We have some more exciting editing work to show you from our Lightroom 101 class! Mark has been teaching our students how to make lots of quick and easy adjustments in this amazing program, and here are just a few examples of how students are taking their photos to the next level! First, we have a before and after image from Megan Fosson in our March session. Her before and after is a great example of how just a few changes can take a really good photo and make it great. Her subject really pops more from the background in the after shot -- awesome job! Lightroom 101 Student Work
Recovering a Lampshade My Jonathan Adler shade cracked a while ago, leaving an unsightly wrinkle in the shade’s fabric. So when Nicole’s Classes Instagram follower @kikatmb asked for a how-to on making a fabric shade, it was the perfect opportunity to fix mine. I used a medium-weight cotton fabric and minimal sewing (with a no-sew option). If you’d like a more extensive sewing lesson, check out my Sewing 101 course. And if you try this how-to, please share photos with @nicolesclasses on Instagram! Materials: • Kraft paper or leftover wrapping paper • Pencil, ruler, scissor • Fabric in yardage needed to cover shade (my 42" dia. barrel shade required 1-1/3" yds.) • Sticky-back Velcro circles (about 3/4" dia.) • Thread, pins • Sewing machine • Iron • Hem tape, optional
I was thrilled when Mark Weinberg agreed to teach Lightroom 101 at Nicole's Classes because I was so intrigued with learning the program myself. Up until I took his class, I was processing my photos primarily through Camera RAW (a program attached with Photoshop) and also Capture One when tethering on set. Lightroom BLEW MY MIND.
We've been saving up a few of our favorite graphic design student pieces for you, and it's finally time to share! The work we're posting today is cute, clever and crazy creative and we think you'll be very inspired! Jenn Nash, who has taken lots of our Illustrator courses, designed these amazing wedding maps for her own wedding. We can't imagine taking on this much work for your own big day, but we're glad Jenn did because these maps are fabulous! She added so much detail and her design choices are spot on. Amazing work Jenn!
Happy St. Patrick's Day A very Happy St. Patrick's Day from us to you! We hope you have a lucky day filled with green clothes, green food and no pinching! Don't forget that today is the last day to enter our St. Patrick's Day contest to win 1 of 7 free classes! Find our more details on our blog post from Friday! You can comment on that blog post (if you haven't already) and post the image below to social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) with the #luckywithnicolesclasses for up to 4 entries today! And 7 different people will be winning this time so your odds are even better than normal! This is the image you need to post to enter:
St. Patrick's Day Contest 2014 Are you feeling lucky? Well are you? In honor of St. Patrick's Day on Monday, we're holding our second annual St. Patrick's Day contest over the weekend for all our amazing blog and social media followers! But what's at the end of the Nicole's Classes rainbow? It's not quite a pot of gold, but it's the next best thing: FREE CLASSES! We'll be giving away 7, yes 7, total free classes! And you could be the lucky winner of 1 of the 7 free classes! All you have to do is...
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