We Love Our Students — Share Your Story with Us!


Has Nicole’s Classes helped you on our creative journey? Did you learn to use your camera or your Adobe software and build it into a new business? Have you used our classes as a springboard to something new and cool?

If that sounds like you, we want to hear your story!

We’re looking for Nicole’s Classes students, both current and former, with inspiring stories to feature on our site. And if your story is picked, we’d like to grant you a Nicole’s Classes scholarship! What if you’ve already taken all of our classes? Well, we have some other interesting opportunities we’d like to explore with you!

Send us an email at with a short write up about your Nicole’s Classes experience and what you’re doing with your skills now.

We can’t wait to hear where Nicole’s Classes has taken all of you!

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    I have always loved stationery and paper goods in general. I grew up in North Carolina where Southern tradition dicatates Thank You notes are a must do and personalized stationery is a must have. But I now live in Utah County where we don’t have any stationery shops, and the best options for stationery are big box stores or the gift section of a few local boutiques. I was having a hard time finding stationery that suited my tastes, even online. That’s when I decided I wanted to learn to design stationery for myself.

    I was very involved in art classes in my early teens so I have a bit of an art background. My husband is a web designer so I already had access to the Adobe Creative Suite on my home computer. I tried to learn how to use Illustrator through some YouTube videos and asking my husband some questions, but I wasn’t making the progress I wanted. I went online to search for classes for Illustrator and found Nicole’s Classes.

    In 2010 I took Illustrator 101 online then Illustrator 102 and the Seamless Patterns class during a weekend event in Salt Lake. I started making stationery for myself and as gifts for others: a set of personalized stationery for myself and for the ladies in my family for mother’s day. I even designed my daughter’s birth announcements. I started getting asked by friends and family members to design baby shower invitations and wedding invitations.

    In September of 2011 I opened my Etsy shop: Winona Gray Design. I love the creative outlet that it provides me and the people I have met through my little business. I have received orders from several different countries such as the UK, South Africa and Spain. I also love that I can make extra money for my family doing something I love without leaving home. I owe so much to Nicole’s Classes and recomend them constantly to friends that want to improve their technology based creative skills.

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    Well I am not a student persay. I have been watching the tutorials for free and have grown so much as an artist. I know there is much more still to learn and so I would love the scholarship. I have made a list of everything I need to learn to take my typography art to the level of success and taking a class would be awesome. I will be looking at my schedule this week and register for a class. I do love your free tutorials as they are 2 minutes and so much info..they have really help me! Thank you!

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      Hi Mireya! Thanks for your comment! We’re looking for stories of current or past students, so let us know after you register for a class! We have a discount code for 30% off right now and we’d recommend you start with the Illustrator 101 class! Thanks!

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