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A great companion to take with you on shoots (the small 7″ x 7″ size is perfect to slip into your camera bag), this textbook covers manual exposures, composition, lenses, white balance, posing and natural lighting — everything discussed in the Photo 101 class offered by Nicole Hill Gerulat.


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“I ordered her Photo 101 book and read it in one sitting. Her first piece of advice is to turn the camera to the manual mode. I listened and haven’t turned it back to the automatic mode since.” —Sally, Shim & Sons

“This book, which I read all in one night, should come with every camera. It teaches you how to get the correct exposure for every shot, and take light-filled pictures. It will make you want to photograph everything.” —Alli, Hooray Design

“I got your book for Christmas and just wanted to send my love. :) Not only was it user friendly and very 101 (which I needed), but it was witty and so personal. I felt like you were teaching me in my own home.” —Allyson

“In the past month that I have had this book, my photography has improved 1000 times what it was before! Enjoyable to read and in language that is easy to understand. I have had a lot of ‘Oh! Now I get it!’ moments. Plus, it looks pretty sitting on my table! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!” —Ashley

“Your lovely Photo 101 book has made its way to my mailbox way over here in Australia, and I just had to tell you how happy I am with it! Last year I purchased a medium format system and I’ve been wading my way through textbooks, Ansel Adams publications etc etc trying to make sense of camera theory. Now I feel like the fog has been lifted after reading your wonderful book! Honestly, it’s just so well written! I was having all sorts of problems trying to get my exposures right and I’m certain that your book will make a huge difference to how I take photographs.” —Kristyn, Australia

“I love your writing style and how easy it is to follow a topic that is foreign to me. (Even after reading a few other photography books.) I had to keep stealing it from my 3-year-old daughter who loves all the pictures.” —Kari

“Seriously fantastic. All of the photo basics explained so plainly. I’ve taken lots of photo classes and this book covered what was taught through semesters in chapters. Plus, it’s a fun read! (can life get better?)” —Geri

“Just wanted to let you know that I LOVE the book. It makes everything so clear and easy to understand — I bought a couple of photography books before that just went into too much unnecessary detail but yours is perfect — it’s detailed but not too overwhelming. I’m already putting your tips to practice.” —Nirvana

“Just read {Photo 101 the book}. It was awesome. Really made me change the way I think about some really simple features I have been overlooking and under using. Thanks!” —Brandon

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