If you're like us you've been spending the first part of January planning and strategizing for the New Year! It can be easy to get overwhelmed with resolutions and goals. We find it can help to think in broad themes, then distill your focus down to one word that you'll try to bring into your life on a daily basis. What is 2015 all about for you? NicolesClasses-2015MiniPoster1
Jan15_Desktop_Wallpaper_NicolesClasses_02 We know it's almost mid-January and we're a little late to the party (whoops!), but we still wanted to make sure you all had a chance to download our free January 2015 desktop & mobile backgrounds!
Happy new year everyone! We thought a great way to start out blog out in 2015 would be to show you some amazing student work from some of our 2014 Floral Arranging 101 students that we've been saving up! Keep reading to see what these students were able to create after just 1 month of learning with Chelsea! First we have a beautiful bridal bouquet created by Jennifer Chandler. We love the classic whites and pale palette but we're dying over those pops of bright orange and peach! Great selections Jennifer! Nicole's Classes Student Work
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