We normally post student work on Fridays, but we have a special treat for you tomorrow (if you follow our regular first of the month postings, then you know what it is)! So that means you get three stellar pieces of student work a day early! And this week it's all about the photography! We've featured Marcelle Calder and her work from our Tabletop Photography class before (here and here), but we couldn't resist sharing one more unbelievable shot. We really couldn't love this shot more -- the lighting, the styling, the products, everything down to the last detail is perfection. We adore your work Marcelle! Nicole's Classes Student Work
Video Tutorial Happy Wednesday everyone! We've been working really hard over the last few months to build up our Free Video Tutorial section with helpful tips & tricks from our master instructors. But, we'd like your help to make it the best it can be -- so, What should our next video tutorial cover?
christmasinjuly We know it's summer and you're busy with vacations, pool parties and popsicles, and that Christmas is the furthest thing from your mind... BUT. We thought it would be fun to have a one-day Christmas in July flash sale!
Hello Nicole's Classes readers and watercolor enthusiasts! I have a little secret tip to share with you today: the key to making your watercolors appear effortless. Watercolor 101: Paint, Paint & Paint Again!
Lightroom 101: Summer Photos With summer upon us, we thought it would be helpful to share some tips for getting great photos outside. As photographers, sometimes we find ourselves in less than ideal lighting conditions, such as the sun being too harsh and right overhead, or maybe a there is a rainstorm during your beach vacation. Regardless of the circumstances, you should definitely keep taking pictures. I have put together a number of example images below from a variety of outdoor summer lighting conditions and will suggest both what you can do with your camera to mitigate the situation as well as how Lightroom can help you in post.
It's been a big week for Nicole's Classes -- 1 new class announced, 2 favorite classes are being re-released and now we have 3 amazing student work examples from our Floral Arranging 101 class! Keep reading to see some amazing floral creations! First we have a floral crown from Elka Adamowicz. We love the shape of her crown, it's not too big, but still has a little wildness to it. We just read a piece in the NYT about floral crowns selling for over $400 -- why pay that when you can learn to make your own? Great job Elka! Floral Arranging Student Work
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