes for two years now, and have seen so many fun new visual identities created by our students. But we have to be honest, biases aside, our own Hana’s new ceramics brand for Munbeibi is our new favorite!”

Checkout Hana’s new brand below and be sure to catch her comments at the bottom of the post!
Hana wanted to share her thoughts on the process:

“The tagline of Munbeibi is “a ceramic adventure” – I chose this because I feel like I am constantly learning, and definitely failing a little bit each time! I don’t pretend to know a lot about what I’m doing, but I love the journey of exploring clay and what it means to me, especially the stories behind all the little faces that end up on my bowls and totems. Making ceramics has been a very play-filled experience for me, but it’s also something I hope to continue exploring until I’m an old lady, and I wanted those feelings to come across in my branding.”


Beautiful work and congratulations, Hana! We love hearing about our students’ success after learning with us at Nicole’s Classes!

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