We’re Back with Student Work!

Happy Friday, everyone! We’re back from our short break today with some student work.  We hope you enjoyed your holiday, and that you enjoy these pieces, too!

We love this delicate flower that Annie Preece designed. She added such great detail and that care really pays off!

Mary Wang went above and beyond by making this composite for Photoshop 101. Students typically create a composite with provided images, but Mary took her own images and did an amazing job. You can see that she has combined the top two photos, putting the subject on a background that best displays the bubbles. She obviously put a lot of work and effort into this as she paid attention to the very fine details.

Kathy Fernandez Sierra designed this fun quote and we really liked the way it turned out!

This colored spirograph was created by Helga Varadi in Illustrator 101 our class. Her impeccable execution created a design that we loved!

Sally Mae Meyer is one of our Babies Toddlers & Kids students. She captured this cute string of shots that we think perfectly capture this adorable child. Nice shooting, Sally!

Ashley Arnold designed this in our Illustrator 101 class.  Her floral illustration is lovely and her colors are exquisite!  We think it all pairs nicely with simple fonts and a nice touch of script.

These bridal shower invitations were designed by Jesette Vichot for Illustrator 101. She takes simple, strong elements and allows them to be the focus of the invitations. Her composition and use of color really sell these designs!

And lastly, we have a self-portrait drawn with the pen tool by Narya Marcille.  We’re blown away with the incredible amount of work that went into this and the attention to detail! Narya spent 36 hours completing this amazing design, and this is what she had to say about it: “It’s a picture from my wedding. I used images of my bridal bouquet for the flowers in my hair. I used different opacities for all the shading in the face and on the flowers. The freckles are three seperate layers (pattern swatches in varying in size, density and opacity). I used many different layers to create and keep everything organized.”  If you like this, go and look at her online portfolio!

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