Two student work posts in one week? We just can't help ourselves, our students are really knocking it out of the park lately! Today, we're sharing design work from our Illustrator based online classes and we think you're really going to love them -- read on to see them! Advanced Illustrator student Whitney Bell designed this colorful and fun original piece. We're amazed at all the work she put into this drawing -- the children's outfits are so detailed and adorable, the kites are so colorful and unique and even the grass is cute! We want this as a print! Student Work Whitney Bell
We must sound like a broken record, but our students are really just killing it lately! Today we have some photos to share with you from our image based classes Photo 101, Tabletop Photography and Photoshop 101 First we have an image worked on by Elisabeth Barringer in our Photoshop 101 class. She first placed the kayak in this photo by duplicating it from another photo. She added the type and blended them with the water, then added a vignette to the original background image to add some dimension. Such an amazing final product! Student Work
Lightroom and iPhoto I have been asked variations on the question, "Should I use Lightroom or iPhoto for organizing and editing images?" numerous times. Comparing the two is a little like comparing a go-cart to a modern car. Both are a means of transportation and will ultimately get you there, but the car (Lightroom) has a lot more features and with the proper training can achieve superior results in less time.
Cloud Template I recently made these clouds from foam core and paper for a magazine shoot. Nicole’s sister Nina ended up taking them home for her nursery (she’s due in April) and here is Cole, Nicole’s little guy, testing them out. They make a great addition to a nursery or playroom and they’re easy to make. Here’s how!
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