Shadows & Highlights One of the main benefits of shooting RAW is you can take full advantage of the adjustments in Lightroom. The basic Exposure adjustment slider is fairly self explanatory and quite intuitive as you experiment with Lightroom. If you make it brighter, the entire image will be brighter, and if you make it darker, the entire image will be darker. The Shadow and Highlight adjustment sliders can be incredibly helpful and I want to share how I like to use them.
Happy Friday everyone! We have some amazing graphic design student work to share with you, including our first piece from our recently revamped and better than ever Illustrator 101 class! Without further ado, here's what some of our students have been creating lately... First up, we have these cool camping icons from Maegan Steele in our Illustrator 101 class. We adore the designs and illustrated elements she added… we can't wait to see what you create next Maegan! Maegan Steele Student Work
5 Must Read Floral Books I often get asked to recommend flower books. Here are a few of my favorites. Many are very old favorites while others are new publications by up and coming designers. I hope you enjoy!
Happy Friday everyone! For today's post, we're focusing on the amazing work our photo and photo editing students are doing in class! Read on to see their top notch creations: First up we have another great piece from Tabletop Photography student Marcelle Calder. Her donut pictures were a huge hit the last time we featured her, so we thought we'd include one more delicious image from her. The exposure and composition on this image is excellent, not to mention the styling. Great job! Marcelle Calder Student Work
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