Lightroom has many amazing time saving tools. The Graduated Filter is one of these tools that frequently saves me time and eliminates my need to take an image into Photoshop at all. Example 1: Sky Lightroom allows you to easily adjust exposure, contrast, white balance, saturation etc on the entire image. These same adjustments are available in the Graduated Filter as well. The Graduated Filter is a wonderful tool when you have a sky that is too bright and you want to tone it down while still maintaining a realistic look. The image below is an image in Norway of a winding roadway called Trollstigen. Back in the days of film, professionals would use a tool such as a “graduated neutral density filter.” That is the technical term for a piece of glass that you put in front of the lens that has a gradient in it. It goes from light to dark and you could position it so that the sky would be darker than the ground. Especially if you are shooting RAW, the need for a neutral density filter is almost non-existent these days because of the Graduated Filter in Lightroom. This tool is so fast to use. The adjustments I am demonstrating below can be done in a matter of seconds.
How To Focus on a Moving Subject We all know that focus can either make or break a photo. The big question is how to get it just right when the subject is moving and you don’t want to rely on manual focus to do it?
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