New Blog Feature: Ask a Teacher!

Ask a Teacher!

Nicole's Classes Teachers

We have an exciting new blog feature in the works for you starting in August… it’s called Ask a Teacher!

Is there something you’ve been dying to know about any of our talented teachers? About their art, their businesses, their schooling or experience? About how they became artists? About their specific field or their online classes? Or how they balance their work and home life? Well now is the time to ask! Each month, based on your questions, we’ll post an interview with one of our amazing instructors and they’ll give us the dish!

So ask away in the comment section below (make sure to note which one of our teacher’s your question is for), and we’ll work on getting you guys some great answers!

Lightroom Promo Code Extended!

Lightroom Discount Code Extended

We have some great news for everyone still looking to learn Lightroom 101 with us soon — our 10% off promo code has been extended through Monday, August 5th! Just enter code NCLIGHTROOM10 at checkout to save on this amazing new class that is a MUST for all photographers (read about why you need to take this class here)!

Happy savings Tuesday!

More Summer Student Work

It’s that time of the week again… Student Work Friday! We have more lovely Floral Arranging creations for you and our very first Sewing student work piece. So let’s get started!

First off, Stacy Olson from our Sewing 101 class finished this amazing dress during the June session. We love her choice of fabric, it fits like a dream and it looks super well made and polished. Amazing job!

Nicole's Classes Student Work

And it wouldn’t be a student work day if we didn’t share some lovely floral pieces with you! Here is a spectacular crown put together by Whitney Deal from our Floral Arranging 101 class. It’s wild, full and whimsical and we just love it!

Nicole's Classes Student Work

And we have another amazing arrangement from Katie Kukulka (who we featured last week!). She has quite the knack for creating really beautiful natural and organic arrangements. Keep up the good work Katie!

Nicole's Classes Student Work!

Want to learn to sew your own dress or make your own arrangements? Let our amazing instructors teach you something new in any of our 23 online classes!

Floral Arranging 101: Additional Supplies

Floral Arranging 101 Advanced Supplies

As I mention in my Floral Arranging 101 class, I am a minimalist when it comes to floral supplies. Many floral supplies are harmful to the environment or just add to clutter and there’s nothing I dislike more than clutter! So, I like to be able to make arrangements from whatever I have on hand. Here are a few of my favorite supplies, and if you take the floral class (the next session starts August 5th!), you’ll learn even more about key ingredients and supplies to keep on hand for arrangements:

* Jars and drinking glasses — Little glasses can help water-proof any container, making virtually anything into a vase! Just make sure the glass or jar is a little smaller and shorter than the vessel, so it can be hidden. Weck jars come in a variety of heights and sizes and are really helpful for floral arranging.

* Felco pruners — I love mine and they help to clip hefty, woody stems like lilac, viburnum and large leafy branches like oak or maple.

* Twine — I love a big roll of twine for binding hand-tied bouquets or wrapping a gift of flowers in paper.

Happy flower arranging!


Photo by Lisa Warniger.

It’s Textbook Tuesday… Forever!

Textbook Tuesday Forever Promo

Yes, you heard us right, it’s a permanent Textbook Tuesday sale! Our very popular Photoshop 101 and Illustrator 101 textbooks are now permanently on sale for $15 each (plus applicable shipping)! No discount codes necessary, the new sale price is as marked. If you’ve been waiting to snatch one of these up, now’s the time to order one, or even all three, of our textbooks to add to your creative library. Keep in mind that this sale is only good until we run out, so don’t wait too long, as we won’t be re-printing these books once they’re sold out.

And starting now through Friday, June 26th, our well loved Photo 101 textbook is also on sale for $30 (plus applicable shipping)! We rarely discount this textbook, so take advantage of the great $10 off discount and order this week!

And one last reminder that if you’re considering taking our brand new Lightroom 101 online class, you have until Friday, June 26th to use the code NCLIGHTROOM10 to save 10% on the class price.

It’s a summer of sales here at Nicole’s Classes, so don’t miss out on your chance to save!

Student Work: Floral Arranging Edition

While we love to see student work from all of our classes (seriously, we love seeing our students create things we wish we would have!), we might be slightly partial to the beautiful floral arrangements that come out of our Floral Arranging 101 class. Flowers are just the most beautiful subject, and we have some lovely projects to showcase from our students this week.

We’ll start with the floral crown from Erin Boyle, who posted about her Nicole’s Classes student experience on Gardenista. We love the colors and the shape of the crown — as she says in her post, it’s definitely befitting a faerie queen!

Nicole's Classes Student Work

Next we have an arrangement from Shelagh Macartney — the mix of flowers is spot on and we love the material she used to tie the bouquet. Great job!

Nicole's Classes Student Work!

And lastly, we have a lovely bouquet from Katie Kukulka. The greenery she chose is perfection and we love the slightly wild look about it. We want this one for ourselves, so please just send it over!

Nicole's Classes Student Work!

We’re so lucky to have Chelsea as an instructor, thanks for teaching our students such amazing skills! Stay tuned for next week’s Student Work edition — we can’t wait to show you more from our other classes!

Reminder: Lightroom Promo Code!

Just a reminder for everyone that we have a great promo code available right now for one of our most popular classes!


Use the code NCLIGHTROOM10 to save 10% through 7/26 on our brand new Lightroom 101 class beginning next month!

Happy saving!

Nicole’s Classes Needs a New Shipping Manager!

UPDATE: This position is now closed — thank you!

nicole's classes wants you!

That’s right, Nicole’s Classes has another job opening! Do you live in Utah County, have your own car and want to make a little extra money working for one of the best companies around? Then, boy do we have a job for you! Read on for all the details, and if it sounds like a good fit, send us your resume!

• Handles mailing of all Nicole’s Classes textbooks, both domestic and international.
• Prints labels, assembles packages with care and delivers to the Post Office for mailing.
• Must live in Utah County and have a car to transport books from storage/trips to the PO.
• Approximately 2-4 hours per week, must mail 2 times per week. Hours may vary seasonally.
• Hourly compensation TBD, based on experience.
• Submit your resume to with the subject line: NC Shipping Manager

Lightroom 101: Why You Need to Enroll and a Promo Code!

Nicole's Classes Lightroom 101 Promo!
Hello everyone, it’s Mark Weinberg, the instructor for the newly launched Lightroom 101 class. I am so excited to be teaching this class about Lightroom for Nicole’s Classes!

I use Lightroom every day and it helps me achieve the look I want for my images and keeps them well organized. Lightroom has powerful editing capabilities and saves me lots of valuable time. This class is for the beginner as well as the advanced Photoshop user. You don’t need any prior knowledge of the program, and if you have Photoshop experience, you can leverage that existing knowledge to compliment your workflow in Lightroom. Even if you have used Lightroom before, the class will broaden your understanding, introduce you to new features in version 5, and teach you workflow tips to save you time.

One key feature of Lightroom is that your images will be easy to find when using Lightroom. During the class, I will teach you my workflow process by working through an actual photo shoot, importing, sorting through and rating images and find the best ones. Then I will color correct and edit them to prepare for exporting.

Lightroom version 5 has amazing new features that I cover in the course. If you are using version 3 or 4 (which are both okay for this class), the basic layout is the same and the majority of the features are there. The healing brush, which removes unwanted objects from an image, is a new feature in version 5 that may replace some of your need for Photoshop. I’ll teach you how to use this as well as the other new features.

Click here to watch a quick video teaser for the class, where I demonstrate two of the many features I’ll be teaching you how to use in the class:

Nicole's Classes Lightroom 101 Teaser

If this has enticed you to sign up for the Lightroom 101 class, use the discount code NCLIGHTROOM10 at checkout to save 10% on the class price! The promo code is good on any session of Lightroom 101 now through Friday, July 26 at 11:59pm PST.

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions regarding this class at I look forward to sharing Lightroom with you in August!

Student Work is Here Early!

We have a special surprise in store for you tomorrow (make sure you’re subscribed to our newsletter!), so we have this week’s student work for you a day early! Read on to see some inspiring work from this month’s students.

Zlatina Dias from our Tabletop Photography class took this amazing image for the high-key lighting assignment. We love how much this spotlights the product and her image is so focused and crisp. Great job!

Nicole's Classes Student Work!

Next, we have another great piece from Angela Harrington whose spot on KitchenAid illustration (and the pastel color choice) is perfection.

Nicole's Classes Student Work!

And we have one more great piece from Angela Endor. We’ve featured her work here before, and as impressive as it was before, we think this new portrait show how much she’s grown from since 101. Amazing job Angela!

Nicole's Classes Student Work!

Inspired yet? We sure are! Sign up for an online class and learn how to make amazing art like this for yourself!

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