Duration: 4 weeks

Price: $75.00

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This class is held every other month and generally starts the first Monday of that month and continues for 4 weeks.

This class is ideal for anyone looking to learn dip their artistic toe into the field of Watercolors!

Watercolor is a beautiful fun medium and it is trending HOT right now! In this 101 class, you will learn what paints, papers and brushes to choose (and yes, it does make a difference.) You will get comfortable handling your brush, apply washes and learn tips for clean vibrant paintings. You will get tips and tricks on how to produce fun mini paintings that you can use for all sorts of projects and gifts. As a bonus, you will learn some scanning and Photoshop tips and tricks so you can easily put your new art pieces online.

The Nicole’s Classes application is a downloadable program you install on your computer. (The link to download will be provided the day the class starts.) Learning is divided into 4 weeks and within those weeks you can learn at your own pace, anytime, anywhere. There are no set class times, though homework is due every Sunday night for instructor feedback. Students also have unlimited email access to the instructor for the duration of their course, to ask questions or get help when they’re stuck. Our classes are flexible and fit into most any schedule and we happily welcome international students!

Watercolor 101 has no prerequisite courses or skills. This is a beginner friendly course! Please note that you will need to spend approximately $60 for supplies and materials (a list will be provided to you before the start of the course).

Monica Lee is a professional illustrator with a background in small business ownership, art licensing, editorial illustration and textile design. The multiple hats she has worn as a creative entrepreneur brings a fresh and compassionate perspective to her show, Smart Creative Women. Smart Creative Women is a web TV show where Monica interviews women working in the business of creativity. The show is a warm, relaxed and inviting atmosphere that has spoken to the hearts of women everywhere. Feel free to drop her a line if you have any questions about taking this course!

If necessary, we do provide refunds up to 1 week before the class start date. Please check our FAQ and Policies pages for more information.