Win Free Classes for a Year!

nicole's classes april fool's contest!

No really, it’s not an April Fool’s Day prank — we’re really giving away free classes for a whole year! We couldn’t resist doing something fun today, and somehow it turned into our biggest giveaway ever!

1 very lucky Nicole’s Classes follower will win 12 free online classes, or a full year of free learning with Nicole’s Classes!

To enter, leave a comment below telling us which discipline(s) you’d like to learn and what you’d do with your new skills if you won. (Make sure to include your email so we can get in touch with you if you do win.) Maybe you want to learn photography so you can capture those amazing moments with your kids? Or you want to master Illustrator to create your own custom home decor? Or perhaps you want to learn web design to build a site to sell your handmade jewelry? Whatever it is, sound off below and you’ll be entered to win. It’s that easy!

Want to increase your chances of winning? There are 3 additional easy ways you can earn bonus entries:

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  • Like Nicole’s Classes on Facebook and make sure to @ us when you post about the giveaway

One additional entry per method, for a maximum of 4 total entries per person. The 1 grand prize winner will be selected at random and announced here on the blog this Friday, April 5th at 8am PST.

We can’t wait to find out who will win this blockbuster giveaway… make sure to enter below and check back on Friday to see if you’re our big winner!

UPDATE — contest is closed and we’ve picked our winner! Check to see if it’s you here, and if it’s not, we’ve got a 25% off promo code for you!

  1. 1

    I long to start my own creative business, capitalizing on years as a copy editor and hobby wedding stationer. Illustrator 101 and 102, and InDesign 101 have been the most incredible start to 2013, and the knowledge I have gained really make me think I could possibly just do this! I would love to study all the courses that compliment those I have already done; especially pretty paper products and patterns, as well as those covering setting up shop and being a successful artist. I am EVANGELICAL about the Nicole’s classes experience!

  2. 2

    WOW what an amazing giveaway!! If I had the opportunity to win I would love to be able to enhance all my creativity. When I take photos I imagine that they will be amazing and then look and see that they are not so much. I’d love to be able to hop on illustrator a create an amazing pattern or design, but I’m a bit overwhelmed by the program. Any class would be amazing and I’d love to learn.

  3. 3

    I’d really like to master Illustrator as this will help me be able to come up with nicer and fancier designs for wall art, invitations, birth announcement, note cards, and the like so I can grow my small home business.

  4. 4

    I am a painter who would love to take the Illustrator, and InDesign courses because I have always had fantasies of branching off into surface design and other design avenues. I also would like to take Setting Up Shop and building a brand because I am in the process of formulating an idea for an online store/website. Thanks!

  5. 5

    WoW!!!!! I’ve learnt so much from you guys already and promoting you at every opportunity – your generosity is beyond! I’ve been studying with the aim of creating my brand/blog online and luckily with my new PS skills I can fix my bad photography a little but I’d love to take the photo course, setting up online, Artists and illustration classes. Evangelical is really the way to describe y’all XX

  6. 6

    I am a huge Nicole’s Classes fan! I am truly grateful for independent learning opportunities that allow you to go at your own pace and learn. Last year I took Illustrator 101 and the Principles of Good Design courses and they really helped me to grow in the area of graphic design. I would continue to take classes in the areas of graphic design and brand building. I am currently designing a line of clothing for SS 14 and would love to supplement that with the skills to create my own logo for my brand and online store. Graphic design is a great skill to have. I would eventually be able to even design patterns for my clothing in illustrator (similar to the ones I paint on silk) and supplement them with beautiful paper products with complementary designs in my online shop. Thanks Nicole and Alma for being such an inspiration and for showing by example all the doors these skills can open!

  7. 7

    I’d love to learn about Illustrator. What a wonderful prize. I only just found your site and have been planning to take some classes in the very near future.

  8. 8

    I would like to completely explore all of the classes so that they can help me process what might be the best creative endeavor for me. Right now, I am thinking Interiors Photography. But taking all of the classes will help open my eyes to other options!

  9. 9

    I would love to win. The first thing I would do would be the Photoshop courses. I want to make great pics for my home and for gifts. Would love to do all the courses, though!
    But really I hope LittleMacaroon above wins. She has raved about your courses to me, all her friends and all her blog followers for some time and I know she will soon have a fab, creative business so I would love her to win more of your courses to keep her on her way. Thanks.

  10. 10

    Don’t have Twitter and Instagram – but just shared on my blog :-)

  11. 11

    Web design! I’m do old school — I can build you a site in HTML (using only Notepad); I really need to upgrade my skills — Typography, Principals of Good Design. All awesome!

  12. 12

    I’d love to learn a lot of things. I’m in the stage of trying various things and trying to figure out where I want to go with my “creative life.” I would definitely use what I learn to create even better planners to sell in my shop and even better photographs of my products!

  13. 13

    I would want to take all the classes but maybe start off with Web Design. I would like to be independent with my website and make it look fabulous!

  14. 14

    Wow! What an AMAZING giveaway! I am a graphic designer but mostly print so I’d love to brush up on web design skills. I’d also love to know InDesign better and take photography classes. So basically everything you offer. Ha ha! :) Thanks for this opportunity.

  15. 15

    I would love to master Illustrator! I have an etsy shop, where I sell paper products (cards, invitations, etc.) and I have been lost in Illustrator. I know the program could help me bring my designs to a whole new level, and I think Nicole’s Classes would be really amazing at helping disect all the tools, tips & tricks of Illustrator.

  16. 16
    Heather T.

    I’d love to learn photography because I’m new to the digital world & I want to capture our 7 children’s memories! :) Web deign might be fun also, as I dabble in a family blog.

  17. 17

    For the last three years, I’ve been supporting myself with a variety of creative endeavors. When I graduated from college, nobody seemed to think that I could just work for myself in a field that many people don’t even consider a viable career option. But for me, art and music are all I’ve ever wanted to do and to be able to further develop my skills would allow me to continue to offer a variety of beautiful products that make people smile. I would love to learn more about Illustrator, photography, and maybe a little web design so I can keep doing what I love the most. I’m so lucky to have gotten this far, and I don’t want to stop anytime soon.

  18. 18

    I’d love to learn photography to better utilize by fancy camera both in my personal life and business.

  19. 19

    I’d love to learn better photography, food photography, and how to take better pictures of kids!

  20. 20

    I would love to take Ornaments & Embellishments and Illustrator: Illustrating next! I want to take my (somewhat limited) drawing skills and utilize illustrator to make beautiful things for my paper goods and invitations.

  21. 21

    I have taken 4 of your classes and am currently signed up for 2 more! I am an art teacher and I find these classes are a great way to stay creative for myself and my students. I have learned so much about photography and want to keep learning and staying creative. I have a blog, love food photography, love to photograph my little baby, and would love even more if someday my creative skills could turn into a paid side project so I could be at home with my son more. Thank you for the opportunity to keep learning, staying creative, and maybe win some amazing classes! (Also, I have a dream of teaching a “Photoshop for Teens” class for you guys someday!) Right now I would love to learn more about editing my photo work to further develop my own style and maybe make some design changes to my budding blog. Thank you!

  22. 22

    I would love to take all the photography classes! And all the “crafting” classes look fun too.

  23. 23
    Tammy M

    I wouldl ove to take the deisgn classes, web design and typography. I want ot tlearn to design my own website for my creative work and this would be a great help.
    Hope to be taking those classes soon.
    Thanks for the contest.

  24. 24

    I design stationery and other paper goods but I would love to learn how to use Illustrator as I do all my designing on Microsoft Visio which most people find unbelievable. I could do so much more if I had new computer skills.

  25. 25

    I’ve been teaching myself Illustrator and InDesign for the past couple of years. I would love the opportunity to take classes and learn so much more. I’ve always enjoyed design, and I’d love to have better skills to make things for my house and my friends.

  26. 26
    Nicole Land

    Thank you so much for the opportunity to win such a generous prize. I’ve signed up for Be a Successful Artist and I would love to continue taking ANY of your other classes. I really enjoy art, design, and being creative. ALL of your classes allow me to use and explore those skills!

  27. 27

    I want to do everything! Learn how to use my camera, learn how to use Photoshop, floral arranging, you name it! I think these classes are such a great resource and I am crossing my fingers!

  28. 28

    I LOVE taking your classes and would love to have the opportunity to learn Photography and all the classes which go along with it. I’m a stationery designer and want to be able to take my own product shots of my stationery line. What a wonderful prize!

  29. 29
    Susan D.

    TAKE ALL THE CLASSES!! This is such a great give away and I’ve loved the few courses I’ve taken so far. I would use the classes so that at the end of the year I could reall design and create everything i want and use; wrapping paper, stationary, artwork, a website, and maybe even create a font using my own calligraphy and typography class. How amazing would it be to be artistically independent?!

  30. 30

    I love learning and every class I take gives me personal satisfaction, helps with my business and keeps me up to date with technology. Thanks for the contest!

  31. 31

    I would like to further my photography skills and learn web design to make my blog better and more beautiful. On the same track, I need more photoshop skills, illustrator. Basically everything! What an awesome giveaway. :) xo

  32. 32

    I’ve been in love with Nicole’s Classes for about a year now and I’m dying to step up my photography skills. I’ve learned so much about Illustrator and InDesign (and design in general) and now it’s time to take it to the next level with my photography. I’ve got the camera (and a perfect subject — my new puppy, Barkley!), but I have yet to dive into the world of photography and Photoshop and I would love to do so. Thanks for the chance to win!

  33. 33

    I’ve been wanting to make books of my photography combined with graphics I create in Illustrator. So I need to take more Illustrator classes (I’ve done 101) to become an Illustrator master and then learn InDesign too to do the layout of the books. Those would be the first classes I’d take. But there’s so many I want do!

  34. 34
    Mandi Butler

    I would love to win the opportunity to take 12 of your classes! My passion is in photography, so I would obviously take advantage of all your photography and photoshop classes. I would also love to explore typography, sewing, and web design. I have already taken one of your classes and would love to take more!!!

  35. 35

    I know a little bit about a lot of things…I’d like to improve my Photoshop and Illustrator skills and use those talents to design and build better websites. Photography skills would be useful, too!

  36. 36

    I’d love to take more illustrator classes! I LOVE graphic design and would love to break in to it full time!

  37. 37
    Jessica Davis

    I have taken three classes already and have learned so much. I would love to take web design so I could design my own blog! thanks for the chance to win!

  38. 38

    I’d love to take all of the design classes! I love Illustrator 101 and I’m taking Creating an Identity next.

  39. 40

    I would love to learn to be more proficient in illustrator as well as photoshop!

  40. 41

    I would definitely love to learn more about photography and how to edit the photos like a pro with photoshop! My goal is to use my own pictures in home projects so I can surround my children with happy memories.

  41. 42

    What a nice thing to do! I have been dreaming of taking one of your photography classes and have devoured your books to learn everything I can. Would love to check out all the other classes as well.

  42. 43

    I’d like to learn photography so I can actually use my DSLR and be able to capture the perfect moments and be able to tell a story without words.

  43. 44

    I would love to learn more about Illustrator and Photoshop! And so much more!

  44. 45
    Mayanne L

    My line of work is pretty far away from my creative side and I have always found it a challenge to enhance my skills in what gives me so much fun. Juggling my day job with the photoshop 101 course was crazy but what I took on has improved the photos of my little one by so much. I can only imagine how much I would benefit, learn and grow if I had a whole year of your amazing classes and the opportunities I could pursue that may follow!!

  45. 46

    Oh my goodness! This is such an amazing opportunity. I am an art teacher at a new tech high school. I absolutely love my job, but sometimes I feel that I don’t always get to work on my own skills. This would be an answer to my artistic frustrations. I love having my own assignments to work on! I would probably devour all the courses (I simply can’t express how much I love learning and creating) but I would start my focus with Illustrator and Photoshop. My students all have computers with Adobe products and guess who doesn’t know how to use them? Their art teacher! To not have to stumble through them would be very satisfying. I am crossing all available fingers and toes for random luck. Thank you for doing this, how fun!

  46. 47

    I would love to learn more about Illustrator. I feel like I always need party invitations and decor designed and it’s frustrating to know exactly what I want and not be able to simply whip it up myself!

  47. 48

    This is such a fantastic opportunity! I’ve taken a few classes and (if it’s possible) they just keep getting better and better. My husband and I own and operate a spice company (Shenandoah Spice Company) and are also opening a restaurant; which is why, Food Photography, Photo 102 (101 was life changing, btw), Designing for Web, and all things Illustrator would be such an incredible aid to us during the early phases of business. I’m a novice photographer and stationary designer (mostly for family members and close friends) but an all around creative soul and student for life as I thrive off of learning new skills. Your site and classes have nourished my soul and I would be thrilled if I won! Thanks so much, see you in Tabletop Photography soon… :)

  48. 49

    I would love to start shooting on all manual settings so I can capture my family as they grow – your classes can help me get there!

  49. 50

    Being a stay-at-home mom and graphic designer, I would love to start on online shop selling paper goods. I know know to do the paper stuff, it’s making a beautiful and functional website that I don’t know how to do. Plus, I’d love to hear everyone’s advice on making your business a success. Free classes would be wonderful!!!

  50. 51

    I would love to take more photography courses to brush up on my skills formally. And since I love graphic design, I would love to take the illustrator courses and learn more about making pretty invites, calendars and so much more! Hopefully one day I can set up my own side business.

  51. 52

    Wow what a fantastic prize! I would love to take the Illustrator courses and those relating to pattern design and brand identity. I wish I’d trainedin Graphic Design when I was younger so maybe this will be a second chance.

  52. 53

    Wow. Great giveaway! I think I’d love the Photography classes. Or Design (specifically the Typography). Or the InDesign class. Or the Illustrator. They all look good. :)

  53. 54

    I’d love to enhance my photography skills. I’m trying to start my own business and I know good photography will be the key to success. With Nicole’s classes I can make that happen. Plus, there are so many other fun classes I’ve been itching to take!

  54. 55

    Woo hoo! What an awesome prize!!! I would love to take more illustrator classes to take my surface designs to the next level. Thanks!

  55. 56
    Stacy Davis

    I would love to take all of the photo classes. My family is going overseas for my husbands job for the next several years. I want to do a good job capturing all of our family memories since the camera usually ends up around my neck. I also want to take great pics of my little one so that family at home can see her grow up.

  56. 57

    First and foremostly..i just LOVE learning new things.. I have been wanting to learn / get more indepth on Illustrator, Photography for starters.. I have drooled ..i mean browsed thru Nicoles Classes for a long time. Missed out several times on them limited special % off, even though i go to it the moment i get the email..(but i havent given up hope!!) I am a self taught ..ever learning and evolving digital artist..(and redundant mother of 4) ~ I wish all the best of energy to everyone here and best of Luck! Someone will be a lucky ducky ;)

  57. 58

    Wow, that’s huge! What can I say.. when I take pictures, I forget everything – I don’t feel cold or hot, I can hold my breath like forever and I’m totally in this magical process. But when I come home and download pictures from my camera, I’m not that happy anymore. I would love to learn, how to make all this magic in my head somehow be shown on my pictures. I live in a wonderfull place, a travel a lot and I adore all the sweet moments and details of my simple, yet beautiful life.

    I’m also a blogger, I would love to share more of what’s mine, not other talented people. I would also like to upgrade the design of my blog, to add something more professional to it, as long as I’m all by myself. I also have a small jewelry shop with pieces from Morocco, I have a lot of work with it to – in the matter of pictures, banners, on-line shop design and pulling it all together.

    So I would be happy to take some of the Photography classes, also Photoshop classes and then Creating an Identity, Designing for Web & Be a Successful Artist & Setting Up: Shops & Portfolios of corse.

    Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity, even thinking about how much I have to learn makes me excited!

  58. 59

    I always want to learn more about photography and the editing process. And I really want to learn InDesign for some business ideas I have.

  59. 60

    I am scared of the pen tool! I want to master my fear and learn to create my own art so that I can be a better designer.

  60. 61

    Wow, this would be amazing to win! I have no idea what I’d take first. I’ve been taking classes here as a way to enhance my skills and creativity for my day job, but also for personal growth. If I WON classes, I’d definitely take something totally outside the box for me…like watercolor or sewing. :)

  61. 62

    I have been a follower for quite some time now, and love all the work you do. Since I have a business where photography is playing a big role, I OF COURSE entered for the giveaway. I WANT to learn from YOU!!!!
    Thanks for the giveaway…. Betty

  62. 63

    I want to continue with my Illustrator classes and learn more about branding and web!

  63. 64

    I’d be more than happy to have the opportunity to work on my photography and photoshop skills through your classes. I’m always looking to improve my blog’s pictures!

  64. 65
    Diana h

    I would love to take your photo classes, I have your photo 101 book and I’m amazed at how much I’ve learned and can only imagine how much more I’d learn from the actual class! It’s just for personal use, pictures of my cute kids and family!

  65. 66

    I’ve taken the first photography course, so I’d love to take the others and eventually really hone my skills and start my own business. Along with this, some Photoshop skills would definitely help as mine are fairly basic. What an amazing opportunity!

  66. 67
    Pam Schoessow

    I am a quilter turned artist and am very much interested in patterns and would like to design a fabric line in the future. I want to master Illustrator and Photoshop

  67. 68
    valerie a.

    Well, the first ones I would take would probably be typography (to help me in creating better Christmas cards, announcements, etc.), followed by Photoshop 102 (improve the pics I take for family and friends) and WebDesign (just because I’ve always wanted to learn). After that, I think I’d dabble in a bit of everything!

  68. 69
    Lauren Roth

    I would love to learn some sewing skills to make some clothing and window treatments. I am starting the Photography 101 class today and am super excited! I would love to take 102 as well. Thanks for the chance!

  69. 70

    I’d love to continue learning more photography, but I’m also really wanting to try out the watercolor, Illistrator, and sewing classes.

  70. 71

    Ummm, pretty much all of them? haha I work as a social media marketer and web designer, and while I’m pretty handy with code, my art skills aren’t what I’d like them to be. I’ve been eyeing tons of your courses for ages now, but especially InDesign101 (so I could make some slammin’ branded invoices/contracts/client documents to take my part-time freelance side-business to a full career), and Designing for Web 101 and Typography to give my web skillz another boost. The dream is to be able to stop working for companies and temp agencies and have my own consulting/design business full-time from home so I’d have more time to spend with my little family (I’m getting married this fall and my fiance and I both currently work AND go to school full-time, so our pup is home alone more than we’d like), and have more flexibility to move around and travel. Your classes could be the next step in making the dream a reality.

  71. 72
    Jami Lewellen

    I’d love to take the photography classes, followed by photoshop. I want to better understand my camera and take my photography to a whole new level! What an amazing giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity!

  72. 73

    There are so many different classes I would love to take, but first and foremost would be photography. I love taking photos of my two munchkins, but would also like to improve my skills in order to take better photos for my blog and etsy shop.

  73. 74

    I would love to continue learning about photoshop! It would help me with my vinyl designing business. Thanks!

  74. 75

    I recently received an AA degree in Graphic Design from a local community college and feel I still have so much to learn! I just moved to the UK from the US and I feel a bit aimless. In my free time, I’d love to learn how to use Illustrator and gain some skills my community college education missed! Most of your classes offer something I can use to become a well-rounded designer, so I’d take most of them! :)

  75. 76

    I’d love to master Illustrator and also learn more about Photoshop. I need to be able to create in Illustrator (not just manipulate graphics from iStock) in order to make my OWN designs for my t-shirt company. And photography is just an outlet – I love taking pictures of my kids and our travels. I’d really like to be better at using my camera and Photoshop. I’ve already taken Illustrator 101 and loved it!!

  76. 77

    I would love to develop my skills in photoshop – I am already proficient with Illustrator but could do so much more if I knew photoshop as well. I would love to start an invitation business.

  77. 78

    Definitely sewing, photography and starting your own website. I want to become a costume designer for film, so the combination would be awesome for me.

    Sewing 101 = more useful on set for the head costume designer.

    Photo 101 and 102 = taking better pictures of my work / samples / art for my portfolio.

    Designing for Web 101 = showcasing everything in a neat, little online package.

    Thank you again for the great giveaway!

  78. 79
    Amy S.

    I would love to continue with the Illustrator classes and then take a few more like the web design! Thanks!

  79. 80

    I just recently started a business selling my photography in the form of scarves. So the the first classs I would take is “Be a Successful Artist”. There are so many courses I would like to take because I’ve never had formal training in any of my creative hobbies.
    Photo 101 seems like a great class to really learn the basics.
    I’ve been using Photoshop for over 14 years, but still don’t know all the tricks, so Photoshop 101 also is necessary. I’ve always wanted to learn to use Adobe Illustrator, so Illustrator 101, would be great. I just got a sewing machine, so Sewing 101 would be helpful. And I love Typeography, so I’d take that class as well. Pretty much I could easily use up 12 classes! So excited about this giveaway!

  80. 81

    I would love to learn more photography skills. The more kids I have the less pictures I take and that’s sad for them!

  81. 82

    I am trying so hard to improve my photography skills! I seem to be stuck in the same place. I am trying to capture as many moments of my kids as I can but so many are blurry! Would love to take a photography class !

  82. 83
    Kara schmidt

    Um, hello! Would love, LOVE to win this prize!!! You guys are awesome and I would use these classes to better my graphic design skills so I could turn something that I love to do into something that I can do for a living. Thank you and fingers are crossed!

  83. 84

    I have a basic knowledge of illustrator and photoshop, but am always looking to learn more. I have done a couple of Alma’s free tutorials for illustrator and I would LOVE to be able to take her full classes. I would also love to learn more about design and photography so I would probably take a big variety of classes. :)

  84. 85
    Amy S.

    Follow on twitter @mammaliciousmom

  85. 87
    Amy S.

    Follow on instagram @mammaliciousmamma

  86. 89
    Ann Kaufman

    I’d love to win! I’d do the photoshop and styling courses!

  87. 90
    Kara P.

    Illustrator. I definitely want to learn how to use that program. I’ve had the program for years and have always been so curious. I love graphic design and especially making invitations. Sometimes I just can’t find the right image online, so it would be awesome to learn how to create my own. Thanks for doing a giveaway!

  88. 91
    Dawn Conery

    Woohoo! What a wonderful chance! I would LOVE classes in Illustrator and Photoshop as I am currently learning those and striving to design my own fabrics! I also would love all classes on Photography as I travel alot with my husband in a motorhome across country and am hoping for a new camera for my birthday! So much inspiration in our country I want to share with my grandchildren.
    Thanks for the opportunity. I have taken classes with you before and would be thrilled to do so again!

  89. 92

    How fun! For me it would be the photography classes. I would love to learn new ways to improve my skills!

  90. 93

    I would love to take more Illustrator classes! I am dying to start my own graphic design business, and refining my skills would only make me better. What a lovely contest!

  91. 94

    My husband and I moved almost a year ago for his work, and I’ve struggled to find a new job ever since. Thanks to the Principles of Good Design course I took last fall, I’ve launched my own Etsy shop with illustrated prints, have redesigned and grown my personal blog, and have even started doing invitation and website/blog design for a few friends and friends of friends. I would love to take more of the Illustrator courses to continue improving on my Etsy artwork, as well as other courses such as Designing for the Web to be able to offer those services as well. Overall, I would love the opportunity to win free Nicole’s Classes for a year so that I can continue to pursue my creative business ideas during this season of unemployment in my life.

  92. 95

    Well, I already have a list of classes I want to take as I move into starting my freelance design business, beginning with Melanie’s class in identity development today (I’m using a start-up non-profit as my client and developing their stuff for them pro bono). I can see some of the more advanced Illustrator classes being really helpful to me, and even when I’ve taken classes on subjects I “already know” about, I’ve picked up tons of tips and useability tricks (isolation mode on Illustrator has already saved me SO MUCH TIME, it’s brilliant!). Anything that helps me stretch and grow as a designer is worth it to me!

  93. 96

    I have always loved to design, so I would love to master Illustrator! I also want to take better pictures for my shop’s products. Love to try new things too!

  94. 97
    Shannon P.

    I love april fools day – today is my husbands birthday! I would definitely take Photoshop 101, 102, Creating an Identity, Setting Up, Designing for Web and Pretty Paper Products. I’d love to give my small business a better look and have fun doing it! Who knows how far your classes could take me :)

  95. 98

    I would love the opportunity to take this fabulous classes. The Illustrator classes would be my first to take. Then the web design so I could take my blog to another level. Thanks!

  96. 99

    This would be such a wonderful opportunity to upgrade my skills! I finished my uni degree in textile design just on the cusp of the internet, way back in 1996. Back when iMacs were still Macintoshes and hotmail was a strangely phrased concept. I am slowly bringing my skills into the 21st century – this chance to improve my knowledge in the classes you offer would be most appreciated!

  97. 100
    Kim Ameral

    This is such an incredible giveaway, guys! My dream is start a letterpress business. I have most of the tools I need (even the 100 year old press in my shed), but I really need to learn Illustrator so that I can make my own designs to turn into pretty paper goods. I’d also take the photography classes to learn how to take beautiful pictures of my work. You offer so many classes that would benefit me in fulfilling my dream. Typography, Designing for the Web, Principles of Good Design….Everything I need to learn!

  98. 101

    I’m a startup letterpress printer. I loved Illustrator 101, and I’d love to learn more of Illustrator so I can create designs for letterpress! I’d also like to learn more of Photoshop for my own personal use as well as to create graphics for my website.

    Thanks for doing this!

  99. 102

    Wow what an amazing giveaway! If I won I would continue my education in photography. It’s the best job for a mother of two and a wife trying to earning a little extra money to support her husband through school.

  100. 103
    Kristin Austin

    I would LOVE to win so I can work on my Illustrator, Photography and Photoshop skills! I’m working on starting my own business so I can continue to stay home with my children and these courses are definitely an necessity!! The skills would be wonderful to learn so I can capture images of my family and products as well!

  101. 104

    Well, this is fun. Would love to be kept this busy! I’d start with the branding class, and then take it from there.

  102. 105

    i want to take Illustrator 102 and the paper products one. I loved Illustrator 101 and I want to keep going. Thanks!

  103. 106

    Wow you guys are seriously so great! I’m trying to learn photoshop 101, 102 and design for web to really position myself as a web designer, not just a communicator. I would love to use nicole’s classes to do this!

  104. 107

    I would take more illustrator classes, photography and web design to enhance the style if my pattern company that I am starting.

  105. 108

    Hi Nicole’s Classes! This is an awesome giveaway. I am just starting with my classes and can’t wait to delve in and see what it’s all about. I’ve never taken online classes before so I am totally confident that I’ll learn at my pace from NC. I appreciate how you’ve taken your knowledge to help others in the same or similar disciplines. It’s a testament that if we share and work together everyone can benefit. Oh, to answer your questions: I would love to build on my Illustrator and Design knowledge and even add more expertise to my Photoshop skills. I already design websites and graphics but want the work I do for my clients to be cleaner, more creative and uber professional. So, thanks for this opportunity!

  106. 109
    Jess J.

    I’d love to take more graphic design classes & then a few creative classes to inspire and enjoy like watercolor and floral design! :)

  107. 110

    Oh, that has to be the sweetest April Fool’s ever!
    I would love to learn how to take photos of babies and little kids – planning on having one really soon!

  108. 111
    Angie Green

    I work for a charity, and our office is rally under a budget crunch. I have had to severely cut the services of a professional designer, and instead do most of the work myself. My background is in writing, and I don’t have any formal design training. So far my Publisher skills have been sufficient, but the program is not designed for professional printing. I desperately need InDesign training. My job depends on it. I also would LOVE to learn design fundamentals, Illustrator, Photoshop and photography, since I take pictures for all of our office publicity.

  109. 112
    diane morris

    i would love to take photoshop and illustrator classes… begin with! thanks for the offer.

  110. 113

    Well I definitely need to work on my photography skills. I know it is a skill that is vital to any business person, especially someone like me in the creative business field. I would love to win!

  111. 114
    Bonnie Wolsey-Dickinson

    Free classes?! Thanks so much for offering! One of the main reasons I haven”t jumped on this before is that I haven’t been able to focus on just one. Every time I go to the website I am amazed by the variety of things you offer and I can’t decide which one I want to do. I would love the option of doing ALL of them.

  112. 115
    Courtney Callahan

    Thank you for such an amazing giveaway! I had the pleasure to attend your Tabletop Photography class at Alt Summit and bought your Photo 101 book. Both taught me more than any other class or book I had ever read and also inspired to learn more and develop my photography skills even more.

    I own a custom design studio located in Chicago which focuses on weddings and party invitations. I currently have a professional photographer shoot my work for my website but this can get very costly. I would love to have the power to shoot my invitations and other details myself to increase the amount of projects I am able to share on my blog, website and Facebook.

    To win any of Nicole’s classes would be amazing because you are one talented lady!

  113. 116

    I’d love to grow my skills in Photoshop and Illustrator so that I can improve my graphic design business.

  114. 117

    One LUCKY winner is right! This is amazing. I would like to take basically all of your classes at some point… Especially the different photography classes to take better pictures of my baby as well as tabletop and food photography. I love pretty pictures of pretty foods! I would be thrilled to take so many of your classes- where to begin!

  115. 118

    Ditto what everyone has said! I am signed up for my first Nicole’s Classes.. Photo 101 and Web Design and I am PUMPED. I would love to grow a small creative business, but more than that I just have a thirst for learning these creative disciplines! All of them! I have a hand-me-down sewing machine just waiting for me to take the intro class to sewing… floral arranging would be a dream, photoshop, etc. etc!

  116. 119
    Christine S.

    What an amazing giveaway! If I won, I would take illustrator and indesign classes and then have some fun with the sewing and watercolor classes. I love everything about Nicole’s Classes – knowing I have one to look forward to helps make everyday a little brighter. A whole year of that would be amazing! Thanks:)

  117. 120
    Kirstie Wollman

    I would love to take all of the Illustrator classes. I work mainly with doing publication layouts and not knowing Illustrator has really limited what I can do. I would love to learn Illustrator and open up a whole new world of design possibilities!

  118. 121

    I took Photo 101 from Nicole years ago and really understood her approach to photography. I loved that class! Since then I’ve started my own photo business and still have a lot to learn so any business tips would be great. I want to learn more about tabletop photography & styling and especially from Nicole cause she is a master at this. Also, this year I am designing my own website and think some knowledge of graphic design and typography would be super helpful to create an awesome voice alongside my photos that will wow viewers! Almot all of your classes are things I want to learn! I have a bfa in painting and my creative mind is always going full speed. Taking some classes would help me put those creative juices to a good cause!

  119. 122

    I’d really like to be proficient at creating repetitive designs with the lofty goal of designing fabrics and wallpapers someday. I’d love to create vector images from textures or objects from my photography to use in the designs. I have a “real” camera, but, alas, I don’t know how to use it to its full potential.

  120. 123

    Oh my goodness this is such an amazing giveaway! I’d try to learn Illustrator from top to bottom, and maybe throw a photo class in there too!

  121. 124

    heck, i’d be thankful to have one class! i couldn’t imagine what i would do with 12! tabletop, kids, photoshop…okay, maybe i can imagine. happy april fools!

  122. 125

    Photography- I love photography but just need to learn more and practice more- having deadlines and a class schedule would definitely help! And yes, it is also to document my cute kid…

  123. 126

    This great! I would love to learn all the skills that you teach. I currently teach at a Technical college and would love to add some of the design skills offered and incorporate them into my classes. Thanks!

  124. 127

    I would love to learn photography to take better pics of my dd

  125. 128

    I’ve already taken most of the photo classes, so I would love to branch out and try SEWING!!! Everything I learned about sewing is from my high school Home Ec class…which basically means I can sew in a line. I have never made anything from a pattern, and would love to learn more! Besides that, I would love to continue on and take Tabletop Photography,all the Illustrator classes, and the designing for online class!

  126. 129

    I would love to improve my composition skills, especially when working with a group of 4 or more. I love photography and want to elevate my work to meet my love of shooting.

  127. 130
    Brooke Tollison

    I would love to take any of your classes especially the photography ones, watercolor, and illustrator! Maybe even designing for web! It would be a blessing if I won classes to really learn from wonderful teachers.

  128. 131
    Tiffany Grady

    I would love to take any of your classes. I started learning photography to take pictures of my kids (expecting another one the end of this year) and would love to take my photography to the next level. I have plateaued and would be ecstatic to branch out and start a business at some point, and to take amazing photos of my kiddos. I have begun learning in Photoshop and absolutely love it and would really enjoy learning more with Photoshop as well. I love your work and would be so excited to learn more from you and your classes. I can imagine what a whole year of your classes could do for me! It would be amazing to take my own newborn pictures in November, and possibly other peoples as well. I know how happy it makes me to have great pictures of my kids, and I would love to do that for others.

  129. 132
    Nina Smith

    A year of classes? Wow-wee! I’d love to take some more InDesign, Photoshop and Photography classes. I live overseas and volunteer at an animal shelter. I do a lot of the design and photography for the shelter myself and fine-tuning my skills would help so much in spreading the word about our organization and wonderful animals waiting for homes!

  130. 133
    Shauna B.

    I would love to improve my skills at photographing children. We were able to adopt our two oldest children. It’s a goal of mine to become a good enough photographer to one day work with the organization that photographs children who are looking for their forever families.

  131. 134

    I would love to learn photography! With my four cute kids and one crazy puppy I have plenty of subjects that I would love to capture.

  132. 135

    What a generous giveaway! Geared with the knowledge from Nicole’s Classes, I would learn how to use my canon camera to better document our nyc lives; make those photos look even better in photoshop; create a logo for my husband’s start up company in illustrator; and arrange a bouquet of flowers for my mother.

  133. 136

    I would love to learn InDesign and work on learning more about graphic design as I hope to pursue this field some day soon.

  134. 137
    Sandra Gw

    I know nothing about web design & can’t afford one class, so that would be my favorite thing to learn. I would use that skill to promote my photography, and collage skills. I would like to learn how to do things smarter, not harder on my projects. I have an open mind am always ready to learn new things.

  135. 138

    I’m so excited about this giveaway! I would love to take every class offered – but I’m especially drawn to floral arranging and food photography & styling. The floral arranging would be perfect for everyday around the house and gifts. The photography I’d use to try to capture how amazing the food my husband makes really is.

  136. 139

    This is an incredible giveaway! I would focus of Photoshop, Illustrator and Web Design with the hopes of opening up a design studio and web consultancy to help small businesses with their online presence.

    Thanks Nicole’s Classes!

  137. 140
    Courtney N

    I’d really like to take illustrator and typography classes. I feel like there’s so many beautiful things in my head that want to get out! (I realize how crazy that might sound, lol) I feel like I don’t have the tool set to make what i see in my head a reality. I’d also like to expand my creative skills and explore things like watercolor.

  138. 141

    I would like to continue to learn more about illustrator, web page design, and a little photography for my small side business and community bike blog projects I am involved with.

  139. 142
    Jan Kidd

    I would love to learn to work with more proficient in using Illustrator and InDesign, I love graphic design and would love to become more experienced in both of these programs.

  140. 143

    I want to take so many of your classes for two main reasons. I want to take some photo classes and photo editing so I can take better pictures of my 20-month-old and our future kiddos. I also want to take all of the graphic design and web design classes. I’ve worked in a couple nonprofit marketing departments where I’ve been able to pick up enough to use most of the Adobe Creative Suite, but I would really love to learn more and learn correctly.

  141. 144
    Alyssa Jenae

    Oh la la! I would love to take every class you offer, but my top 3 are Typography, Watercolor and Illustrator because I want to be able to create with my hands (slash computer) what is in my head!

  142. 145

    Whether I win or not, I am so excited about what Nicole’s classes are all about. I have always been schooled nontraditionally, and it’s so refreshing to be able to take part in valuable classes that are not from a formal institution and tied up with fees and tution! So so flexible for me with a firefighter husband and two little girls. Schedules are never consistent around our house! There are classes I want to take for my business, but I’m dying to take the watercolor class and floral arrangement for MYSELF!! Pick me! PICK ME! :D

  143. 146

    I have my own business, which means I where so many hats… website designer, photographer, branding/logo/graphics designer… I’d definitely like to take the basic design course, the illustrator courses, the photography courses… even the floral design course!!

  144. 147

    I want to learn photo editing and web design so that I can showcase my work online and start my own photography business! I just quit my office job to put more time into this pursuit so free classes would be especially amazing right about now!!

  145. 148

    It’s hard to choose just one! I’d most likely take photo 102. Just a hobbiest photog but I’d love to learn more. I’m really wishing there was a watercolor 102!

  146. 149
    Kelly R

    i went to school for graphic design and advertising and i loved it! i worked in the industry for a couple of years, but then started a family and decided that i wanted to be home with them while they are little. now that they are growing up and 2 of 3 will be in school next year, i have bit more free time on my hands and would love to dive back into the design world. there are so many classes that i am interested in and it would be a great way for me to get back up to speed! whether or not i win, there will be a few classes that i will be taking for sure in the coming year. :)

  147. 150
    Lee Pope

    I would love to learn photography and photoshop. I really need to set up a website. I would love to take the watercolor class. What a great give=away. The lucky person will have a stupendous year of learning. What could be better?

  148. 151

    Oh my goodness! I hope I’m the lucky winner!!! I am a culinary grad and am working on a cookbook, so I would love to learn how to do better tabletop and food photography. I am also amazed by all the things I see that is done by Illustrator on this blog, and I think I would go nuts (in a good way!) learning how to use it! There are so many classes that interest me, I think I would love to dabble a bit in them all!

  149. 152

    Wow, what a fantastic prize!! I have to say pretty much all of the classes you have an offer hold an interest for me, but if I had to choose I would choose to do any of the Photography and Photoshop ones, as well as the typography, brand design and illustrator classes – I am hoping to set up as a photographer and I still have lots to learn photography wise but I am also incredibly interested in creating a premium business brand. Fingers crossed!!
    Enjoy the rest of Easter! x

  150. 153

    I have a small letterpress printing studio and would love to improve my illustrator skills, the web design would be helpful as well. I have taken a class from you in the past and it was great. I would love to win! Thanks for the opportunity!!!

  151. 154

    What a wonderful giveaway! How could you choose just one?! I want to learn it all!
    We have a new little one in the house, so the photo classes would be a hit. I’m itching to learn the ins and outs of Illustrator. And sewing….! Too many goodies to choose from!

  152. 155

    I would love to learn more about photography and photoshop. I want to refine my skills and jump into the fabulous world of family photography. Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  153. 156

    I would love to learn more about photography. My husband and I travel a lot and I’d love to be able to document our travels more.

  154. 157

    I would be happy with any of Nicole’s classes, maybe I would start with illustrator and web design.. and then, watercolor, photography, pattern making…. It would be a hard choice definitely!

  155. 158

    If I won, I would run straight to the Illustrator classes! As a marketing major in school I would love to start a background in graphic design to help my carrer when I graduate, and I have always loved the creative side of business. And who wouldn’t love to hone their watercolor and floral arranging skills too?! So many great classes, so little time!

  156. 159

    I’d like to learn more about creating patterns, printables, and other vectors within Illustrator. Photoshop has been my go-to for many years, but I want to know how to take advantage of the possibilities within my Illustrator software. It doesn’t get utilized nearly as much as it should, and I think it’s getting a bit jealous! ;)

  157. 160

    Any of them would be a blessing! But if I had to pick it would be Photoshop! Learning more tricks!

  158. 161

    Following on Twitter! Thanks

  159. 162

    Liked! on Facebook! Thanks

  160. 163

    I just found this link in my e-mail! What an amazing idea. So I would love to win these classes BECAUSE: Your blog was the reason why I started to buy me a camera and since then I’m lost to photography. I have two wonderfull kids jumping around me and I know now is the time to become serious about my passion. Your classes would be an awesome help to realize my dreams!!! Lend me a hand.
    Love Mandy

  161. 164

    Awesome giveaway! I’d love to learn all things photography! Starting with 101, 102, and seeing where that takes me!

  162. 165

    It would really be helpful to learn Illustrator, Sewing, Watercolor and Designing for Web and even InDesign! I am a fashion student and I want to immerse myself in all kinds of art and this is the perfect way to do this.

  163. 166

    Just followed and liked everywhere! Plus 3 entries :D

  164. 167

    Having taken three of Nicole’s Classes I’d love the opportunity to take more. I’m particularly interested in more Illustrator clasees; I’d also love to take some Photoshop or web design classes.

  165. 168

    Learned so much from watercolor 101 and had such a great time! Now my Nicole’s Classes bucket list is even longer! Setting up: Shops & Portfolio, Typography, Be a Succesful Artist and Pretty Paper Products are at the top. But then there’s Floral Arranging 101 which I am dying to do just for fun – Thanks for having such great class offerings and thanks for the giveaway :)

    • 169

      Hi Rachel! Congratulations on winning the contest and free classes for a year, email mallory to claim your prize!

  166. 170

    I just received this email in my inbox and was thrilled! I ADORE Nicole’s classes , I have taken them both live + on-line and constantly refer people to them. It’s an excellent resource. I have a laundry list of future classes I want to take InDesign being high on the list and Chelsea’s flower class too! I have always been able to immediately put my new skills I learned at Nicole’s Classes to immediate use and it’s always been worth the very affordable investment! Good luck to everyone!

  167. 171

    I would love love love to take all your courses with the Amazing Alma. I love the illustrator and the typography or Even the good design class. I want to be able to utilize the illustrator program!

  168. 172

    I want to turn my creativity into a business. I want to take the branding, web design, online shop, and more classes too. Oh what an opportunity to launch into! Thanks for the chance!

  169. 173

    I would love to win a year of photography classes. I have a nice camera but know nothing about it! This is a great opportunity to learn an new skill for a stay at home mom and to check off an item on my 2013 resolutions list!

  170. 174

    I have already taken a bunch of classes and would love to continue…additional Photo classes, photoshop, illustrator!

  171. 175
    Annalia Ziller

    Illustrator to grow my invitation home business!

  172. 176

    I would love to take a web design class – I have become so interested in this lately and have been devouring every resource about it online that I can find! Thanks for the opportunity!

  173. 177

    If I won, I would combine my LOVE for Photography + DOGS!! I’d take every photo class, photoshop class and illustrator class. I’d study really hard and refine my techniques. Then when I felt ready to launch, drum roll please……. I’d quit my Corporate job (I’m at work right now, so let’s hope the Man isn’t watching!) and start a dog photography business. I’d pay it forward by donating my time to photographing the adoptable pets at the local shelter so they have super glamour shots!
    Fingers crossed.

    Happy April!


  174. 178

    I don’t think there’s a class I wouldn’t want to take – I love to learn new things! I’ve just invested in my first DSLR and would love to take the Photography classes – 101, 102, and Babies, Toddlers & Kids!

  175. 179

    You guys are giving away LEARNING. What could be better?! I would dive into your Photoshop and Illustrator classes first. The blog posts featuring students’ class work is so inspiring!

  176. 180

    I just finished Illustrator 101 and can’t wait to expand my skills. I’m moving to a small town and I’d love to offer wedding services such as announcements and pictures. You are offering so many classes, it would be fun to take some just for fun that I couldn’t afford to take otherwise.

  177. 181

    I’m looking to further my design skills. I’m an editor and I have done some book cover design, but I would love to enhance my skills and also learn more about book layout. I’m taking InDesign101 this month already to help those goals!

    I tweeted!

    My email:

  178. 182

    I am trying to start a photography business so I would like to take all of the photography courses! Here’s hoping to win!!!!!

  179. 183

    I would love to take Illustrator, photoshop and typography classes to make the materials for my business prettier.

    Flower arranging also sounds like a lot of fun!

  180. 184

    I am new to Nicole’s classes. I recently quit my job to take a year off and stay at home with my family (husband included – he is a stay at home dad). I don’t want to return to the corporate ball and chain, so I’m investing in learning new skills. I found you while looking for a class on Illustrator (which starts today)! Now I want to take the whole suite + some of the other design classes. Why? To help with a new business I’m launching. I need these skills and you can help me. Thanks so much for this opportunity. Good luck to everybody.

  181. 185

    I would like to expand my skills with your Illustrator and photography courses. Plus, plus, plus. 12 courses … I’d be like a kid in a candy shop, and would use my added skills and knowledge to work with flowers and design. Thanks so much for offering this contest.

  182. 186

    I would love to take Floral Arranging 101 this spring — just in time to arrange lovely flowers this summer. I’m also saving my pennies for a DSLR and would love to be able to use it, so Photography 101 will be the first class I take when I get one!

  183. 187

    A disability derailed my career and life track 8 years ago. I believe increasing my creative skills are helping rebuild that track!

    I have been working away learning software such as photoshop, illustrator, and fireworks. I would say photoshop and illustrator are my weakest software skill sets, but not for long!

    I also am trying to learn color theory, typography, web design layout, design principles, branding, etc.

    I can envision myself designing beautiful, functional, and accessible websites and blogs for awesome clients.

    Thanks for offering up this awesome giveaway!

    Much love,

  184. 188
    Amy J

    I would love to take all of the classes, but would use this opportunity with a goal in mind! I would love to take the Illustrator 102/Ornaments and Embelishments/ Illustrating/ and Pretty Paper products along with Typography and Photoshop classes. I really want to gift my baby a custom designed nursery by her mom! I want to create custom fabric, wall paper, framed artwork and announcements!!

  185. 189
    Stephanie Sims

    I would love to continue taking courses with you! I have been having such a great time with Illustrator 101, Creating an Identity, and Pretty Paper products. I am now an Illustrator addict! I would use the classes to further my skills and I hope to jumpstart a small creative business and help small, locally owned businesses and artists with logo designs, marketing materials, signage and more. One day!

  186. 190
    Tiffany H

    Wow. What a great giveaway. I’ve loved the first class and would love the opportunity to be able to take all of them. I would love to take all the photography and photoshop classes to learn how to photograph my kids and photograph projects for my blog, and also learn illustrator and do all the graphic design classes. How cool would it be to create my own fabrics too!

  187. 191

    I would love to learn illustrator and take advantage of all the other classes you offer based on having an illustrator background. I have always been interested in graphic design, typography, etc. I would love to use newly acquired skills to create fun and custom gifts for family and friends. Crossing fingers!! :)

  188. 192
    Vivian A

    Thank you so much for giving someone a chance to WIN this amazing giveaway! If I had the chance to win… I’d LOVE to take as many classes that I can and continue to. I love anything and everything that has to do with ART so I most definitely would take all the design graphics, typography, photography classes. I also have a small jewelry shop on Etsy, which I am looking to revamp and create a website for so taking the identity and web classes would be great too. THANKS again for this wonderful learning opportunity!

  189. 193
    Heather Hosac

    Oh my! This is the contest of my dreams! Mostly because I am so interested in learning everything on your site. Truly. I just really, really, want to learn something new. I want to take your photo class because I have had my slr forever but still shoot on auto. I really, really, want to take the illustrator class to improve the personalized board books I make for my kids and learn to do awesome handouts and posters for church. I have always wanted to take a class in floral arranging and sewing. I am obsessed with typography and would be in bliss taking a whole class on it. I would love to know how to use photoshop and I honestly would be over the moon to learn to watercolor. I stalk your site and have been waiting for something left over at the end of the month so that I can try a class – this contest is so dreamy. Thanks for the chance!!

  190. 194

    I would love to learn Illustrator to be able to draw new images, print them on tees and totes. And InDesign to learn how to create publications! :) Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!!

  191. 195

    I would like to work as a university recruiter and so I think it would be a great asset to improve my Illustrator and Photoshop skills. On a personal level I have enjoyed watercolour in the past and would like to relearn some techniques from a different perspective. I also want to design my own cookbook and the Pretty paper products and the Pattern course would be so key!

  192. 196

    Thank you for this wonderful giveaway. I’d love to hone in and learn more about photography skills!

  193. 197
    Katie Ellsworth

    I would love, love, love to take photography 101, tabletop photography, illustrator, and Photoshop. As the owner of a small business and the manager of another, I would love to be able to improve the skills needed to create our own advertising. Not only that, but I’m an advice crafter and seamstress (not a good one however), so your other classes would be icing on the cake! I’ve tried for a while to take your classes, but they tend to fill up fast- thanks for such a fun and generous give-a-way!

  194. 198

    How awesome is this?? I have loved taking Illustrator 101 and already have other classes in my must-take queue. I definitely want to follow up with Illustrator 102 and then the pretty paper products class, and I for sure need the Creating an Identity to help me grow my little blog business. Thanks!!

  195. 199

    I’ve taken 3 photo classes from Nicole and 1 from Alma and learned so much. The next class on my list is watercolor. I just want to create!

  196. 200
    Chelsea C.

    Every single one of your classes appeals to me! I wouldn’t know where to start! I am a photographer, but would love to learn to use illustrator and floral design!

  197. 201

    I just took a leap of faith and quit my job in the biotech Industry to become an artist! My life is no longer status quo… I’m excited and Happy : ). Right now, I’m trying to learn everything I can to make this endeavor successful… I just took Flora Bowley’s life-changing e-course and read Jessica Swift’s amazing e-book which led me to sign up for your Illustrator 101 course that begins today! So excited! It seems that your class offerings are perfectly in-line with what I need to learn. I’d especially love to take your Illustrator pattern course, photography and design courses. I’d be soooo happy and thankful to win!

  198. 203

    I want to start my own business in helping other people to be succesful on the internet by building them a website. I really need to be able to work with illustrator and photoshop, in order to become sussesful myself. Besides, I really love to make things beautiful, and I get so frustrated that I don’t know how. This giveaway comes at exactely the right moment! I am a big fan of your website and all your classes, can’t wait to work with you, but I disn’t have enough money yet. Your classes are on my wishlist. Keeping my fingers crossed until Friday… Thanks!

  199. 204
    Andrea Neal

    I LOVE Nicoles Classes – Thank you for this amazing giveaway!!! I would love to take soooooo many of your classes! I’ve done Making a Pattern and Alma is simply amazing. I look forward to becoming as good as her using Illustrator to create my own clipart and digital scrapbook pages and kits. I also LOVE photography and know a good bit about it but would love to still take classes on it!! 12 free classes would help this stay-at-home-Momma a TON! Thank you again!!!

  200. 205
    Melissa M

    oH…Because many of your classes would help me to step “out of the box”, which is not an eay thing for me to do!

  201. 206

    I want to continue to develop by illustrator skills to start designing patterns. Also I’ve been wanting to take the flower class and watercolor class…. pretty much I’d love to take ALL of them!

  202. 207

    I posted it on my Facebook, both personal (private) and my blog’s Facebook page.

  203. 208
    Ivy Taylor

    I would love to learn more about photography! I have Photoshop and a Canon T7 and have scoured the web learning how to use them better but I would love a structured class. My oldest is only 2 and still I feel like there are so many moments that I am forgetting and just want to capture every bit of my kids lives! Thanks for the giveaway!

  204. 209
    Julie Sherman

    I’d love to take the Photography classes. Thanks for the opportunity.
    I already follow on Twitter, FB, and Instagram.

  205. 210

    I have been dreaming about turning my photography hobby into a career, but so far I feel like the little engine that could – “I think I can, I think I can…” I’d love to finally get a portfolio website up and running, create a brand and a logo, and touch up with some photography classes. Winning a year’s worth of Nicole’s classes would give me a boost up over the hill so that I can finally change my tune to “I know I can!”

  206. 211

    I would love to take the Illustrator classes to get better with vector images, InDesign so that I can broaden my Adobe skills, and Photography because I’m always looking to improve!

  207. 212

    I would take Illustrator classes to further my skill in designing original prints.

  208. 213

    I would love to take all the classes!!! I am a vessel, that wants to learn! If I won, I would take all the classes offered! – If I could only take 1 class, I would take photography 101 to learn more about my dslr camera. – Thanks for a chance to win!

  209. 214
    Betsy R.

    What an amazing giveaway! I would take the Illustrator classes to sharpen my vector design skills and put them to use in starting a print design/paper goods business. I’d take the Photography classes to improve my photo skills so I could take awesome shots of my products. And I’d take the web design classes to improve my knowledge on establishing an online presence. I’d take every class if I could!

  210. 215
    Sarah ritchie

    Wow, this would be an incredible opportunity! I would love to be able to take photography 102, tabletop, and the babies, toddlers, etc. photography classes to grow my photography skills and business that I will be launching in the next couple of weeks!! I would also love to learn In Design. I hope I get picked!!!

  211. 217

    YAY! Another chance to win!
    I would really love to continue using Illustrator… I would like to take Pretty Paper, Making a Pattern and Illustrator 102. My dads birthday is coming up and I would like to develop my skills further to make invitations and thank you cards. I would also like to take Photoshop 101. A friend gave my a copy of Photoshop some time ago and I would like to learn how to put it to use… I would probably use Photoshop mostly to touch up or edit pictures of food that I make, and outings with my dog.
    Good Luck everyone!

  212. 218
    lesley johnston

    i would definitely pick the “sewing 101” class as i just purchased a new sewing machine and have done several BASIC projects to get my feet wet (i haven’t sewed since junior high). i have recently started my own jewelry/accessories business and have things in a space i rent at a local boutique and i would LOVE to add to my product list as quickly as possible!

  213. 219
    lesley johnston

    i have also “liked” the page and posted the contest on facebook.

  214. 220

    Is it a cop out to say everything? I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to learn more about photography/photoshop. My knowledge is very basic and I am dreaming of the chance to expand that section of skills. And maybe an illustrator class because I am so in awe of the beautiful designs I keep seeing.

  215. 221

    What an AWESOME giveaway!!!
    I’ve been a DIY blogger and craft stylist for a couple years and I am ready to take it to the next level. Since I do all of my own photography, I want to be able to improve my skills. I have taken a few classes but would love to be able to take the full series, including the styling classes. I would die to take the flower arranging class simply because parties need a floral element, and I usually don’t have one because I don’t know how. Studying the styling and photography in books can only take you so far. Learning the skills of photography is essential to having a great photo. To have a successful blog and craft styling business, it is essential to have good photos. That’s why I love Nicole’s Classes, each class walks you through the steps and teaches you how to do it. You can take those skills and apply them to everything. I would also love to finally learn how to use Photoshop instead of my hack attempts. I’ve always wanted to take each and every class but it’s just out of my budget, to win this would be amazing! Thanks again for the chance! xo

  216. 222

    Photography (together with photoshop and web design)! My youngest is a year and a half away from being in school full time which will give me time to pick up a small job on the side. I would love to turn my hobby into a money maker!

  217. 223

    I would totally take all the illustrator classes. I have been chomping at the bit to learn everything and I just loved the principles of design class with Alma that I would love to do more!

  218. 224

    Oh my gosh! What an amazing give away!! I have been longing to take some of your classes for a while but it hasn’t been in my budget. I would love to take a photography class, Illustrator class, the Setting Up Shop class, and In-Design. I’m a full time artist wanna-be. I want to take steps toward turning art into a career instead of just a day dream.

  219. 225

    Photography! So I can take amazing pictures. :)

  220. 226

    I instagrammed the image- my phone is too ghetto for screenshots without computer hookups and gadgets, but I did the best I could ;)

  221. 227

    I am already signed up for a photography class (yay!) but love the idea of brushing up on all of my skills, and what a great way to do it!!

  222. 228

    Because I am having a quarter life crisis. I went to a big fancy design school and aspired to work in the fashion editorial industry. By age 22, I was working as designer and art director at one of the biggest (could easily be argued as the biggest) fashion publications in the world and a year and a half later I ran as quickly as I could from my dream of working in fashion (because it is pure hell). I am now working at a really cool, hip start up and learning a ton. Part of what I’ve learned is that I’m not an office person. While I am much happier, I know I will never be fulfilled by a 9-6 sit at your fancy desk job. I want to win free classes because I am a broke 24 year old living in NYC and looking to discover new creative outlets to expand my career and to find something I can do all on my own that will bring me genuine satisfaction. I am taking the Making a Pattern class in June and start Becoming a Successful Artist in a couple weeks and I am SO excited to try new things and get myself out of the corporate design cage.

  223. 229

    Oh my goodness! I was just thinking to myself, how could I make some extra money so I can take all the classes left on my wishlist! I recently quit my full-time job as a kindergarten teacher to stay home with my adorable son and would love to continue to refine my creative skills and start my own little business. I’m just finishing up Illustrator 102 and am so sad that I am done with week 4 lessons!! Thank you for creating this contest! Fingers crossed!

  224. 230

    This is such a great giveaway! I would love to stock up on all the knowledge in your Illustrator and Photoshop classes! I am working on starting my own design business and all the info I can get would be awesome!

  225. 231

    Hi there, I’ m from germany and I love your site!
    The only class I would not be interested in is the sewing class- I´m a dressmaker :-). ALL the other ones I would love to do, starting with:
    Illustrator classes,
    the design classes would be very great
    and of course the web design classes!
    I’ m about to start a new creative fashion, decoration and lifestyle blog in germany with lots of collages and nice things in it- so I would really love to be trained in everything :-)

  226. 232

    What a fun giveaway! I want to continue getting better at photography so I can photograph my kids, and a cookbook (even if my family are the only people who own copies), and I would love to learn web design to have a dream blog.

  227. 233

    I’ve been dying to take your classes!! Photo 101 and table top photography especially. I have a jewelry business and am constantly struggling to get my image and convey my brand just right! I also have a sewing machine that has been sitting in my garage for 3 years!!! It’s a travesty I want to learn to use it so bad!! This is an amazing giveaway thank you for the opportunity!

  228. 234

    I would love to take advantage of these classes! I’m a photographer and I’m always trying to improve my creative skills, and I haven’t reached the level I want to get to yet. I want to be able to actually create what I see in my mind. I would use these newly acquired skills in documenting my kids’ lives and in my business. I hope I win!

  229. 235

    I would love to take your Illustrator classes so I can get my business up and running from home!

  230. 236

    There are so many Nicole’s Classes that I’ve wanted to take for years, but lately, the Floral Arranging class from Chelsea Fuss has been tempting me! I would love to be better at arranging my own flowers for blog posts, parties, etc.

  231. 237
    Jessica Musil

    So many classes to choose from I would live to take them all. Especially photoshop and illistrator. I would love to learn how to enhance my photos. Fingers crossed I win!

  232. 238

    I’m dipping my toe into a career change in a creative business so I’d love the opportunity to learn as much as I can!

  233. 239

    I would love this! I have a baby girl and am really interested in learning how to photograph children, but really I’d love to learn to use my DSLR.

  234. 240
    Hannah T.

    Wow! What a fantastic giveaway! I have been wanting to take these classes for ages (all of them!) but somehow things just come up and I never get around to it. I would love to take the photography courses, not only to improve my skills, but also in the hopes that I will (finally) be able to find and develop a style that is true to me.
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  235. 241

    I would absolutely love to take the photography classes and the be a successful artist class. I’ve recently taken up painting and would like to learn how to photograph and style photos to potentially sell my artwork.

  236. 242

    Thanks for great giveaway! I would love to take the illustrators and design courses. I have taken a few design classes, but would love to further my knowledge. I have a passion for design and would love to be able to create my own patterns and print products.

  237. 243
    Katey Finazzo

    Wow amazing prize! If I could I would sharpen my photography skills so that I could capture those great moments! And be able to start a small business taking family photos or events. That’s the dream. Also want to learn how to use photo shop also! Thanks Nicole’s Classes!

  238. 244

    I’d love to rediscover my love of illustration, and I’d also love to learn photoshop so I can win all the karma on reddit.

  239. 245

    Um, yes please to all of them! I’d love to learn Photoshop and Illustrator. I think the watercolor class would be so fun too!

  240. 246

    I want to learn photoshop elements because I have the software but I don’t really know where to begin. I want to make my wedding invitations with ps elements!

  241. 247

    Oooh I am loving this giveaway!!! I would love to take the Illustrator, InDesign, photography and Photoshop classes. I work as an interior designer and would love to be able to incorporate my own artwork and photography into the spaces I create. I just need to amp up my technical design skills and this would be the perfect start! Thanks so much for such a fabulous opportunity!

  242. 248
    Heidi BH

    I have loved all my classes, mostly photography, but you offer so many more more now! I would love to take watercolor and some of the new disciplines. I know they will be quality, as they always have been – even way back to the beginning when we came to the basement of your condo so many years ago! I am the non-drawing sibling sandwiched between many great artists, and I’ve dreamed of taking illustrator and having that assistance to create something beautiful and knowing I did it all from start to finish!

  243. 249

    I’d love to learn Photography. I love to take pictures but I am an completely amateur. Even though the pictures that I take are enormously important for me: I use to say that if I had to save something of my life from a fire, I would choose my albums because all the other things I can have them again. Now that I am pregnant of my first child, it would be amazing to take great picture of him so he could have amazing memories of his birth and childhood as I do have of mine.

  244. 250
    Amanda c

    Photography and typography would be fun classes to take and learn a lot of new things! Learning how to make patterns would also be fun.

  245. 251

    Amazing giveaway, impossible question!! I would want to take floral design, illustrator, photography, and web design because they would all benefit my work in the wedding industry. Plus, if love to learn watercolor and sewing for my own personal growth! Fingers crossed!!
    Alyssajgriffith @ gmail . Com

  246. 252
    Grace Hagen

    I am in culinary arts school and would love to take the food photography class! I want to start my own cafe someday and would love to take the design, illustrator, and typography classes to help me with the creativity aspect of my dream. I already have an idea of a logo in my head but if I could further my skills through Nicole’s classes I’m sure it would be an even bigger success. Thank you so much for providing such a great and simple way to get an education on our own!
    Grace Hagen

  247. 253

    I would LOVE to win this! I’ve been wanting to learn and master Illustrator AND I love your Photoshop classes and tutorials! I can easily apply this is my business and personal life! PICK ME!

  248. 254

    I would LOVE to win this! I’ve been wanting to learn and master Illustrator AND I love your Photoshop classes and tutorials! I can easily apply this is my business and personal life! PICK ME! Please and thank you.

  249. 255
    Emily Roberts

    I would love to learn all about illustrator! I love painting and drawing, and it would be amazing to be able to do these things on the computer, too! I would create my own stationery and all kinds of things with illustrator!

  250. 256
    Victoria Vassileva

    Short answer: I would take ALL your classes (and as many times as I could!) so I can be amazing.
    Long answer: I have taken your Illustrator classes and they have been SO inspiring. I want to take pretty much everything anyway, so winning this would be just the beautiful catalyst to make it happen that much sooner. What I would do with all the knowledge is take the next few steps towards the drastic career change I envision. I resolved to re-introduce all things creative into my life starting end of last year (a head start on my 2013 resolutions) because I am dreaming/planning/hoping to strike out on my own in the near future. Independence is a big thing for me and having all these skills under my belt will help me be that much better as both an entrepreneur and as a human :) I love learning and all your classes are the best kind of learning. Even if I never used my skills outside of realizing my own imagination, I’d be happy as a clam. Win or no win, I’m hooked (but my fingers will be crossed all week anyway ;)).

  251. 257

    Oh wow!!! This giveaway is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!
    I already attended several classes with you, but I would love to attend Illustrator 102 and Indesign 101! And some photography classes: Tabletop Photography and Food Photography and Styling! And all this would be helpful to make my blog a PRO!

  252. 258

    This is an amazing giveaway! I would love to take many of your classes to learn more about photography and design, but I would especially love to learn more about tabletop photography, creating an identity, and being a successful artist. I have 2 Etsy shops and taking these classes would help me turn them into the successful businesses that I have been striving for for the past year!

  253. 259
    Kelly H.

    I would love to start with illustrator and then work through that series. I would also love to take some of the photography classes. Sewing sounds fun too. My husband is an architect and is a decent graphic designer so he does all of our projects that need to be done in illustrator. But I would love to be able to do it on my own. I would also love to be able to design a pattern and maybe even design some fabric. Oh, the choices are endless. Such a great giveaway!

  254. 260

    I am in love with all of your classes!! I’d love to take Be a Successful Artist, Designing for Web, Typography, and Pretty Paper Products to help with my photography business presence online and branding!
    Just for personal enrichment I would love to take the Watercolor & Floral Arrangement class to make my little apartment look colorful and awesome.
    Crossing my fingers! :)

  255. 261

    I just heard about Nicole’s Classes and think this is so lovely! To enhance my business, I would probably invest my time in the photography and web classes to better showcase my products as well as be able to independently update my site! On a personal level, I would love to take sewing 101 as my mom was a great sewer and her cherished sewing machine finds itself in my skilless hands!! Thank you for a great, fun giveaway!

  256. 262

    I would love to learn more about illustrator! Thanks for the amazing giveaway!!


  257. 263
    Jessica L

    I’d love to learn some proper photography skills!

  258. 264

    I would love to become a better photographer. I’ve taken your classes before and really enjoyed them, but am always looking for ways to become better and take better pictures.

  259. 265

    I would love to learn more about how to use my camera to capture pictures of my sweet children. I’d also like to learn to use Illustrator! What an awesome giveaway! Thank you!

  260. 266

    I’d love to take the Illustrator class. I’ve been using the program for a while, but know I’m not even close to maximizing the potential of it.

  261. 267

    What a great giveaway:) I’d love to take the Illustrator class, but all of them look good!

  262. 268

    What an amazing giveaway! I want to learn ALL of these programs. I am home now more than I used to be and am finding myself so interested in learning more about photography and graphic design. This would be so great!

  263. 269

    Wow. What an amazing offer! I’d love to learn more about graphic design, branding & typography. And, of course, photography!

  264. 270

    would love to take the web design class..oh ok..all of them! however producing a beautiful website right now would be wonderful. great giveaway!

  265. 271

    I would love to take just about all of the different classes, but if I had to choose, I’d go with photography first and then the illustrator. Thank you so much for hosting!

  266. 272

    After much prayer and savings I was finally able to buy my first DSLR camera and I would love to be able to take the photo courses to increase my knowledge in the principals of taking a good photo! Thanks for the giveaway!

  267. 273
    Suhair Ammouri-Gilbert

    I just heard about your online classes and was on your website checking them out. What a great giveaway!! I am interested in learning how to photoshop, and a lot of your photography classes look great too! I have a 7 month old beautiful baby girl and just want to learn how to capture these precious moments before there gone.

  268. 274

    Wow, I would love to win a year of classes! More than anything, I just love learning new things and having fun creatively!

  269. 275

    I’d love to learn more about photoshop and illustrator! I’ve pretty much self taught myself and I know I’m missing out on so much I could be doing!

  270. 276

    I would LOVE to take any of the classes you guys offer! My goal is to have my own photography business one day, so I’d love to take the photography, Photoshop, and Illustrator classes. As well as learning how to build my own website and have a successful business! I’ve taken several of Nicole’s online classes and love, love, LOVE them!! I tell everyone about them!

  271. 277
    Rebecca H

    I definitely could use some photography help!

  272. 278
    Rebecca H

    Liked on Facebook

  273. 279

    Wowsers this is an AMAZING giveaway and I would LOVE to win! I would take all of the Illustrator, Wed Design, and Business classes to improve my creative skills!

  274. 280
    Rebecca H

    Following on Twitter

  275. 281
    Ben Holland

    I’d like to take the Illustrator and inDesign classes and Web Design. I’m a Realtor and could see these skills being incredibly useful in my business. My wife has told me again and again that I need to take some of your classes!

  276. 282

    What a dream of a giveaway! I’ve been dying to take photoshop classes as well as the web design class. Both would help me create the web presence I’ve been wanting. And hey, why not throw an illustrator or sewing class in there for good measure ;)

  277. 283

    Taking 12 Nicoles classes would give me the skills to update my blog with web design, custom illistrations and beautiful photographs on my process and studio. Im self taugh for the most part and would love to know the best ways to get my ideas out of my head and onto the web, without wasting hours that I could be creating.

  278. 284

    Oh. My. Gosh. A year of classes?!?!? Oh, I hope I win!

    If I won I’d focus on photography and photoshop classes. I’m the owner + lead designer of a floral studio that focuses on flowers exclusively for weddings and events. Having top-notch photos of my work is so important. I’d love to get of auto-mode and learn to take great photos by switch my DSLR to manual mode! After I mastered the camera I’d love to fine-tune my photoshop skills to edit those shots when necessary.

  279. 285

    I would love to learn Typography!! I love print! I think I would make signs for my little one’s room and invitations! I also would love to learn more about Photoshop! I posted on Facebook too!! I hope to win!!! :)

  280. 286

    I’d love to take the floral arrangement class to help make the photoshoots on my blog more fun. The illustrator classes would also be helpful in brushing up my skills to make my knitting patterns and e-books look amazing

  281. 287

    I would love to learn how to use my fancy Cannon!

  282. 288

    I LOVED the Illustrator 101 class and it would be awesome to continue to take the Illustrator and Design classes. I’ve also wanted to start the photo classes but they fill up so fast!

    I have a DIY blog and I know that what I’m learning here at Nicole’s classes is improving my posts.

    Thanks for this chance!

  283. 289

    I just started a sewing blog this year, and there are so many things I can learn to improve the site!! I’m signed up to take your Photo 101 class in May, so Photo 102 will probably be next in line. I’d LOVE the chance to take all your Illustrator and Photoshop classes, as I have no experience in either, and find them rather intimidating to take on by myself!!!

    Thank you so much for the opportunity, and I can’t wait to see what I learn in Photo 101 next month!! I’ve heard nothing but great things… :)

    xo ~ Amanda

  284. 290

    I would love to learn illustrator. And ALL of your photography classes. You guys just do it all!

  285. 291
    Audra Blair

    What a fantastic opportunity! I would start with photography, then move to the foral design and would be sure not to miss the illustrator classes. Thank you!
    Audra Blair

  286. 292
    Kathleen Ty

    What a great April 1st gift! I would love to take your photography and photoshop classes to cultivate this new and fun hobby of mine!

  287. 293
    Debbie Franklin

    I would love to learn more about photography! Good luck to all who enter!!!

  288. 294

    I would definitely take the photography classes! I bought my DSLR camera last year and haven’t taken a single class yet! I love learning new things about it, though, and I’ve read several books (including the one that goes with the Photo 101 class!) — I always wanted to start a home-based business after I got married so I could stay home and raise our kiddos!

  289. 295

    I’d want to try out your new flower class! And just increase general photography skills.

  290. 296
    Ellen Swalley

    I am almost 8 months pregnant with our first little girl, and would love to take your photography classes! I’ve had a Nikon dslr for years and years, and have sadly had the controls on auto for most of my pictures. I’ve made a goal this year to learn how to use my camera, before our baby is born and after, so I can have great pictures for her to see someday!

  291. 297

    wow! what an amazing opportunity. I would love to win this! I am about to start my first class here, photo 101 which starts today! If i won, i would take more photography classes {gotta capture those kids’ moments!}, as well as photoshop, and creating a pattern, which is a skill i’d love to translate into textile design.

  292. 298
    Kaitlyn Bitner

    I absolutely love Nicole’s classes and everything I have learned from taking her Illustrator course. I am a graphic designer by profession and still learn so many tricks of the trade and shortcuts to being a better designer thanks to Nicole’s classes. They are worth every penny! I would love to take more of the illustration classes like pattern making to improve my portfolio and keep my creative spark going!

  293. 299

    Hi Nicole,

    First what a perfect opportunity for me…! Let me be the ‘April fool’! I have my own embroidery business. And I learned a lot the last few years. But I love to improve my photography skills and also like to learn more about illustrator & photoshop. The first thing I would do with my new skills is to make an give a way for the people who subscribe for my newsletter.
    So I have my fingers crossed…!
    Love, Mirjam

  294. 300

    Oh how I’d love to win a year’s worth of learning! I would start with photography 101 and photoshop in order to start really capturing the moments in our family that are worthwhile. I want to capture emotion and feeling in my photos and I know you can teach me! If I get good enough I’d like to do senior pictures and maybe family photos for hire to support my photography habit!

  295. 301

    I would love to get into commercial photography and the classes on styling would be an amazing addition to my repertoire!

  296. 302
    Carrie Anderson

    I would love to learn photography better to capture my kids. I would also love to learn Illustrator and photoshop better!

  297. 303

    I’m trying to gain more freelance work and further build my portfolio as a graphic designer – I could use more practice in Illustrator, so I’d start with Illustrator 101 and work through all the Illustrator classes in order to really gain more experience and confidence in it. I could also really use the Be a Successful Artist class, because that’s my basic career goal!

  298. 304

    Following on Facebook and posted the giveaway!

  299. 305
    Natalie L.

    I would love to improve my photography skills and maybe even delve into some illustrator classes as well to learn how to design cute, custom made cards. I also dabble in sewing, so the new sewing class would be fun to take as well!

  300. 306

    I would love to take photoshop 101 and illustrator 101 not to mention EVERY other class!

  301. 307

    Would LOVE to be able to learn more about Illustrator & SO many other programs, so I could one day make the switch from Accountant to Stationary designer! That is the dream.

  302. 308

    I would love to get better at photography and learn illustrator so I can create beautiful family yearbooks and baby books for my kids, and maybe even learn web design so I can help my city’s green team get a website up and spread the word about sustainable practices!

  303. 309
    Sandi Lawrence

    WOW What I wouldn’t give to win !!! I have 2 beautiful granddaughters and 2 very handsome grandsons that need a grandmother that can take keeper photos. Nicole’s photography classes and Photoshop classes could sure go a long way to fill that need.

  304. 310

    I would love to just explore some totally new creative outlets–like Illustrator 101 anything related to graphic design. I recently took a letterpress class locally and while I really enjoyed it, I have nothing to letterpress, because I don’t know how to design anything! I would also love to take Web Design and Photography and Photoshop to improve my website. These classes are such a fun way to learn and explore.

  305. 311

    I also liked on Facebook!

  306. 312

    What a great giveaway! I love design and would love to learn more about using illustrator and branding. I have the urge to learn and create – from illustrations, patterns, pretty papers, graphical designs, using watercolors, etc. It’s so much fun! Thank you for the chance to win!

  307. 313

    How exciting! My first goal is to build a website for my jewelry business, so I definitely needs lots of help with web design. I would also love to learn Illustrator so that I can develop more of my own graphic design elements and branch off into creating and selling my own art prints! I’m starting my Photoshop class today!

  308. 314
    Kellie Christensen

    Oh my gosh! How to choose? I think I’d go with Photography &/or photoshop. Or Illustrator. I don’t know how I’m going to choose. :-)

  309. 315

    Such a great giveaway! I would choose the courses on photography, and crafting … I relax by going for a walk with my camera … And I do like to share recipes on my blog, so all the inspiration your classes gives, would be very welcome! Thank you for this great giveaway!

  310. 316

    I would absolutely choose to learn more about Illustrator! I’ve had the program sitting on my computer for over a year, too scared to break something. Ha!

  311. 317

    I really want to learn photography better. So that I can capture those memories that we can have forever in the best way possible! I love making things look pretty and enjoy the creativity of composing photos too. I’d like to take the photography and photoshop classes to sharpen my skills. I love Nicoles Classes!

  312. 318
    Torri M

    I want to learn photography so much!! I want to be able to take gorgeous pictures of my kids because I can’t afford to always pay someone else to do it! What a wonderful giveaway!

  313. 319
    Laura Rieckmann

    Hello! I’m so excited about this! I would like to learn the entire Illustrator series to help kick off my illustration career. I want to be able to create original illustrations digitally! :) Thanks again!

  314. 320

    I know quite a bit about Illustrator, but my Photoshop skills (and photography skills) are still lacking. I’ve always dabbled a bit in making blog banners affordable for those who are just starting out their blog and I’d probably continue to do something like that, and be more confident.

  315. 321

    Wow – great prize! I’ve loved doing Nicole’s Classes. I haven’t done any of the photography or Photoshop courses though so would love to do these – they would really help with taking great shots for my Etsy shop. Thanks!

  316. 322

    Oh my gosh this would be amazing I want to continue my Illustrator education for sure.

  317. 323
    Laura T

    I would love to learn more illustrator. I’d use it at home for Christmas cards and birth announcements and such. But I’m also interested in learning photography. I know nothing and have a brand new boy just perfect for pictures!

  318. 324
    Cindy O'Neil

    I admit it….I am struggling with learning the concept of photography and the exposure triangle. I purchased a DSLR to take better action shots of my friend’s personal and rescue horses, children, and sports. I thought it was going to be easy, but there is so much to learn and master. I hope I am considered because I really need one on one personal attention to accomplish my dream by putting it all together.

  319. 325
    Noelle Wojo

    Wow, this is incredible! I would love the photography classes (have your photography 101 book and love it), the photoshop classes, or the design classes. How wonderful! Thank you!

  320. 326

    I’d LOVE to win 12 free classes! I’ve take the illustrator classes and they were awesome. I tell everyone who will listen :) With my 12 free classes, I’d want to take the rest of the Illustrator ones I haven’t gotten too yet, then try my hand at InDesign & Photoshop. I’ve also been eying the No Starving Artist Class.

  321. 327

    My husband and I are moving to Tanzania in a few weeks and I’ve decided to buy my first DSLR, to capture all the precious people and places I get to see there. I would love to improve my photography and photoshop skills, to really make the most out of my time in Tanzania.

  322. 328
    Judy beck

    I’m starting my third class photography class today, but I’d love to have a year full of more.

  323. 329

    To start, I want to learn Illustrator 101 & 102 & illustrating and also the principles of good design. I have dabbled in Illustrator for awhile, but there is so much more I need/want to learn! Oh and I REALLY want to take Watercolor 101…have always wanted to learn how to watercolor. I have a whole creative side to me that is just dying to come out, and I have so many thoughts and ideas of what that might look like in the (hopefully) near future.

  324. 330

    I am self taught in photography. I have shoot a couple weddings, engagements ,etc… but being self taught I don’t feel like I am good enough to sell myself as a professional. I want to move forward but I want the skills to do so… I have taken one class photography 101 and have learned more than the two classes I have taken… I would love to win and learn more and grow!!

  325. 331

    This is really exciting! i’ve been watching out how your classes have grown! I have my etsy small business and I’d love to explore into the print shop of photography and typography. i’d really love to learn more from nicole’s classes … such as photography 102 (i’m done with photography 101) and photoshop and illustrator classes. this is the best giveaway i’ve read so far, especially on April Fools! Love this team of artists at Nicole’s Classes!

  326. 332

    This is awesome! I would love to take InDesign, Illustrator, and everything that goes along with those courses so that I can upgrade my website myself and make it look clean and beautiful. I would also love to take watercolor, just because. :)

  327. 333

    I would love to progress in illustrator so I can combine my printmaking knowledge with digital skills. Photography would also be amazing! Setting up product photo shoots can be challenging and I would love to learn more in this area.

    Thank you so much for this opportunity!

  328. 334

    I would love to learn Photoshop and illustrator better so that I could take my own blog to the next level. I also want to be able to capture and create more lasting memories and make everything look nice. I have done all the extra entries for a grand total of four entries for the giveaway.

  329. 335

    I would love to learn Photoshop. I think I get it, I read books and I still am paralyzed when I open it. I just want to be able to edit those picks I love of my kids!

  330. 336
    Michelle T.

    I was not able to finish college, so while I work in the freelance world I have taken your photoshop and illustrator classes but I would love to take all of the classes you offer. I want to start my own company and your classes give me the extra tools and knowledge that I need. It’s nearly impossible to work full time and finish college at this point in my life, plus the availability of these courses just do not match up with the “working woman’s” schedule like your online courses do! It’s an amazing feeling knowing that these classes exist online and that we all have the opportunity to expand our skills! Thank you!

  331. 337

    I would love to get better at Photoshop and I also want to learn Illustrator. I want to be able to give my blog and website eye candy. :)

  332. 338

    I would relish the opportunity to expand any skills – I am fonts mad so would love to learn more about Typography, I have a little graphics business started on trial and error and would love to expand my knowledge into indesign and illustrator more and maybe then my product photos would be good because I could also learn how to take better photos! I have purchased some of your books and so I know about how wonderful you are already… I would so love to win something like this!

  333. 339

    I would love all the design courses: photoshop, illustrator, general design, watercolor… all the grand artistry skill would then be at my fingertips! I would use them to spiff up my scrapbook (which at the moment is a pile of pictures of my beautiful baby girls)… after all, we are blessed with memories so we may have roses in December. They ought to be the most beautiful roses imaginable. I also have an abandoned art studio, and with a little direction it could also flower!

  334. 340

    I would LOVE to first take the web class as well as the tabletop photography. Then I would take the Illustrator class – I’ve always wanted to learn how to utilize all it has to offer. Thanks for hosting this!

  335. 341

    I would love to attend the classes associated with being more self sufficient in a creative business, since I’m in the process of launching a photography business. Namely, Be a Successful Artist, Illustrator 101 & 102, Creating an Identity 101, Photoshop 101 & 102, and Photography 102. Floral design 101 and Watercolor 101 would be fun to take, as well.

  336. 342

    I would love to take any class, but I’m especially interested in Photoshop and Illustrator right now. I could apply everything I learn directly to my current job. I would also love the sewing class because I received a new machine as a gift, but I don’t know how to read patterns. I would definitely take the opportunity to expand any of my skills.

  337. 343

    I would love to learn more about Photoshop, Photography & website design… I need help with it all! I’m really just hoping to increase my skills so that I can move toward a future freelance career. I love a challenge and love learning new things and have been wanting to take classes with you forever;). Thank you so much for the opportunity! Whether or not I win, you’ll be seeing me in a class soon!

  338. 344

    What a wonderful give a way. Id love to learn more about illustrator. I love designing. I would also love to be able to design websites. Cant wait!!

  339. 345

    To win this would be a DREAM! I have already taken Illustrator 101 and Identity 101 this year and I’m about to start Typography. I’m loving all of it and it’s really helping me in growing my at home design business! I would love to continue with Illustrator 102, Photoshop 101, Pretty Paper Products, Making a Pattern and pretty much everything else you have to offer!!! Thank you so much for this opportunity!

  340. 346

    Man, there are so many classes I would LOVE to take, but above all I want to learn modern calligraphy! I’m an avid party planner and graphics enthusiast with a budding Etsy shop. This sweepstakes would make my year!

  341. 347

    I’d love to take designing for web and being a successful artist. But lets be honest I could use a good review in all the classes and would absolutely love the chance to take every single one!

  342. 348

    I’m a Nicole’s Classes addict but there are still so many classes I’d like to take. More photography classes, Illustrator and Typography for sure. Are you giving away extra hours in the day as well? ;)

  343. 349

    What an April Fools Day Treat!!!
    I’d love to take your Web, photography, Design Class as I’m starting a non profit organization and want to be able to spend the least possible on start up…. Soooooo if I take your class I could do the Web site and photographs myself:)thank you for this opportunity

  344. 350
    Courtney S.

    I would love to take more photography classes from you so I can take adorable photos of my little baby-to-be. Then, while I’m at home being a nurturing mother, I could also learn to sew, arrange flowers, and design my own home decor, all in the name of creating a beautiful and happy household. I love that you can take these classes from home!

  345. 351

    I was literally just wishing someone would come and teach me how to use Photoshop better when, lo and behold, here you are! And just think of all the other cool stuff I could learn this year…what a fantastic giveaway.

  346. 352

    Last month I took my first class here at Nicole’s Classes (Photoshop 101 with Melanie) and I enjoyed & learned so much from it that I can’t stop now! This opened the gate to my creativity and I am so inspired to continue to grow to my skillset in not only the design elements of InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, etc but also in Photography and Learning to Build a Brand Identity.

    Over just a month periods time, I have finally felt inspired & capable to create & launch my own blog! This has been something on the perpetual “to-do” list for quite some time and by just getting my feet wet in a design course, the doors are wide open for me in what I want to do. Winning a year’s worth of classes would honestly be such an incredible honor because I truly feel that I’ve just begun into what will be a lifelong passion of mine …. displaying & sharing my creativity & business concepts to everyone! Thank you for such an incredible offer!

  347. 353

    Great giveaway! It’s hard to choose but definitely Illustrator & Photography… probably web design too.

    Thanks for the chance.

  348. 354

    Do I have to stay with just one design concept? I would love to improve my skills at InDesign, but refreshing and learning more with Illustrator would be incredible with a couple classes in Photoshop!!! Oh, and typography – can you tell I am possibly giddy with excitement to win this opportunity!!!!

  349. 355
    ann loushin

    I’ve taken most of the Illustrator classes Nicole’s Classes offers and have enjoyed them all. It’s definitely time to start working on my photography/photoshop skills.

  350. 356

    I want to take better pictures of my kids and then scrapbook them.

  351. 357

    Follow you on Twitter and tweeted.
    Follow you on Facebook.
    Shared your link on Facebook.
    Sorry – don’t do Instagram!

  352. 358

    I’m in the early stages of starting my own business. It’ll be a combination of several items for sale, as well as a blog updating readers on the latest trends: Ladies’ Wear & Home Decor Selections for a beach bungalow life style. I’ve already taken the beginners sewing course. I loved it. I feel I can retake it a couple more times and always learn something new. I’d love to take the rest of the courses. Being that I’m going to be managing every aspect of my start up business on my own, I feel I can benefit from everything. Photography will be important to capture the essence of all my creations. The Design & Craft courses can further my knowledge and fuel my creativity and Illustrator will just teach me all the graphics I’ll need for my website.
    Thanks for the opportunity to enter such a great contest.

  353. 359

    Oh, the choices! I think tops would be trying to get better in photography and photoshop

  354. 360
    Clair McLaughlin

    I _loved_ your Illustrator 101 course so much, that I would just be happy to complete all of the other courses on offer! What a great giveaway, thank you!

  355. 361

    I would love to win this package. I’m having my first child in a month and would love to document it the right way.

  356. 362

    One year! One amazing year! Well, I’d like to learn all the courses related to Design and Illustrator. I’m finally going through my dream of open my creative business, but sometimes I feel a bit insecure so Illustrator 102 class, for instance, could give me a boost! :)

  357. 363

    I do a little photography here and there for $, but still have tons to learn! Now that my kids are getting older, I will be able to focus more on enhancing my skills. This would be an awesome opportunity!

  358. 364

    I’d love to master Photoshop – that way I can decently edit all of the photos I take!!

  359. 365


  360. 366

    I would love to learn illustrator AND web design AND more photography from Nicole’s Classes- her Photography 101 class changed everything for me! Would love to win this!!

  361. 367

    I like you on facebook too

  362. 368

    Hi! I want to take illustrator 102, typography, pattern making, setting up, and designing for web! I’ve been designing a bit for friends businesses and just want to get better!


  363. 369
    Katie Anderson

    I loved the illustrator 101 and Photoshop 101 do I’d love the illustrator, indesign website basics typography.. I’d love them all!

  364. 370

    I am a self-published poet and author who is, thankfully, also very creative with designing my own books. The problem is that my technical skill with Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator doesn’t match up with my creative visions, so I feel that what I make is _good_, but not at the _GREAT_ level I need to be at to make my creations look professional. Actually, the same goes for my photography; I have an amazing eye and take awesome pictures, but I have no clue how to use the manual settings on my camera. I wish I could take all of your classes because I LOVE doing design work (I get a silly crazy happiness when I get to fire up a CS6 program to work on a project) and want to learn more about all of it, including typography (I get weirdly excited when I download new fonts), good design, creating an identity (super important and is something most people overlook, but I really want to build my own brand/identity through my design choices), etc. Even if I did win this contest, it would be really hard to pick just twelve classes. I just counted eighteen classes that I am interested in, or I feel are essential to, helping me achieve a new level of professionality in my work.

  365. 371
    Erin L

    I have taken the AI 101 class and I learned so much. I would LOVE this giveaway!!! I really would like to learn how to do web design. I hope I win!!!

  366. 372
    Erin L

    I liked you on facebook.

  367. 373
    Sheree S.

    I’d like to learn Illustrator and InDesign. I teach a high school newspaper class, and I’d like to learn InDesign better so I can pass that along to my students. I’ve taken the first Illustrator class, and I loved doing the homework projects each week for me and my friends.

  368. 374

    What a generous giveaway!! I would love to learn more about design, both for web and print.

  369. 375

    Fantastic! I would love to take all of your photo-related classes! I would use them to improve my photography and editing skills.

    colleenharker {at} gmail

  370. 376

    This may just be the best giveaway ever! Thank you for your generosity, even if I don’t win. But here’s to hoping I do because I need and want to know everything about photography, Illustrator, design, and maybe even a sewing class or two! Thanks!

  371. 377

    Honestly I want to take SO many classes I can barely narrow down. Though I am behind on my Illustrator 101 class I am loving it! I want to continue with Illustrator and move into Photoshop. I also just love that I am taking time each week to be creative… that’s my main goal. Taking time off of my “regular” life and work to create and learn about new ways to create has been great for me.
    Good luck to all! And a BIG thank you to Nicole’s Classes for the inspiration, everyday!

  372. 378

    What an amazing giveaway! There are many areas I’d love to take classes in! I’d probably start with photography but I’d love to explore new interests as a way for me to do something for myself!

  373. 379
    Erin McCloskey

    Holely molely!!!! This is an amazing giveaway! I would love to learn how to better use my camera to document our travels and time with friends and family.

  374. 380

    What an amazing giveaway, thank you! I’d love to learn about Illustrator and In Design, two programs that are invaluable to design. I have a good grasp of Photoshop and would like to extend my knowledge to these two programs to benefit my small business and simply because I love design.

  375. 381

    LOVE LOVE LOVE all the claseses! I tell everyone about this far and away. I would love to dive deeper into the design classes as I’ve taken all the photography ones. Plus I cannot wait to see what you come up with next for more classes. A whole year of them would be such an amazing gift!

  376. 382
    Kristin Macey

    I would love to learn how to take nice pictures of my babies with the “fancy” camera I was gifted for Valentine’s day. Also, how to edit them and turn them into pieces of art.

  377. 383

    I would LOVE to take classes on photography, photoshop, illustrator, design & web! SO many, I know! Crazy, but I love to learn and would love to use the information on my own webpages/blogs and in my everyday life. Plus, the walls at home could use a little spicing up ;)

  378. 384

    WOW! It would be amazing to take so many incredible classes! Where to start? I would love to learn more about photography so I can learn how to take better pictures for my blog. I would LOVE to take floral arranging so I can always have amazing bouquets to brighten up my home office, and more inspiration to grow the garden of my dreams! And I would love Watercolor 101 to help me learn how to paint the flowers I collect! Even though I’m a graphic designer I always enjoy learning more about web, typography, art, and design, and I would be all over pretty much any and all of Nicole’s Classes! Sewing would be a blessing as well since I bought a $200 sewing machine last summer that I’ve only used once! So sad…

  379. 385

    I would love to learn more about my fancy camera and how to capture more moments with my family!!

  380. 386

    I would love to work my way through as many classes as possible! Illustrator 101 has been great and I am signed up for The Pattern Class that starts in a few days. Tops on the list if I won would probably be the Photography classes because I will soon be getting a new camera.
    Thanks for such a great contest – my fingers and toes are crossed!

    Pick me!
    Pick me!
    Pick me!

  381. 387

    It would be great to learn more Illustrator and Photoshop now I decided to finally create a Dutch language project.

  382. 388
    Alyssa Griffeth

    I’d love to take a more advanced photography class or anything in photoshop!!

  383. 389

    Nicole’s Classes and Alma Loveland have been a GOD SEND to me. I have taken Illustrator 101, Patterns, Illustrator Illustrating, and Ornaments and Embellishments. I am a self taught artist/graphic artist who got laid off from a PR/Marketing job (huge blessing in disguise!!). My passion has always been for paper products and I often wondered how to use Illustrator to perform certain tasks. Alma uncovered the mystery of all the things I’ve always wanted to use Illustrator to do! Her teaching style is so easy to follow. She is so kind about feedback and will always answer all your email questions in a flash. I am so happy to have found Nicole’s classes. I want to take Photoshop 101 and 102, Illustrator 102, InDesign and Pretty Paper Products so that I can start my online business selling stationery, art prints, invitations and all occasion cards. Thank you!!

  384. 390

    So excited to learn about typography and to take more illustrator classes!!! I would love to take Tabletop Photography too!!

  385. 391
    Jennifer Thomas

    I am a big Nicole’s Classes fan. I have taken a number of classes, and many I want to retake. I especially want to master photoshop and illustrator. My interests center around photography. Thanks for the opportunity to continue to grow!

  386. 392
    Shaunelle Seely

    I have always wanted to take the photography classes! I have tried to teach myself a little here and there, so that I could take better pictures of my family, but would love to be able to take my knowledge to the next level. Thanks for this opportunity!

  387. 393

    I would LOVE to take Photo 102—since I am just starting Photo 101. It’s amazing already! I would also love the Photoshop classes!!!

  388. 394

    I liked Nicole’s Classes on Facebook! :)

  389. 395

    Photoshop! Photoshop, photoshop, photoshop. I would finally be able to take and edit decent pictures on my blog.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  390. 397

    What class is not to love? They all sound amazing – I totally loved tabletop photography. I got so many great ideas to implement. There are many different creative areas on here, all interesting and useful in their own ways. How fun to be able to learn and extend my creativity in so many ways! Love, love, love this place!

  391. 398

    Amazing prize! Can I do all the classes? They all look amazing. The photo styling one would be great (just not quite getting the knack of that yet), the flower arranging because flowers make me happy, maybe the illustrator ones because I really want to make a map. In fact I might just quit my job and do all of them.

  392. 399

    Photography and photoshop. I have a great camera and great kids. Need to learn how to make the two go together! Can never seem to get a great shot that has both kids and good composition, lighting, etc!

  393. 400

    Oh my heavens! I would love to take a little of everything but I would start with the patterns class! I love (LOVE) patterns, my house is covered in them, but I would love them even more if I knew how the create repeating patterns myself :) I would use the classes to grow as a designer and to grow my business. I miss design school so much! I hope I win so I can have homework again!

  394. 401

    I have taken a couple of your classes already and while I learned so much my biggest take away from your classes was the courage to start by own creative business. I currently make greeting cards but my ultimate projects would be creating blog designs and identities for fellow bloggers. I think the web design class the identities class and the illustrating class would be incredibly beneficial and help me reach my goals!

  395. 402

    I would love to take ‘Be a Successful Artist’ for starters. I’m a graphic designer and photographer, and love taking these classes as refresher courses! I’m hoping this class in particular will help me move into freelancing full time. :)

  396. 403

    What an amazing giveaway! I love all the classes I’ve taken so far, so I’m definitely entering!

    If I win, I’d want to do the rest of the Illustrator and other design courses (like Typography, Principles of Good Design, etc) to add to what I’ve learned.
    Then I’d also love to take the Photography 101, Setting Up: Shops and Portfolios class, and the Be a Successful Artist so I can create an online shop where I can sell my designs as prints and graphic tshirts / tanks.

    I’d love create a small, successful poster / tshirt line for fun. :)


  397. 404

    I have taken a couple of the photography classes and it’s already changed my whole perspective. I think I’d love more classes on that, and perhaps the web design classes. I’d love to make blog look unique and great, as well as my husband has a website. I really hope I win!

  398. 405
    Barbara Keenan

    If I was lucky enought to win, I would do Photography 101 and finally learn how to use the camera my boyfriend gave me for Christmas!

  399. 406

    I would love to learn illustrator so that I could create my own designs for my blog, photography business and create custom cards and projects fro my kids birthdays!

  400. 407
    Katie Wells

    I would take some of the Photoshop classes as well as finish up with the illustrator classes that I haven’t taken. I just love making kid’s birthday invitations and fun things for my home, friends and family!

  401. 408

    I would love to take the Illustrator classes! I have taken one and loved it so much!

  402. 409
    Hilary Heath

    i would love love love to take all of the design classes–illustrator, indesign, website design, etc–so that i could successfully run my own design business! this giveaway is amazing! thank you!

  403. 410
    Mary C

    I would love to take flower arranging and make my home more cheery!

  404. 411

    I would LOVE to do the flower arranging, web design, and some (all!!) of the craft classes. Actually I’d have a hard time choosing because I’ve done three Nicole’s classes already and I loved them all. Thanks for the chance to enter :)

  405. 412

    I would love to improve my photography skills so I can capture all these precious days with my darling kiddos. These moments are so fleeting and I want some way to remember every little insignificant detail that will mean the world to me once my kids are grown.

  406. 413

    This is a really exciting giveaway! I am a creative, and I am at a stage where I am trying to figure out what I want to do with my artistic abilities. I am a drummer and songwriter with a passion for drawing and painting and a new found skill of digital art. I am creating newsletters, graphics, and sometimes logos for businesses where I work (using photoshop elements) and I really enjoy it.But I want to know more. I want to further explore these areas to help me with my entrepreneurial personality and lifestyle. I have taken a break from college to chase my dreams and learn more about myself and the things I want to do with my life, this would be an amazing experience to help me succeed.

  407. 414

    So many wonderful classes!!! I would love to start with Floral arranging as this year I am growing flowers semi commercially for the first time, but my arranging is always lacking, seriously.
    Then a little touch up with my photography, again need to polish this area, I love food shots & my main business is selling glorious food.
    I have always secretly wanted to learn Illustrator, but have never had the time & ability to teach myself, this would be wonderful fun.
    Thanks Nicole, awesome competition!

  408. 415

    What a selection of classes- the watercoloring and photography classes caught my eye.
    Thank you-

  409. 416

    What an awesome giveaway! I would love to win and would start off with more Illustrator classes. I have learned so much from Alma already and would love to take more so I can become even better at it! Then I want to do the web design class and the amazing looking photoshop classes– all of these would help me be a better designer.

  410. 417

    I shared it on FB and tagged Nicole’s Classes, too!

  411. 418

    I would like to continue to take more of the photography and photoshop classes offered so I can take better photos for both my blogs. I’m also interested in getting really eye catching photos of family and friends. There is nothing like a great photo to capture beauty, emotion and simply take your breath away.

  412. 419

    Photography especially, but I’d love any of your classes! Happy April!

  413. 420

    How incredible! I would certainly take illustrator classes (I need it!) to be able to make printables from my drawings to offer on my site.

  414. 421

    I am just getting in to starting a photography business. I would really like to take it to the next level and increase my photography skills and my business skills. I am also very interested in illustrator and now a little, but would really like to learn the ins and outs so that I can take my creativity to the next level! Thanks so much for doing this giveaway!

  415. 422

    I know there are a lot of comments for this contest to read through, but I would love to have the opportunity to win a year of free Nicole’s Classes because I know I have the potential to be a force in the digital and creative world. I’m currently a freelance digital consultant (see my work at in the field of website development, SEO, and social media, and a blogger at I have some experience that I’ve taught myself in Photoshop and web design, but would really love to become an even better “Jane of All Trades” via Photoshop & Illustrator 101/102, InDesign 101, Typography, Creating an Identity 101, etc. In all honesty, I love learning and would take all of the classes if I could!

    I’ve heard nothing but awesome things about courses on Nicole’s Classes and would love nothing to learn from the best in a creative and digitally manner on here. Because of financial reasons, I can’t afford to pay for classes currently, so this contest would be a godsend in helping out my business and future! Thank you and keep up the awesome work!

  416. 423
    Christy Marshall

    Wow, I just love all the new additions you have made to the classes. Something for everyone! I would love to try the floral design, something I’ve always wanted to do (in my spare time:)
    But then all the photography and designs classes are so appealing too. I love photography!

  417. 424

    Would love to take some photography + photoshop classes…..The illustrator classes would also be great!!

  418. 425
    Sarah Deverell {PopRocket Creative}

    OMG this is the BEST giveaway! Thank you!!

    I would just love to do a bunch of your courses … specifically Making a Pattern, Illustrator: Illustrating, Photoshop 101 and 102, and all of the photography and web design courses. Oh, and watercolour because I just love it as an art form! My *dream* is to be a freelance graphic designer and illustrator and one day have my own graphic design studio. I am slowly getting there and winning this competition will help me immensely!

  419. 426

    Ahh this is amazing! Short-term, I’m dying to take the floral arrangement class because I’m in charge of flowers for my cousin’s wedding in July (eek!). But long-term, I would love to incorporate design work into my communications work and I see all of the design, photography and Photoshop classes as an invaluable resource.

  420. 427

    This is such an exciting giveaway! I would have no trouble at all picking out classes since it seems like almost all of them are of interest. I would start with photography 101 and 102 since I live in such a beautiful place and I would like to be able to capture that better. Then I would take Photoshop classes as a natural next step. I also want to learn Illustrator (to help me make the things that aren’t so beautiful more so). Oh, and flower arranging wouldn’t suck. And sewing!! And on and on…

  421. 428
    Kristi Gibbs

    I would love to take an illustrator class. I am learning to make artisan chocolate and really want to make cool artwork and patterns to print out as edible transfer for my chocolates. I’m also going to be creating a blog to document my progress so any class that can help with my blog would be great.

  422. 429

    Awesome giveaway!!! I would love to finish all the illustrator classes then I would take the watercolor classes so that I can design really nifty invites. Thennn I would take the Sewing classes so that I can make pillows and curtains for our home!! haha So many possibilities!

  423. 430

    Already like Nicole’s Classes on Facebook and posted about the giveaway!

  424. 431

    I work full time at an art school in the admissions department. I spend every day telling people to follow their creative dreams. Meanwhile, I’ve put mine on the back burner for so long. I’ve finally reached a breaking point. I enrolled myself in courses for communication arts. Since I can only manage 2 classes per term while maintaining my full time job; I have decided to learn the Adobe Suite through self study.
    I have enrolled in InDesign through Nicole’s Classes, and I am excited to get started! After I complete that, I will move on to Photoshop and Illustrator.
    What am I going to do with my new knowledge? Well, my partner is already an art and design genius (no really, he is!) so we want to combine forces and form a boutique creative firm…something not unlike Alma and Mike’s Ollibird…a union of hearts and minds!
    Winning this would mean a lot to me. Through my day job, I’ve spent a lot of time coaching people towards creative careers. I’m hoping the karma will come around and it will be my turn!

  425. 432

    Let’s see…typography….illustrator…flower arranging….watercolor…pretty much everything!

  426. 433

    I am a pastry chef with my own small business. I would love to learn more about graphic design (design principles, Illustrator, Photoshop, etc) in order to make changes to my website, design favour tags for my clients, AND to use Illustrator to “sketch” cake and pastry designs. I am signed up for Photo 101 and Food Photography and would like to continue building on these skills for my business.

  427. 434
    Linda Robinson

    Designing for Web:

    I have a wonderful idea for family reunification but I have no idea how to execute it. If I could learn anything about website design it would be so wonderful!

  428. 435

    Entering for my wife because she wants to take all the classes!! Photoshop, water colors, sewing and the illustrator classes she has yet to take. She wants to design invites.

  429. 436

    Liked on Facebook and posted.

  430. 437
    April Griffith

    I’ve taken a few classes now, Illustrator 101 an 102, and Design Basics and I would so dearly love to continue with all and any of your design classes! I have twins and work from home doing some graphics design. Whenever I’m doing a class and nap time rolls around it’s doubly my favorite time of day! You’re all fantastic and thank you for providing these wonderful classes!

  431. 438

    I love learning just for the sake of learning so most of the classes offered are ones I would be interested in. However I have been dabbling in fabric design of late and any of the Illustrator classes would be amazing.

  432. 439

    Which class wouldn’t I take! Probably the 201 photography class, typography, and water color. Following on Pinterest and Instagram.

  433. 440

    Photo 102. And then Tabletop Photography and Food styling, since I’m doing more and more recipes on my blog.

    Oh, this would be a DREAM!

  434. 441

    I want to learn all I can to improve my blog!

  435. 442

    I want to learn how to take photos like yours! :)

  436. 443

    I would love to increase my Illustrator skills, so I can take my sketches and drawings and turn them into something more like the beautiful illustrations I see on all the blogs I follow. I’d learn flower arranging and sewing to decorate my home, and watercolor to keep the creative fires burning. It would be wonderful!

  437. 444

    I want to learn photoshop, photography, and oodles of computer programs to add to my list of hobbies – I love learning something new.

  438. 445
    Tasha Anderson

    I would like to improve my photoshop to help me desgin a website and editing photo. Along with the web designing coures. I really want a beautiful web site my laughing my business.

  439. 446
    Lee Ann

    Very cool April Fool’s giveaway… I’ve taken a few classes from Nicole’s Classes and have learned new things and had so much fun… I would love to work more on Photoshop/Elements and my work flow in editing photos… I’m pretty intrigued by the sewing classes, too… My Mother tried her best to teach me to sew when I was younger, but I just didn’t have the patience for it then…

  440. 447

    Wow! Such a great giveaway!

    I am FINALLY upgrading to a SLR so I need to learn some skills! Plus, I want to get into Photoshop and Illustrator.

  441. 448
    Lisa Izatt

    I would love to take so many of your classes, I have several on my “someday list” for the (hopefully near) future when I can carve out enough time to actually do it! Most especially I’m dying to learn Illustrator and Web Design!

  442. 449

    I would love to maximize my photography skills with Nicole’s classes. I have loved photography since I was little and have always been fascinated by this medium the most even though I am also a painter and illustrator. I aspire to use photography to reveal beauty wherever I am, lifting up souls and healing wounds along the way.

  443. 450

    I would love to learn Illustrator and InDesign so I can be a freelance invitation/print designer and open a shop on Etsy. I work at an art school so I know the possibilities of a graphic designer and would love to be able to work from home and sell my designs online!

  444. 451
    Lindsay M.

    Thank you so much for the awesome giveaway! I have had a “Nicole’s classes wish list” for over a year now. I just got my very first DSLR camera, so I would love to take the photography classes. I also would love to learn how to use Illustrator so those classes would be great too. Oh, and the flower arranging class….and the web design! The list could go on…haha!

  445. 452

    Wow that’s a great giveaway. I love anything related to design but if I have to pick a field, it would be Graphic Design. My goal is to keep learning and hopefully have my own business. Learning is always continous and I want to take a chance to improve my skills in Graphic Design.

  446. 453
    Heather W.

    I am very new to card making, so any class that would help me is great!!!

  447. 454
    Heather W.

    I liked and shared the contest on facebook.

  448. 455
    Heather W.

    Reposted on Instagram

  449. 456
    Heather W.


  450. 457
    Bianca S.

    I want to learn something from everything. That is how I get my design inspiration. I would love to still learn advance photoshop to help with my photography, but there is also some of the cool design classes that can help me push my small business capabilities. But like I said I would love to learn things like the floral arranging class and then the food styling photography class. I feel they go hand in hand.

  451. 458

    My husband and I have dreams of traveling the world together. I would love to take any of your classes so I can create a lovely blog that would eventually create revenue to help us achieve our dreams.

  452. 459

    I just finished the watercolor 101 class and loved it and the instructor! Being able to take 12 free classes would be such a dream come true!! As a mom with 3 little ones I find it hard to find the time to be creative, but nicoles classes would help so much with that and help me have some much needed “me time”. I 100% do not expect to win this giveaway, but I wanted to comment to let the folks at nicoles classes know how much I enjoyed taking the watercolor 101 and hope to take more classes in the future:)

  453. 460
    Diana P

    Wow! I’m in line and number 376 I should feel like a fool but not today. I will stand in line and hope to have the opportunity to learn some new and very important programs. The classes that I am eager to learn may be elementary to some but I want to learn from the best to be my best. Photography is so much more to me than just taking a picture. to educate myself on the programs that will turn my eye on the prize that I call ART. I would like to implement my photography to all of my designs in the creative Art that I call my own.

  454. 461

    I’m a work-at-home-mom (web designer) looking to add to my tool box by brushing up on Illustrator. I’ve been eager to sign up for the Pattern and the Starving Artist classes in particular.

    My husband is facing a work furlough, so I’ve recently been contemplating the expense of signing up to take classes.

    It would be nice to win a free year so I can continue to do what I love while saving my family the expense. xo

  455. 462

    What an awesome giveaway! There are so many endless possibilities in the field of design and I can never soak up enough knowledge! I’d love to use this opportunity to strengthen my skills in web design. I’ve worked so hard to build a strong portfolio and I’d love to take courses that would enable me to strengthen the web presence of my hard work! And oh how fun would floral arranging and tabletop photography be?! :) Thanks for the opportunity, Nicole’s Classes!

  456. 463
    Kim Rohrbough

    I have always been intrigued with graphic design and designed ads for a small company before having my first child 20 years ago. I would love to learn more through the Illustrator classe and the Typography class. What a dream giveaway!

  457. 464
    Lauren York

    If I won, I’d love to take illustrator 101 and 102 for invitation design. I am opening an etsy shop this Spring and specializing in baby and children’s event invitations. I absolutely love it but am using photoshop for design because I don’t know enough about illustrator. Next year I will no longer be teaching public school as I have decided to stay at home with my one year old. I’m hoping the invitations that I love designing can bring in some supplemental income for my sweet family. Thanks for such an awesome giveaway!

  458. 465

    Oh man! Great giveaway, I have been needing something like this and with little time to myself (4 kids) online classes would be the solution. I wouldnt know what to start with. I always want to freshen up my photography skills, would love to learn illustrator but the design classes would be great as well! Thanks!

  459. 466
    Kristen Croasmun

    I am a stay at home mom who loves photography and wants to learn more about photography and how to capture those day to day moments. I also want to know how to edit the photos I take. What an great giveaway!

  460. 467

    Winning would be a dream come true! I had admired your work for some time and would love the privilege of learning from you!

  461. 468

    I WANT to win this because I just love learning and found out that computers are not that scary.I have a one woman show that I take across Canada and US and for the longest time I needed my husband to help me with computer stuff..BUT slowly I can do some work myself and feel really empowered.what normally would take someone Two minutes takes me 2 days but I’m hopeful :))) imagine what I would do with some training!!! I just want to keep creating and share with the world some exciting images and stories from my village where I grew up…Fiji
    Thank you for this course..

  462. 469

    What an amazing giveaway! If I win,first I would love to take all the rest of the Illustrator classes…Ilustrator 102, Ornaments & Embellishments,Illustrator: Illustrating, and all the design classes and then all the other classes…i love all …
    I have a workshop, named Taller de Papel. I have a Etsy shop too. I make Pretty Paper Products with my own designs, so I love to be a master on Ilustrator for make more pretty products and more creative designs !!
    I hope be lucky!! :)
    Sorry if I have any mistakes with English, I´m from Chile. ;)

  463. 470

    I am just finishing up Illustrator 101, and have loved every second of it! I would love to continue and take the rest of the Illustrator classes. I am just starting and trying to figure out how I want to make my design skills a business, or side-job. I have been doing wedding invitations for friends and love every second of it! Winning these classes would just help me to be better at what I am discovering I love to do!

  464. 471

    I want to master InDesign. When I was in high school and college, I learned and picked up Photoshop and Illustrator on my own. But learning InDesign could finally give me the push I need to get my freelance career started!

  465. 472
    Sara Galati White

    I would love to enroll in a photography class so I can finally start using my DSLR the way it was meant to be used and take beautiful pictures of my new baby girl!

  466. 473
    Megan V

    I would love to learn more about photography to take better pics of my 4 little girlies!!

  467. 474
    Tammy Ashjian

    Definitely anything ILLUSTRATOR! Yes! I want to help my beset friend grown her graphic design business. I swear Martha will be calling her any day! Then we plan to grow like crazy, Martha will call, then it’s off to meet Oprah… because she’ll want us to do her next big party invite, plus all coordinating paper products. My best friend needs more help, and I will be able to offer that help after all of the amazing classes over at Nicole’s classes. Thank you, thank you.

  468. 475

    An incredible offer! thank you. Gosh well it will be my 3rd course this month and I’m just exploring my creative side to see if there could be any potential spin-offs for a home business. After almost 7 years at home producing/rearing kids I am desperate for something self-fulfilling that will get me through the next year or 2 being home-bound!!!! HELP :)

  469. 476

    Hi! I´d love to take photography classes! I have a really nice camera but don´t know how to use it :( Help meee please :) jeje
    (thanks for the opportunity! I ♥ your classes)

  470. 477
    Britton Albiston

    This is a much better surprise than a prank on April Fool’s Day! Winning 12 classes means I’d have to pick only about half of the available classes. I would definitely want to take the floral arranging to bring the flowers from my garden inside and give them to friends. Sewing to overcome my fear of it, watercolor for my own cards and gifts. Of course photography and Photoshop-especially because I have teenagers and pre-teen awkward moments to try to take pictures of now (and one child who is painfully camera shy). It seemed my pictures were fine when they were sweet babies, even though I didn’t have mad skills, but now it’s much harder. If all that went well, and I was feeling very capable, I would try one of the illustrator classes and see how that went. Designing my own paper products, identity, and documents from Indesign might inch my mom rating into the cool zone and give me an edge at work.

  471. 478
    Julie Kennedy

    I love learning and the discovery that always comes when taking a class. I’d love to take the watercolor class for me, photography for my family, PhotoShop so I could make everything just a little better. I’d love to take the Illustrator class so I could take my drawing skills to the computer and of course, typography because I love letters!

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed! This could be the year of no excuses!

  472. 479

    Where to begin? Taking pictures of my baby and then tinkering mistakes right out. :) Then onto watercolors and every single class related to having an arts business and illustration. You guys gave me my fledgling photography skills and after years on being frustrated with my pictures I’m very grateful to have a new place to learn from.

  473. 480

    Photography and Illustrator would be my picks! I’d love to use these skills to start a home business and bring in some extra income.

  474. 481

    I’m most interested in learning Illustrator, though I’m tempted by almost every class you offer! I’d use the skills to help brand my new business, and to beautify my everyday!

  475. 482

    I would love to dabble a little in everything! I love photography, but I am really fascinated by most areas of design. Great giveaway!

  476. 483
    Emily H

    I’m pretty sure I can’t pick just one discipline…I’m dying to take pretty much all of your classes!! I’d use them to help with my business…and just because I love learning new ways to create beautiful things!

  477. 484

    I really enjoy all of Alma’s Illustrator classes – I’m hoping to use these to create my own stationery one day! I would love to learn more about setting up a creative business, internet marketing and maybe packaging design which would all aid in setting up my own business one day.

  478. 485

    Oh wow. I would love, love, to learn web design. Would be such a boost!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    x Elena @ Randomly Happy

  479. 486

    I would really like to learn InDesign as well as take some photoshop classes and more Illustrator classes. You guys have so many great classes, I’d try to take as many as I can and learn from all of the awesome instructors.

  480. 487

    i would love to learn more about illustrator, bc i love to create things & i’m thinking of getting into designing party printables!!!!Thanks a lot for this great giveaway!!!!!!

  481. 488

    I LOVE Nicole’s Classes!!!! Already signed for several Illustrator Classes last and this year and wanting to line up for several classes to come!
    Already a follower on Facebook and Twitter. Will be retweeting and sharing this opportunity!
    Lilian M.

  482. 489
    Kim Nguyen

    I’m excited to be starting my first Nicole’s classes today all the way from Australia. I am currently in a creativity lull and long to learn anything and everything I can! I’d love to finish all the Illustrator classes, as well as Photoshop and Web Design and Typography! Anything and everything actually! I just love the aesthetic of Nicole’s classes and I look forward to commencing more classes. Kimxx

  483. 490
    Siera Greiner

    Would love to win this and learn about photography and photoshop!

  484. 491

    I just started dabbling in web design and would LOVE to learn more about photoshop and typography. I also don’t know if you offer any HTML / CSS classes but I’m a total newbie in those areas!

    thanks so much for the opportunity! I love your site!

  485. 492

    I am a painter and been thinking of opening my own website. It’ll be a long journey since I’d like to do everything by my own, from making a webdesign to creating my own logo, sounds like it’s gonna take forever, but well, at least I can try!

    I think Nicole’s Classes can help me in many, many ways so I hope to be the lucky winner! :)

  486. 493

    I’d love to learn Illustrator. How great would it be to make my own invitations to parties? My own Christmas cards? My creativity wouldn’t be limited to what I could find online.

  487. 494
    Niki R

    I long to start my own full service branding agency and am a hobby momtographer. I would love to be able to work more cohesively with my graphic design team by being able to mock up web designs in the Creative Suite, and not just write code and copy. And learning how to capture cute pics of my babies would be pretty awesome too.

  488. 495

    I’ve loved the Illustrator classes I’ve taken so far, and I really want to continue with getting better with and someday mastering Illustrator!

  489. 496

    I have a wonderful camera and I would love to use it to it’s fullest potential. I love to capture pictures of my family and the beauty of nature. I would also love to learn to use photoshop. What a wonderful opportunity you are offering to some lucky person!

  490. 497

    Can’t beat the gift of learning… I’d love to take your Illustrator classes to enhance my skills and then add a couple of Design courses to the mix topped off with some Photography/Photoshop classes.

    Little by little I am steering my life in a more creative direction. I’d love to be able to do what I love for a living and become a work at home mom. At the risk of sounding cliché (but what’s life without risks, right?), winning a year of classes would definitely help me get closer to that dream.

    Thank you for this wonderful opportunity, Tania.

  491. 498

    Thank you for this opportunity!! I’ve already taken the Illustrator 101 with Alma and loved it. I’m having trouble deciding one class I’d like to take next because I’d like to take them all! If I had to choose one, it would probably be Illustrator 102.

  492. 499

    I just took my first Nicole’s class and immediately wanted to take more! I would do another photography class, Illiustrator 2 and Photoshop which would all help me develop as a stationery designer and letterpress business owner. Fingers crossed!!

  493. 500
    Christy C

    Would love to take the whole Illustrator line to update my very rusty graphic design skills. I’m also interested in refining my style and creating stylish pieces for the non-profits I volunteer with.

  494. 501

    I’d love to take the photoshop and illustrator classes. I have so many ideas and I know just enough to get me through from courses I took in college, but not enough to be fast and professional. I could be so much more creative if I wasn’t so bogged down in the learning curve. I would definitely add more items to my Etsy shop. I’m signed up for Photography 101 and I can’t wait to start it because I have a new baby coming any time now.

  495. 502

    I would love the take the photography and illustrator course!

  496. 503

    Illustrator so I can improve my quilt designing skills and explore creating my on fabrics.

  497. 504

    Hard to put into words how much I would enjoy and benefit from this opportunity. In a career transition and days from launching a blog I’ve been working hard on. I’ve always loved art and have wanted to pursue watercolour more seriously. I’m a picture-taking nut and from both a personal and blog standpoint, I would be thrilled to take a photography class, illustrator and more…all to say, this would be a fantastic thing.

    Thank you!

  498. 505

    I’ve taken several of your classes already, and now I want to take my skills to the next level and put them to practical use by taking classes like creating an identity, setting up shops and portfolios, how to be a successful artist. I want to add depth to my background on Illustrator and Design and get my blog and shop up and running with more confidence and a streamlined work flow!

  499. 506

    I’ve been cutting vinyl for 6 years….I’ve been limited by the capabilities of my software program that came with my cutter. Now that I have CS6, I feel like I can cross into a whole new realm of design and graphics and really expand my business through illustrator. This would be AMAZING to win!

  500. 507

    What a great opportunity! I am highly interested in the photography classes! It would be so nice because I have an expensive camera, but absolutely no idea how to use the poor thing properly. I use it like a disposable camera. Winning this would make me, but especially my neglected camera so thrilled!

  501. 508

    I would love to learn more about photography and photo editing. I am also on a big hand lettering, typography kick and thinking about taking the typography class you offer. What a great give away, all your classes look great and I have had a creative friend that just took one and loved it.

  502. 509

    Wahoo what an amazing give-away! I have been slowly learning Illustrator and would use the classes to improve my Illustrator skills. With these mad skills I would finally design my line of home organization products that I have been dying to launch! I’ll start praying to the blog gods that I win ;).

  503. 510

    What a great giveaway! I would love to take Illustrator 102 and Illustrating, as well as the InDesign and Web Design classes to improve and better promote my card business. I would also enjoy taking the watercolor and floral arranging class for fun! I love your classes! Thanks for the giveaway!

  504. 511
    Riki Zarris

    I would take all the illustrator classes as well as the business classes you have started offering. Crossing fingers!

  505. 512
    Kristi J.

    I would love to take the Illustrator classes and the photography classes…it would be so great to be able to take better photos of them.

  506. 513

    I want to do them all! (Photography most, though.) Hope I win! :)

  507. 514

    I would love to take all or any of your classes!! I already do some photography but of course would love to learn more. But I am mostly interested in illustrator and Web design because I have a billion ideas running through my head and no skills to create them:) Hope I am the lucky one to win this!

  508. 515

    I would LOVE to take Illustrator 102, Photoshop 101 and 102, along with any of the other Illustrator classes, so that I can have a good understanding of the programs before I start a graphic design at my school program next year. This could also help me with internships I’ve been applying for!

  509. 516

    I love sewing, interior decorating, many other hands on creative crafts. I’m just starting to get into graphic design and want to start selling my own products. I’d love to learn everything about Illustrator! All of your classes sound interesting, but I think Illustrator is where I’d start. I’m a mom of 3 small kids that needs a bit of extra income and an extra outlet to further develop my creative side. I’ve heard from friends that your classes are the best! Thank you!

  510. 517

    Wow. There really isn’t a class I wouldn’t be interested in taking!! I think I’d start by continuing the photography and photoshop courses :)

  511. 518

    I’m so excited to have recently purchased a DSLR and I want to ensure it doesn’t become a very expensive, fancy paperweight! I am expecting my first baby in August, and I would love to be able to take beautiful photos of him or her as they grow up and display them throughout our home, and these classes would certainly make that much more likely!! Good luck to everyone! :)

  512. 519
    Heidi Bray

    All of the class offerings would def. up my game as I launch my new business venture- party planning with a twist. During this process I realize that my yearn for learning has increased to the moon. I am going to take a class or two soon. Thanks for offering a year of learning! Learning is no joke!

  513. 520

    I would love to win this giveaway! It would be so hard to choose, but I really want to develop my Illustrator skills so that I can improve my designs and design for people other than myself! I also want to take Sewing 101 so that my sewing machine will stop collecting dust!

  514. 521

    Yay! I just finished illustrator 101 and LOVED it so I would probably pick up from there and then take ALLTHECLASSES! What an amazing opportunity to develop our skills!

  515. 522

    I’d loooove to take the photography class and then photoshop., I’m one of those people that have yet to use my camera on Manual!

  516. 523
    Bryndee Slade

    I’d love to brush up on my Illustrator skills. I do alot in photoshop that would be easier in Illustrator if I just knew the tricks. I would also love the photo classes. Well everything really.

  517. 524

    I have always want to take really nice pics .so i did take one of ur classes, but just cant afford anther one right now . but Im trying to follow my dream and that is taking photo classes, I have 40 grankids and 4 great grands.. would love to take pic of them that was good ,and that i can tell who they are..and may be be able to learn how to crop and use photo shop ..I do have my Camera dsl and one of ur classes behind me but I NEED more.. Oh yes I did love ur class ,it did teach this old lady a lot. Thank u so much for giving away the free classes and good luck to all.

  518. 525
    Bryndee Slade

    Shared and tagged on FB!

  519. 526
    Bryndee Slade

    Shared on Instagram! Private *(Bryndees)

  520. 527
    Bryndee Slade

    Tweeted. @bryndeer

  521. 528

    It was just the other day the I was looking up all the classes that i wanted to take and the times that all the classes were taught. I wanted to go to you retreat that you offered a few years ago and got on line to see if it was available this summer. I was so excited as started to read all of the course descriptions that were available. Through many family events I have come to realize even more how documenting our lives through photography is so important. How wonderful the simple things of life are captured in a click of a picture and how fast life changes. I want to learn more about how to perfect the art of capturing those moments in an artful way.

  522. 529

    Definitely the photo and illustrator classes but the new classes like sewing seem pretty cool too! Besides I love to learn stuff so the more there is the better!

  523. 530
    Nicole Hopkins

    This give a way is amazing!!! And I’d love to win, you are my top favorite photographer! I took a photo class and LOVE photography but I’ve looked and looked at all the classes you have to offer and would love to learn more about typography and water colors. This would truly be a dream to win

  524. 531

    I have been using Photoshop and Illustrator for years, but with no actual training. I’ve just taken some tutorials from Adobe website, read books, and asked friends for some help. I would love to actually know what I’m doing and use more of power of these two applications! Winning a class would make that happen so much faster!!!

  525. 532

    I would love to learn web design and photo editing so I can finally build my own website!

  526. 533

    I want to continue learning design, and web design, in hopes of making a career switch as my children grow. While I’ve enjoyed teaching, I miss being more creative. It is also increasingly important to me that I have flexibility in my work (both the time and location) so that my family can come first and we can all enjoy more travel.

  527. 534

    Photography or photoshop… Dream come true!

  528. 535

    Wow!!!!!!! Any course of design or photography would be fantastic. We’re starting our little project of illustrations and it would be very helpful.

    Thanks for this giveaway!

  529. 536

    Portfolio photography, online shop…a dream!!!!

  530. 537

    Lovely courses for entrepreneurs like us!
    Photoshop, Illustrator, Web design…

  531. 538

    There are so many classes I’d love to take, but I’d probably start with illustrator, and maybe sewing….things that would help me in my carrier as a mother.

  532. 539

    I would love to take some design classes (illustrator, photoshop) to improve my website design and also take some photography classes.

  533. 540

    I would love to learn InDesign101 and Illustrator 101 for those times when I need to design press kits for my job!

  534. 541

    i’ve loved the two classes i’ve taken- and can’t wait to take more! i make cards for papyrus, but i do them all by hand! so would love to take another illustrator or photoshop class to speed up my process, or try the photography so instead of crossing my fingers that a picture will come out that i actually know what i’m doing!

  535. 542

    I would love to work on my photography skills. With a little direction, I am sure I could get some beautiful shots of my sweet little boys!

  536. 543
    Patty Cason

    I’d love to learn Photoshop. I struggle with this and avoid it like the plague. As a graphic designer, I really need to learn it. It would help me with my job and my stress level! If I had classes in this area, I would no longer be the queen of avoidance!

    Thank you for this giveaway!

  537. 544
    Emily Hillstrom

    I love Nicole’s classes! I’m just finishing up Photo 101 and would love to keep going with Photo 102 and then Photo shop, watercolor, flower design etc. You’ve got so many classes that you offer on your website that I would love to learn them ALL!

  538. 545

    The opportunity I was waiting for… !!!
    I know a little bit about how to use my camera, but when I first saw your photography I felt in love jajajja… Seriouslly, it is really nice and I wish I could take pictures as beautiful and specials as yours. I´ve been following you and hoping I could ever take a class with you, but for now it is not possible yet for me, so I would be really grateful to win this year of free nicole´s classes.
    If I win I´d probably would like to take pictures of kids and events, if not I would like to congrat yourself because of such a beautiful and original work you do!
    Anxious wait…

  539. 546

    I am obsessed with Nicole’s Classes. If I could take for a year free… I would learn Photoshop, advance my Illustrator skills and take 102, Patterns, take more photography classes, learn how to sew, learn floral design from Chelsea Fuss… and use it all for my personal creative growth and to apply it to my blog and do some amazing things for our family. Basically: I’d take every single class. Pick me! Pick me!!

  540. 547
    Taryn Gindt

    I love all of the classes offered but if I were to choose one I’d say Photoshop. I’d love to master the program to enhance my photography.

  541. 548

    Would love to improve my photography and illistrator skills to help me kick start my own business focused on design for the everyday. Love Nicole’s Classes.

  542. 549
    colette stanley

    I would love to learn Illustrator so I can branch out into holiday card design! Of course, I could always hone my Photography and Photoshop skills as well. I’d love to win these classes! Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  543. 550

    Photography! Just never had time to do it! Thanks for giveaway :)

  544. 551

    Gosh, if I had to pick just one class, it’d have to be InDesign. I’ve been struggling to learn it on my own, and I’d love to use that knowledge to make my own photo books for keepsakes. Though it’d be awesome to beef up my Illustrator skills, too!

  545. 552

    I would love pretty much any class, as they all would benefit me. A great piece of business advice I read once is you should surround yourself with others who have gifts in areas you are lacking. However, you should always try and keep learning and growing in those areas of weakness. I would love to continue to grow in learning how to use photoshop, illustrator, inDesign, as well as be able to take the photography classes or the floral arrangement (just for fun).

  546. 553

    Awesome giveaway!

    I would take the photography & photoshop classes, so that I can learn how to snap awesome pictures of my 5 little ones. I’d also enhance my creativity with some illustrator classes, so that I can grow my freelance business.

  547. 554

    All of your classes look intriguing! Some would be great to learn new skills while others I see helpful to brush up on old ones. I’d love some of the more advanced photography or learning to sew.

  548. 555
    Michelle Johnson

    I would love to take your Photo classes along with Photoshop of course:)

  549. 556

    I need photography 101! I have 3 amazing little kiddos and want to capture our beautiful life together and I’m horrible at getting a good shot.

  550. 557

    Just got my digital slr camera. Can’t wait to take some classes! A lot of classes!

  551. 558

    I would love to take the identity design class along with the design for web class so I can get my blog up and running just how I’m picturing it. I’ve already taken Illustrator 101 and Principles of Good Design and loved both. Thanks for the opportunity!

  552. 559

    Oh man I would love to take a photography, photoshop and web design class! :) Thank you for such a great giveaway!! :)

  553. 560

    I am just starting a new blog/site and really need Illustrator skills. It’s so frustrating to have so many ideas you cannot express. Aaargh!!

  554. 561

    I can’t decide! I would want to maybe take the designing for the web and photography classes so I can make my website and products look top notch! It really is hard to choose, these classes are so addictive!

  555. 562

    I would love to learn photoshop, I know a bit about it but I know there is so much to learn. I’d like to have It down as well as I have Illustrator. I’m fairly new at being a Freelance textile and surface pattern designer and would love the opportunity to take your classes! I feel like I would take a lot from taking your classes:) thank you!

  556. 563
    Liz Palmiter

    I would love to know how to use my DSLR better so a photo class would be great! And of course editing those photos through photoshop would be nice :)

    Additionally, I have found myself more and more drawn to word art recently so an illustrator course would be awesome!

  557. 564

    I would love to take them all! Illustrator, photoshop & illustrator would be my first choices. What an awesome giveaway!!

  558. 565

    I would love to revamp both my hobby blog and my professional website with graphics, templates, etc. I prefer a clean look and feel like this is something I should be able to do myself, but I know I’m lacking the training. I’m also getting my first DSLR in May (!!!) and know a class or 2 would totally help!

  559. 566

    This is such an amazing contest! I have a passion for design. I would always love to learn more tricks and tips to further my knowledge. I also have a side love for photography. I love taking pictures but must admit that I become stuck when it comes to styling. So I think I would look into those if I won. Good luck to all! :)

  560. 567

    I would focus on the photography classes. I would use them to take my photography to the next level and, hopefully, start to make some money!

  561. 568
    Katie kortman

    I really want to learn how to make a repeating pattern!!! As well as just about everything else you have being taught on here!

  562. 569
    david schurman

    My name is David Schurman. I married a graphic designer…..That’s all I probably need to say but I will elaborate a little. I have been with her for almost 10 years, and in that 10 years I have tried to learn various tasks that she values (ie. photography, illustrator, photoshop) to name a few. Many of these attempts have ended in utter failure. I would love to have the chance of a year of free educational videos to gain a better insight in what she does and have some skills of my own. I have seen some of the projects and pictures that she can do and than I look at mine (taken with the same camera) and how different they turn out. Thanks for your time and hopefully my name will come out of the hat.

    David Schurman

  563. 570

    I would looove to take all of the classes. It would be great to study more about photoshop, webdesign and illustrating in Illustrator. And it would be awesome to study floral arrangement and watercolor painting in the summer! I’m so excited, thanks for the opportunity!

  564. 571

    Oooohhh!! Pick me! Pick me!

  565. 572
    Britney Barker

    I would love to take all your classes offered here! Lately I’m interested in watercolor, I haven’t painted since high school! Ack! Thanks for the chance!

  566. 573

    This is so exciting! On my wish list are: Photoshop and Illustrator as graphic design skills are a must for my job. Then InDesign and setting up shops & portfolio as I am planning to expand and out everything under one roof by February next year – all by myself which sounds horrifying to me given how low-tech I am.

    Later on, I would like to improve my photography skills and take the Tabletop & Food photography classes.

    That sounds like a full year of classes already!

    Thanks for this giveaway!

  567. 574

    I would take all of the classes because I want to increase my knowledge in all of those areas. My sister took two of your classes and I was so envious of what she learned in such a short amount of time. I would like to create my own invitations (correctly), and learn the best techniques for photos, and I would love to learn water color as I have never tried this before. I’m a lover of the arts, but not quite the artist. :) I would LOVE to win this!

  568. 575

    My daughter took the 101 AI class and loved it. Now I would love to take it. What fun classes you have.

  569. 576

    i want to learn Illustrator (never used!) and photoshop so i can bring visions that float in my head to life on paper via my own stationery/invitation line!

    fingers crosses (and i did everything for the extra entries!!)

  570. 577

    I have a degree in architecture and a degree in interior design and I would love to
    start my own business. All of the photography classes, the portfolio class, the photoshop and so many more would help give me an edge. Thank you for the fabulous giveaway!
    All of the classes look so great it would be hard to chose which one to take first!

  571. 578

    This is awesome! I would love to better my skills as a photographer, although I’d love to learn it all!

  572. 579
    Natalie Sterling

    I would LOVE to become a better designer with Illustrator. I design for fun right now but I want to take it to a new level and be an even better designer. What a great giveaway!!

  573. 580

    I am so impressed with this cite! Well done! I am a teacher and I am always wanting to learn more. I have a great desire to learn watercolor but have not done so because of time and money. I think what you are doing here is awesome! I would love to win classes for a year!

  574. 581

    I have already taken Illustrator 101 and am signed up for two classes in April. I’d finish all of the Illustrator classes and move on to design!!! I LOVE Nicole’s Classes!

  575. 582

    There are so many classes I would like to take, but I think my top two would be web design 101 and sewing 101. I make my living as a designer, but don’t know a whole lot about web design so I really want to learn more. I want to take the sewing class because I received a sewing machine for Christmas and still haven’t even touched it.

  576. 583

    I am currently a student seeking a BA in Early Childhood Development. Most of the design things that I do now are all self-taught. I absolutely LOVE learning, and I’m hungry from more knowledge, especially with design. I dream of connecting my Early Childhood knowledge with design to create some killer stuff for kids. This is why I would adore having a year full of classes, specifically the Illustrator, Typography, and Website design classes. I want to bless kids through creative design, and create kits for them to be their own creative little warriors. I also would love to produce a website that reflects my values, and promotes my products for children. Through this, I would want to somehow connect with Food for the Hungry to offer their Early Childhood Department some of the kits that I sell. Kind of like a “buy one, give one (or two, or three..:)”
    Either way I want to learn a lot and bless others through the different pieces that I would learn to create!
    Thank you for this opportunity!!!!!

    Ashley Lauren Snyder

  577. 584

    I would love to learn Photoshop, Photography and Webdesign to help me to set an online store… that’s my plan if I win this. :-)

  578. 585

    This incredible giveaway could not have come at a more perfect time! I have decided that 2013 is going to be my year! I have been yearning for more in the last couple of years and I am finally chasing my dreams and making them realities. I registered my own LLC two months ago and am in the early stages of opening up my own Etsy shop. Words cannot begin to describe how deeply grateful I would be to win this giveaway and to have the opportunity to take 12 amazing classes and begin to utilize the skills I would gain in my new creative endeavors. If I won I would love to take Floral Arranging, Watercolor 101, Tabletop Photography, Food Photography & Styling, Photoshop 101, Photoshop 102, Illustrator 101, Illustrator 102, Making a Pattern, Illustrator: Illustrating, InDesign 101 and Designing for Web 101. I posted about this incredible giveaway on my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

  579. 586
    Claire Wickenden

    I would love to have a years worth of classes! This would be perfect for me because I have a love for photography (can never go without my camera) and I’d love to learn how to improve. I am also passionate about design and web development as I’ve been interning for a year with a web design company and love what I do and am always wanting to learn more! Creativity is my passion! Having the free classes for a year would be an incredible boost to my learning and desire to improve in doing what I love!! Thanks for the opportunity :)

  580. 587
    Nikki H

    I’d learn Photoshop &/or Illustrator for my blog, and food photography too. Then I’d take the watercolor classes for fun!

  581. 588
    Lyric Dasso

    What DON’T I want to learn!? I would love to master Illustrator to create awesome invitations, announcements, etc. for my friends and family. My husband is a photographer, so skills in photography, Photoshop and web design would help me support his business. Thanks for the giveaway!

  582. 589

    WHOPEE!!! This is such an amazing contest! I would love to take the Web Design/ Illustrator/ – I have always wanted to Learn to SEW!!! Fingers Crossed!

  583. 590

    When I fell in love with my husband he was taking art classes ‘on the side’ and dabbling in various media. I saw in him a gift and loved to watch him work. I became his muse and wife, but may also have been his roadblock (helping him choose 9-5 over painting). Now that we have been married for nearly two decades, parent four children, and have overcome many bumps in the road, I would like to show him that I still believe in him.

    I would love to learn web design and help him show the world what he can do, but more as an anniversary present for my gifted and selfless husband.

  584. 591
    dolores dewbury


  585. 592

    I have art in my blood. Seriously, my parents are both artists who don’t work full time in their trade because they have to pay for things like braces, minivans and mortgages. I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t sketching, painting, origami-ing, or creating. I believe that art can be more than a glorious hobby and want to show my parents that I can learn the tech side of it as well. My paintings have won me ribbons and that has been really cool, but imagine how much more I could do with your awesome classes! Please invest in me. Take a chance!

    cocopaints on facebook

  586. 593

    What a wonderful giveaway!

    I would like to brush up on a lot! I have been trying to learn Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign on my own for the past year for work. My employer is not willing to send me to classes, but they still expect me to do the work!

    I graduated with a Marketing degree almost 20 years ago and we did not have design classes back then. I enjoy learning and really like the design aspect of my job. I was toying with going back to school for design work, but I am not ready to take the leap. Maybe a few classes will help!

  587. 594

    I want to learn everything! I’ve taken several photography classes already and want to retake them all again because I know I’ll gain so much more the second time through. I’m so excited about all the new classes and would love to take the floral class, sewing, web design, illustrator….honestly I’ll take everything I can! I love Nicole’s Classes!

  588. 595

    I would love to take better pictures of my kids, and I need a release for my creative side. I’ve had a Nikon for years now, but just recently took it into manual. Wow, what fun it is!

  589. 596

    Your classes came highly recommended by my niece who’s a professional photographer. My passions include food, cooking & baking and want to add food photography to the list. I just bought my first DSLR camera and am very excited to take all of Nicole’ s photography classes!!

  590. 597

    Oh geesh, how to choose! I would love to take the tabletop photography class or the watercolor classes! Oh and illustrator, I’ve taken the pretty paper one but there are so many other ones. Here’s hoping I win!

  591. 598

    I would love to learn more about web design! It is something that I have wanted to learn for quite some time. I would love to build my jewelry business with it.

  592. 599

    Wow, what a great giveaway!

    Well, I’m an amateur photographer.. but what I would really love to work on are my graphic design skills. I’m very comfortable with Photoshop and am learning Illustrator, and I would love to learn InDesign as well!! :) I took your Typography class with Melanie and loved it :) Win or no win I will be back for more classes :)

  593. 600
    Joy Mercer

    I would LOVE to learn how to better use the whole Adobe creative suite, but I would especially love to take the Typography class. I have never thought I am creative enough to even dabble in any sort of graphic design, but after following your blog and seeing what students learn, this could be a big step for me in the right direction!

  594. 601

    Trying again for a win! I’d love to win a year of classes from Nicole’s Classes! Illustrator 101 & 102 here I come! These skills would help me finish off the last of the wedding stationery design I need to work on, and give me a boost for helping friends with theirs later on! #nicolesclassesaprilfools

  595. 602

    I learned about your site from the Making Things Happen conference and my mind is blown by the possibilities you offer to help me with my creative business. I want to take flower arranging classes, photoshop classes mostly but I’m excited about all of the possibilities you offer.
    Tweeted and Instagrammed @AmberVeatch

  596. 603

    I’d love to take your basic photography class!

    Fingers crossed.


  597. 604

    Gah! What an awesome prize. I would capitalize on some of the amazing photography classes available to continue to learn my favorite artistic medium. I would also love to take some design classes like Illustrator because I long to make pretty pretty things even though I can’t draw! Thanks for the opportunity!

  598. 605

    I would DIE to have a year’s worth of free Nicole’s classes! That would give me 12 reasons to blog about how amazing each one of these courses are! Plus I really want to learn how to use this new speedlight I got. I’m clueless!

  599. 606

    I have loved the Illustrator classes I have taken but there is always so much more to learn. Patterns and branding are next on the horizon! And it would be fun to try something totally out of my element like floral design or watercolor.

  600. 607

    I would love to master illustrator and design inspirations for moms and our little blessings :)

  601. 608
    Tina Salisbury

    I have enjoyed learning more about the art of photography. It has given me an outlet for myself and I enjoy the satisfaction of learning to capture faces, images and moments to remember things as they truly happen. Future classes would help me to enhance my skills, capturing moments for my kids, friends and family while also learning how to enhance images and further create with Photoshop and illustrator. Thanks Nicole’s Classes!

  602. 609

    I need HELP with Photoshop for sure. I feel so weak as a blogger since I cannot do anything design related. I’d also like to know what exactly I am doing when I toggle all the options when editing photos.

  603. 610

    I would love to take more Photography classes and Photoshop class, just to improve my skills.

  604. 611

    I would love to make my blog look better with some mad indesign and illustrator skills! I love making pretty things so any class will do for me really.

  605. 612
    Natalie Hilbert

    I would LOVE to learn about Illustrator AND Web Design. Yep, I’m getting greedy ;) First, I wanna use Illustrator to generate a logo and marketing items for my new business. This new business needs a website as well so that’s why I would love to learn Web Design! My “day job” is in accounting, so opening this business is offsetting that monotony by helping to blossom my creative side. I hope I win!!!

  606. 613

    This is such an amazing giveaway!
    I would love to take every single class offered! First I would love to take the photography class to improve my amateur skills. I’ve never had any formal training and having taken the typography and principles of good design, I know I could learn so much! Crossing my fingers for this win! Good luck all!!!

  607. 614

    Oh geeze, I would so love to win this. I’d love to beef up my photography skills to help my online business. But truly any class would help me improve my small biz. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  608. 615

    I believe it is never too late to be what you might have been. So this is the year that I have given up my sensible job to go on an amazing creative quest full of visual adventures, artistic endeavors and crazy creative craftiness. I want to create a life lived in high saturation colour, be curious and learn new skills. Goodbye drab and dreary, come on in fab and cheery. I just love Nicole’s classes and know that winning this prize would be truly life changing, life enhancing and oodles of fun. I particularly would like to master Illustrator (I’ve just started on your great intro class), as well as Sewing 101, Photo 101, Watercolour 101, in fact all of your classes make me feel like a grown up child in the most wonderful sweet shop. Thank you for opportunity to win such a mind-blowingly brilliant prize. Whoop. Helen x

  609. 616

    What a great giveaway! I would like to perfect my photography skills, especially photoshop. Learn to build better websites, make my own labels, logos, cards, etc. with illustrator, and then hopefully put it all together to be able to sell my photographs.

  610. 617

    i just found your website and it looks very interesting…i’m from south africa…love to do arts and crafts and want to always learn something new…i’m interested in crafting,design and illustrating

  611. 618

    Found out about Nicole’s Classes from a friend’s giveaway post (so I guess the viral marketing is doing its job!). I’ve been working in Communications for years but would love to upgrade my graphic design & web development skills and maybe branch off one day. :) Thanks for all you do, clearly you’re bringing a lot of joy and filling a strong need in the community!

  612. 619

    I’d love to win this one. My New Year’s resolution was to learn. So far this year I have take your Illustrator 101 class and a class on calligraphy!!! I’m hooked!!! I’d use this to take more Illustrator classes, pattern class, and website class, maybe even some photography classes as well!!! I’d be over the moon if I won!!!!

  613. 620
    Marina Rodrigues

    I’d like to take the Sewing 101 class so I could finally use my sewing machine.

  614. 621

    I would definitely take Sewing so I could make pillows for around the house and also some of the graphics classes just for a creative outlet (and maybe to make prints for Christmas presents!).

  615. 622

    Wow – this is one fantastic giveaway!!

    I’m an architect by trade (although I’ve now gone back to school for more studying! I’m nuts, I know! lol) who dabbles in craft/handmade stuff on the side (namely stationery and personalised gifts), and while I may be proficient enough in Photoshop, InDesign and photography I’m really hoping to expand my skill set to include more graphic design and typography….possibly even web design. These would be the key elements I’d like to further my knowledge in as I’m really keen on moving into branding and identity, as well as continue with bespoke stationery, wall art, personalized gifts etc. on the side.

    Illustrator has been high on my list of things to learn so that would definitely be the top choice of classes I’d go for as well as typography and web design. This would be the precise stepping stone I need to move forward right now!! To be honest I think I’d sign up to all the classes you have on here!!! I think no matter how much you know there’s still so much out there to learn! And that’s what i LOVE about the design industry! :) It’s great learning more new things….totally prevents stifling your creativity and keeps those creative juices flowing!

    I shall keep my fingers crossed and hope for some good news! :)

  616. 623

    I would love to learn illustrator and photoshop. I feel comfortable with my photo skills but sometimes editing them with a professional program makes me a little more confident. Happy April Fools!

  617. 624
    Ashley h

    I’d take the photography and Photoshop classes,so I could improve my skills and try to earn some money to help p.ay my husband’s student loans off

  618. 625
    Amanda Hogan

    I really need to learn the Adobe Creative Suite package better (Illustrator, Photoshop and In Design). I use them for work but have never been trained.

  619. 626
    Emily A

    I’d love to take more web and graphic design classes! I dabble in this for work and personally and would love to take it to the next level.

  620. 627
    Emily A

    Posted on instagram – hgolightly_13

  621. 628
    Kelli Stuart

    Love your classes!!!

  622. 629

    Not sure right now if I’d pick Photo or Sewing, but either way I have a lot of room to improve!

  623. 630

    Your photography classes look amazing! I would love to improve my photography skills :)

  624. 631

    Your class list is amazing, so it would be difficult to pick just one! I am a makeup artist and soon-to-be mommy that wants to develop my blog into something really special. I hope to make it a good mix of makeup tutorials/inspiration, baby love and lifestyle. Your classes would help me get there! I would love to work on my Photoshop, Photography and Design.

  625. 632

    I started a word art business on etsy. This idea of combining my love of sweets to create word art is a passion of mine. My business mission is to inspire a positive attitude about life and one’s self, and therefore my business name is Sweet Attitude. I started a about 4-5 months ago and have essentially taught myself everything I know but it is far from the professional level that I would like to become. I came across your site recently and am inspired by your work. I love to learn how to use the pen tool to create beautiful swirl frames, how to use the live trace tool, how to develop or enhance font styles. I would also love to learn how to create and use signature colors, and in general develop basic to intermediate graphic design tips. Winning this can help me take my business to the level it needs to be to succeed. I have faith in my business idea and have a business plan, I recently purchased a wonderful printer and this would really give me the courage to keep going.
    Thank you for offering this chance to those of use who need it and for the lucky winner. God Bless you for that!

  626. 633

    This is fabulous and I would actually die of happiness if I won. I LOVE to create, but I am not the best at it. The ideas in my head rarely (meaning never) come out so great on paper. I would love to master illustrator so that I can create invitations and thank yous and the like. And then the dream of all dreams would be to design my own fabric someday! This is the PERFECT chance! Thank you so much for the opportunity! It is so generous!


  627. 634

    I would love to win this. Illustrator for sure and Photoshop classes would be great as well!

  628. 635

    I’m an illustrator who only knows how to use photoshop! I would love to learn more about illustrator!

  629. 636
    Lisa Taylor

    I would love to learn more about photography in general. I am interested in taking the food photography class. I have a strong desire to make a small business for myself, but not sure exactly where to start. I have also always wanted to understand how to better use programs like Photoshop and Illustrator! What a fantastic giveaway! I love learning new things!

  630. 637
    Danni Schantz

    It is such a coincidence that I visited the website today. I am looking through my many “if only” notebooks and collecting resources. As many others who visit this sight, I would love to own my own creative business but have other responsibilities that have kept it from happening. There are so many resources available online that I have decided not to put it off any longer. A free year of classes would be an AMAZING way to get the ball moving!


  631. 638

    It’s so hard to choose just one! I think I’d like to take Principles of Good Design to help hone in my ideas for my photography business and other artistic endeavors. I often have a hard time sorting through thoughts to make one cohesive design. And then I’d like to take Illustrator classes. Goodness, and making patterns would be great. So many fantastic classes!

  632. 639

    I really want to improve my skills in Illustrator. I’ve had this tool for a while and have never truly used it to it’s full potential. My aim to is to master illustrator and drawing in it, plus using photoshop to do better edits. I actually want to do web design and graphic design so I create beautiful sites and graphics for others. I love photography and definitely could use more knowledge in that field. As a Visual Artist I really love and enjoy beautiful digital arts. Winning this package would mean the world to me, because I’d finally get quality instructions on aspects I want to learn. I already learn a ton from watching the youtube videos, and I can only imagine how much more grande the actual classes are!

    Thanks for this opportunity! :)

  633. 640

    I have so desperately wanted to partake in a multitude of these classes. It is far too hard to just pick one that I could use in my daily life.
    I am currently a stay at home mom who is helping put my husband through law school with my handmade hair accessories. I am constantly looking for ways to make my shop unique and visually appealing to my customers.
    The classes that I would find most helpful would be Photo101, Pattern making, and illustrator. Photo101 would allow me to take professional photos that would help my customers visualize my products on their little ones. Pattern making would be used to create patterns for my own original fabrics. This would help my products stand out from others. Lastly, Illustrator would give me the techniques to constantly keep my shop visually appealing with updated logos, shop banners, shipping labels, packaging, etc. The possibilities are endless.
    When I’m not working away, I am creating and finding ways to fill my life with beauty. For this reason I would LOVE to take the floral design class.
    Eeeee, Just the thought of winning makes me giddy! I have my fingers, toes and legs crossed!

  634. 641
    Leilani Dong

    I’ve been looking into to expanding my experience with photography for the past few years. One of my favorite photographers, Natalie Link Norton, recommended this class as a way to improve my photography skills. I’ve taken pictures for family weddings and personal portraits, but I’d love to move into a more professional setting. Taking the photography classes offered on this website seem like just the trick. Thanks!

  635. 642

    As I am into the route of freelancing, I have to educate myself constantly on basics and new stuff, so each and everyone of your courses would be helpful to me. So I can be a 360 degrees architect/designer/art director and part time blogger :)

  636. 643
    Sabrina B

    Wow! This is an awesome giveaway! I just discovered this site and would love to learn more about Typography, practices of good design and I would love to learn more about food photography as well.

  637. 644

    The light bulb finally came on and I realized that I need to learn Illustrator! Every idea I have in my head but can’t quite seem to execute would benefit from Illustrator. I need to get on the ball! :)

  638. 645

    I’d love to learn photoshop!

  639. 646
    Kristin P

    I would love this! I’m having my first baby in September and I would love to learn how to take better pictures to document this time. Photo 101, 102 and Babies, Toddler & Kids would all be amazing.

  640. 647

    I would love to win a full year of Nicole’s classes! I have seven years of experience in Marketing and Communications but in the past 2 years, have developed a love of design and photography! This new found love has caused me to rethink my career path and I would like to make the switch into owning a creative company of my very own. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to commit to several semesters of school but Nicole’s offers classes that are a couple of weeks long…perfect for me to attain new skills while continuing to work in my current field until I make the switch.

    I am in the middle of planning my wedding and I have been designing small details; our engagement invites, shower invites, stickers, bar signs… all this has has really inspired me to want to learn more and to open my own studio where I can use my experience in marketing and design brands, invites, events…

    Thank you!

  641. 648

    I want to learn it all!! More indesign and more illustrator! I have so many things on my bucket list. I am currently working as a full time photography and would like to enhance my business with skills in the graphic design area.

    This is a great opportunity, whomever wins is one lucky person!

  642. 649
    Maria McB

    What an incredible opportunity! I would love to learn more about Typography and Illustrator. I have so many ideas but I don’t have the tools to get me there. This would be incredible. Thanks for the chance!

  643. 650
    Sara Christenson

    My friend told me about Nicole’s classes long ago. It’s been on my to do list to take the photography class for ages now. My husband is a student and funds are tight so needless to say it never happened. I have two wonderful kids and I love snapping pictures of them and having impromptu photo shoots. I would love to up my skills and to be more confident in taking pictures so I could share my talents with friends and family.

  644. 651

    I would love to take the table top photography class and learn more about illustrator. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  645. 652

    Now following on instagram – @lucyjanetotes

  646. 653

    There are so many courses that I’d love to do. Illustrator 101 and 102, InDesign 101, Typography, Photo 101, Photoshop 101 & 102. Such a brilliant giveaway xx

  647. 654

    I follow you on Twitter x

  648. 655

    I’m a FB follower x

  649. 656

    and I follow you on IG x

  650. 657

    I would SO love to win 12 free classes! I desperately need to advance my camera skills in photography and photoshop. I would love to develope who I am as an artist, get help starting my own website, learn how to arrange flowers and maybe see something that looks halfway decent. Basically I would truly love to take all of the available classes :)

    Please, please let it be me!!!

  651. 658

    Oh how wonderful! I would love to be able to win classes for a year! Thank you for the giveaway!

  652. 659

    Doi…. i forgot to say that photography and phptoshop would be the classes i would be most interested in. I need to hone in on a creative outlet!

  653. 660

    Omg! How good is your website! I have just found you! I would LOVE to take the crafting or photography classes!!! Looking forward to having a good look around while I’m here too!

  654. 661

    I’d love to take the fundamentals of design and typography classes in order to develop better quality web-based trainings. In addition, we are expecting our first child and I’d love to learn more about child photography. Thanks for sharing your talents!

  655. 662

    Would love to learn web design! Thanks for the chance!

  656. 663

    I would really love to learn Illustrator! I would like to learn to make custom logos and grow my small etsy shop to include all types of graphic design!

    Thank you!

  657. 664

    Seriously, AMAZING giveaway!!!
    I have been dying to take all of your illustrator classes, I would love to win!!!

  658. 665

    Would love to gain more illustrator skills and web design. Would be such an asset to my growing design business!!! Awesome giveaway, btw!!! :)

  659. 666

    First of all, this is an amazing giveaway! I would love to learn all about how to photograph better and of course photoshop. I would use my newly learned skills to photograph my child!

  660. 667

    I would love to learn more about a lot of things – but especially pattern making and any web design courses would be the best for me. I want to be able to utilize patterns more in my design work as well as learn how to design my own blog!

  661. 668

    I really want to learn how to capture the moments and people around me through mastering the art of photography. I love Nicole’s style and it would be an honor to learn from her. i posted on instagram ;)

  662. 669
    Pascal Schuback

    I would love to work on my photography skills and improve the transmission of my visual thought to those who happen to stumble onto my pictures. This would be awesome to win. Cheers!

  663. 670

    I love Nicole’s classes and would love to brush up on my photography and photoshop skills! Mainly to make my blog and product photos better! I also posted on Instagram. Thank you!

    P.S. Alma is an AMAZING Teacher :D Just saying! Hi Alma!

  664. 671

    I have been dying to take the photography classes. My fingers are so crossed right now!!! I would love to be able to actually be happy with my photo skills.

  665. 672

    I’d love to master Photoshop & Illustrator to bring my Etsy shop to life. They are programs I love and I wish I knew my way around them so much better! Btw, I’m a Nicoles classes alum and have absolutely LOVED each class to date :)

  666. 673

    I’ve Instagrammed and hope it’s the ticket! :)

  667. 674

    This awesome giveaway has been tweeted :)

  668. 675

    And last but not least, I’ve Facebooked as well via my Page (shop) … so excited!

  669. 676

    I want to take them all but specifically I’d start with Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign classes so that I can bring all my ideas to life digitally. I’d like to use my new skills for surface-pattern design and illustration. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  670. 677

    I’m a fashion illustrator and illustrate using watercolour. I’d just love to learn Adobe Illustrator with Nicole as it will help me to design the content for my new website where I will be selling my illustrations!

    Thanks xx

  671. 678

    Wow so many great classes to choose from! I would love to take all of the photography classes so I can take better pictures of my boys.

  672. 679
    liz bayer

    Id like to learn Illustrator to create my own EventStyling Planning Business

  673. 680

    One of my goal, this year, is to take 2 or 3 online classes (obviously Nicole’s Classes) about Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop. Would it be a great moment to win?

  674. 681

    I photography classes.. I would love to take beautiful pictures of my food.. But I really want to capture memories of my nieces and nephews as they grow up…

  675. 682
    Jessica Allred

    I would be THRILLED to win free classes for a year!! I’m a stay at home mom and would enjoy stretching myself in Indesign, Photoshop or photography classes! I love being a mom and one of these classes would help me develop something that I already enjoy to do just need to gain more skills in. I also teach the youth in my church and know they love and are interested in design. They would be ecstatic to learn about any of these programs or how to become better photographers. I would love to teach them what I learn through these classes if I were to be chosen!

    Chose me! Chose me!

  676. 683
    Tommie@Ilene Books

    I would absolutely love to win. I would love to learn more about Illustrator, InDesign, and photography to increase my skills for my business. I do letterpress printing, and would love to create some beautiful designs to print. I also would like to take high quality pictures of the items I make.

  677. 684

    This would be a great opportunity for me to better my skills in Illustrator, InDesign, Typography and design as a whole! I am the graphic designer for my church and am completely self taught. This would really help me step up my game!

  678. 685

    My Illustrator skills are very basic and I would like to be able to create some art on it that I could be really proud of and do something with.

  679. 686

    I would love to improve my photography, InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop skills and maybe take some classes in areas that I have never considered before! I am starting the research to write a self published book on family adventure travel and I would love it to be well designed and full of beautiful photography.

  680. 687

    I am a truly uncreative person but I believe that creativity is something that can be learned and improved upon through constant pratice. I want to learn any of these classes pref starting with the webdesign course so I can kick-off my dream of establishing a sustainable online business.

  681. 688

    Oh gosh, there are so many reasons I take and enjoy Nicole’s Classes! For one, I am a architectural designer turned work at home mom, who has many irons in the fire. I love to stay creative and keep those wheels turning, as well as continue to update me skills. I also do work for my brother, who is also an artist, and am working to grow his business. Your adobe classes are great for that. And last, but certainly not least, I have a beautiful little boy who is growing too fast and I love documenting our family. Thank you for this service. It has been an amazing creative outlet for me.

  682. 689

    I just lost my job and am looking to gain a new skill set in the world of graphic design to help support my family. I would benefit so much from taking classes in both Illustrator and Photoshop! I have a leg up, but could certainly learn so much more than I know. *crosses fingers*

  683. 690

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    Thanks a lot!

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