We are thrilled to host a one-of-a-kind giveaway experience for the photography enthusiast! There are many ways to enter for the best chances of winning! GOOD LUCK!


  1. 1
    Shauna Lewis

    Pick me!!!!!!

  2. 2
    Joana Muller

    I’m sure I could learn a lot and would love the experience!

  3. 3
    Emily stokes

    This would be amazing!

  4. 4

    This would be WAY too much fun!!!

  5. 5

    What an incredible giveaway!!!! While I hope you win, I am excited to see how this plays out and if it will be the first of a series of these kind of learning opportunities.

  6. 6
    Alexis B

    This looks incredible! Would love to go!

  7. 7

    Would love LOVE LOOOOVE this.

  8. 8

    This would be amazing!

  9. 9

    This would be such an INCREDIBLE opportunity to watch and learn from the best!! Hands on experience to up my photography game, what more could we ask for!?!?!

  10. 11

    I would give anything to have this experience!

  11. 12

    I’ve been wanting a chance to learn hands on like this FOREVER!

  12. 13

    Would love to win this. Took your online class in May, and would love to learn even more from you!

  13. 14
    Amy W

    Oh my! This would be incredible!

  14. 15

    What a wonderful opportunity!

  15. 16

    This is so amazing!! I would love this so so much. You’re amazing!

  16. 17

    A Trip to LA & a camera & bag & a hotel & to assist? I’m In-Thank you for a chance.

  17. 18

    How fun would this be!!!!

  18. 19
    Allison Tucker

    I have dreamed of using a DSLR camera! Nicole has amazing talent! Would loved to learn and watch her shoot LIVE. What a dream…. :)

  19. 20

    This would be AMAZING! Yes, please!

  20. 21

    Cool–this would be super fun to win!

  21. 22
    Jamie Lim

    What an once-in-a-lifetime experience this would be!

  22. 23

    I can’t describe in words what kind of opportunity this would mean for me, my future, and my family given this opportunity! Crossing my fingers and toes I win!

  23. 24
    Debbie Smith

    How great would this be? Learning from one of the best!

  24. 25

    HUGE prize!! What an incredible opportunity!

  25. 26
    Ashlea Taylor

    Great giveaway!!!

  26. 27

    Ooh! This would be a DREAM!!!

  27. 28

    Such a great, generous giveaway! Sounds like a dream trip to get some ME time!

  28. 29
    Janet K

    I’ve enjoyed your class and look forward to taking more. This giveaway would be an amazing bonus!

  29. 31

    WOW! This would seriously be the opportunity of a lifetime!!!

  30. 33
    Jerilyn Hartley

    I would love to win this!!

  31. 34
    Emily O

    What an amazing giveaway! Can’t wait to hear who the lucky winner is!

  32. 35

    This would be AWESOME to win!

  33. 36

    So exciting!!Fingers crossed!

  34. 37

    What a tremendous opportunity!

  35. 39
    Aubrey Jones

    I would love love love this!!!! Plus I am super fun to be around! :)

  36. 40

    Neat giveaway, Nicole!

  37. 41
    Nycole N

    This giveaway would be awesome to win! Besides, my name is Nycole too!

  38. 42

    I’m thinking positive thoughts and blocking these dates out on my calendar

  39. 43

    This would be amazing!

  40. 44

    Doesn’t say whether international people can apply?

  41. 46

    So fun! I’d be a great help too :)

  42. 47

    I would love to help on another shoot! It’s always been an awesome opportunity and I always learn and advance my skills on your shoots. This is such a fun idea and exciting idea, and it would be an amazing experience.

  43. 48
    Karen Christensen

    Amazing! You are so talented :)

  44. 49
    Laura Caler

    How awesome would this be?! The best hands-on experience you can get!

  45. 50

    Great giveaway and opportunity!

  46. 51

    Okay so this really is the giveaway of my dreams! Hope I win!! XOXO

  47. 52

    Amazing giveaway! Good luck everyone!

  48. 53
    Briel K.

    Awesome that would be so fun!

  49. 54

    This is an amazing giveaway! One of the first I really, really hope I win!

  50. 55
    Allison Petersen

    Are you being serious right now? This couldn’t have come at a more perfect time! I’m looking to gain more hands on experience from the best. You ask, why me? Becuase, I want it more then anyone! I’m hard working, newly wed, living in dc, looking to learn and gain more experience so I can continue to pursue my dreams!!

  51. 56
    Clare Schaeffer

    Amazing opportunity from an amazing organization.

  52. 57

    Wow this would be amazing! Hands on learning, critique and feedback from a professional photographer and a client, resume building, networking, adventuring, a gorgeous camera bag, it a dream come true. I love dabbling in photography but have never had the guts to really pursue it because I’m so afraid I won’t live up to my own high expectations and I’m not ok with mediocrity. This experience would prove to me whether or not I have the talent to make my own dream come true.

  53. 58

    Holy Gigantic Giveaway!! This would be a life changing experience for me to watch you in action. I am a HUGE fan of your work and Nicole’s Classes. Thank you for the opportunity and chance to win!

  54. 59
    Annie Crowther

    I love how this giveaway caters to all skill levels. I don’t have any photography skills but I have always wanted to learn!

  55. 60

    This would be AMAZING to see Nicole in action and learn from the best!!!!!

  56. 61
    Emily Dyches

    I would love the opportunity to learn from the best! Great giveaway!!

  57. 62
    Jenna Murray

    I have followed your work for years and would LOVE the opportunity to learn from you!

  58. 63

    I could reeeeally use a break away and there’s nothing like a photo trip. This sounds like an incredible experience.

  59. 64

    This would be so cool and give me a little advantage at work, my department is expanding to from online education to also making commercials and other short video projects.

  60. 65

    Such an exciting giveaway! Thank you for the chance!

  61. 66

    This would be such an amazing experience! I’d love to win!

  62. 67

    I would die if I won!! Seriously this is a dream giveaway! Crossings fingers!!

  63. 68
    Natalie Bean

    This is UNREAL! Can’t believe this type of giveaway is actually possible. What a crazy opportunity this would be.

  64. 69
    amy cochran

    What a fantastic giveaway!! Would love to win!!

  65. 70

    Exciting giveaway, guys!

  66. 71

    Would love a trip to LA to learn from you!

  67. 72

    Love your classes. Bought your Photoshop book! I have never been to a commercial photoshoot. Ona bags rock whether there is a camera in them or not, ups cool factor immediately. LA , Santa Monica, Malibu, stores , food, people!!!! I have very nice manners.
    Best Regards,
    Debra Koessler

  68. 73
    lucy m

    Such an amazing opportunity!

  69. 74

    I would love the opportunity to learn from this shoot, I am constantly shooting photos of my own work, but always want to improve! Pick me! I will get you coffee and Bahn mi sandwiches! xo

  70. 75
    Heather V.

    What a great chance to learn!

  71. 76
    Alex shuey

    This would literally be a dream come true for me!!!

  72. 78

    I would love to learn more about photography! This would be amazing opportunity!

  73. 79

    Yes please!! I audibly gasped when I read about this giveaway…. As a photographer pursuing a career by attending university and keeping up my business, this would be an incredible opportunity to learn and get a grasp of photography in action by Nicole :) I really want this!!!!!!

  74. 80
    Tiffany Johnson

    Yes! Just finished entering! Pick me i would stinking die and go to heaven!

  75. 81
    Janessa parker

    This would mean everything!

  76. 82
    Annie Cassell

    Yes please pick me!!!

  77. 83

    I am meant to win this giveaway. For real. My birthday is November 7th! And I’m a big fan of Nicole’s Classes- I’ve been following faithfully for years!!

  78. 84

    I am a budding photographer witty a great passion and a sudden influx of customers!My husband is a teacher, so my small photography income goes a long way for us. I hope I win!

  79. 86

    This would be amazing!!

  80. 87
    Dejah M

    I’ve always had a passion for photography, but I’ve got so much to learn, and since having my daughter, I feel like I have forgotten everything! I would love to learn hands on with you!

  81. 88

    What an incredible opportunity to learn from a pro! I have the book and have taken a few of Nicole’s classes over the years, but nothing can compare to on the job, behind the scenes training. This would be a total dream!

  82. 89

    What an amazing opportunity!!!!

  83. 90

    I’ve always loved photography because of my grandfathers passion for it! This would be a great chance to learn more to pursue a career in photography.

  84. 91
    Kristin A

    My 3 little ones are getting to be school aged, which leaves me trying to figure out what career path I want to follow. One of my joys is capturing memories in photographs. I can’t stop myself. Everywhere I go, every event I attend, every family fiction, I snap, snap, snap away. I do this because I love the memories. And I enjoy capturing these memories for others as well. I feel a good photograph… And I mean a really good one that brings the memory to life… it is an invaluable gift. This is why I’ve been considering photography as a career. My main hang up has been lack of knowledge, and lack of funds for a good camera/classes. If I were to win. This would be such an answer, a way for me to pursue something I have a passion for and share the gift of photography with others as well.

  85. 92
    Alexis Arias

    Such an amazing giveaway!!

  86. 93

    I’ve followed you almost from the beginning! It would be incredible to meet and learn from you!

  87. 95

    Photographer in the making! Bring it on la!

  88. 96

    I’ve been such a fan of you for years. Your work is inspiring. I love to cook, bake, decorate and photography. I would love to have this amazing opportunity to learn from you. I have a passion for it, a creative eye and a love of beauty. I also have 7 (!!!) amazing children and love being a mother and bonus mother and wife but I don’t get very many opportunities to follow my dreams. I would absolutely love this opportunity! Please pick me!

  89. 97

    Still excited! I think this is such a great opportunity to learn and grow, and provides hands on experience that, in my opinion, teaches you more than a classroom. Crossing my fingers!

  90. 98

    I love photography, love your classes, love to learn! This would be so much fun!

  91. 99

    Would love to learn styling and photography tips from Nicole!

  92. 100

    What a generous giveaway!

  93. 102

    Great giveaway – I hope I win!

  94. 103
    Kristin K

    This is such an amazing opportunity!!

  95. 104
    Allison Tucker

    This is just great, unbelievably awesome!

  96. 105
    Ashley Sutherland

    I would love to go to LA, love to learn from Nicole and get a new camera AND learn more about photography!!

  97. 106
    Katie Perkes

    This would be an amazing opportunity! I would love it!

  98. 107
    Clare Schaeffer


    • 108

      I love this magnificent ordinary of yours. That garden is the stuff of my dreams! The critters around here eat everything we plant.I have flipped a switch lately too. No more should ha&8;v#e230sI am moving to just do it. Now, if I can. I want to live and enjoy and be happy.Thank you for the wonderful words and lovely pictures.

  99. 109
    Jen E.

    This would be the most amazing thing ever. Ever!

  100. 110

    There is seriously nothing more I could want for Christmas :) or ever! You are amazing it would be a dream come true!

  101. 111
    Marcie E.

    So excited about the possibility of having this awesome opportunity!

  102. 112

    This is awesome! Would love to join!

  103. 113

    Please please please pick me!

  104. 114

    Yay! Entering again! Still really excited!

    • 115

      Carin words cannot describe how ” THIs world of mine” ROCKS!!!!!!!!! Its an old school beat with A HIP rhythm and its awe!sme!o!!!!!! you bring back that old school love in me Loyiso!!!!!!!:)

    • 116

      Jun30 Classic. I saw someone in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem trying to get shots. The more impressive the tourist attraction or scenery, the more idiotic the idea of using an iPad for it becomes.

  105. 117

    This would be a dream. Pick me!!!

  106. 118
    Nycole N

    Me, me! This would be the best giveaway to win!

  107. 119

    Other people: “Your camera takes really nice pictures”
    Me: “Thanks, I taught it everything it knows.”

    This is a great idea! Whoever gets picked will be a lucky ducky!

  108. 120
    Barbara in Sweden

    I would fly all the way from Sweden for such a brilliant experience!

  109. 122

    Just ordered one of your textbooks! So excited for it to come!

  110. 123
    Jillian Dean

    This would be an incredible experience! I have three kids under three and I would love the opportunity to learn and take time for myself!

  111. 124

    What an amazing chance! thank you

  112. 125

    I would die if I won!!

  113. 126

    Wow, so many entries! Lots of excitement :)

  114. 127

    Oh my goodness, thank you!!! Am I dreaming?!? This is the most wonderful opportunity!!! This is perfect for me because I want to dive in and learn learn learn from the best in a working environment, with the most talented people in a place I’ve been contemplating a move to. I’m a hard-worker and this learn-away is everything I am seeking and needing currently to embolden me in pursuing my dreams! :)

  115. 128
    Jillian Dean

    With three little kids under three this would be the most amazing opportunity to learn and spend some time on myself!!

  116. 129

    I’m entering again!

  117. 131

    The anticipation is too much!! I need this!

  118. 132

    This opportunity will be a total blessing. The experience! The tools! The everything! Aanand I really really REEEALLY hope it’s me. :) Thank you for the chance!

  119. 133

    And* :)

  120. 134

    I would so love to be able to experience this.

  121. 135

    This is a wonderful giveaway! I took a photo class in person from you way back when and would love to learn in person again.

  122. 136

    What an incredible experience! I would love to assist and learn from you!

  123. 137

    Love this!!!

  124. 138
    Sara Rose

    This is LITERALLY the best giveaway ever of my life. I am mostly entering because I have been telling my sister she needs to take photography classes because she’s so naturally gifted. I want her to be able to do this. Because she’s a boss lady. Vote for Elle (me)!!!

  125. 139
    Abigail d

    So fun!

  126. 140

    You are so talented!

  127. 141

    Oh, for the love – this would be a dream!

  128. 142
    Jillian Dean

    This giveaway is perfect for a mother like me with three children under three. What a great opportunity this would be to help me learn and grow and spend some time doing something for myself!

  129. 143

    Thank you for the chance! Fingers crossed!

  130. 144


  131. 145

    So awesome!!!

  132. 146

    Pick me!

  133. 147

    I’m a beginning photographer and I love to follow you and your beautiful work. I live in LA (and love it) and would love a chance to learn from you. Thank you for hosting this giveaway.

  134. 148

    Woah! Sorry for the multiple comments yesterday! Computer glitch! I would love to learn from you, hands on. Thanks!

  135. 149

    I studied illustration in college, not photography, so I never had the opportunity to intern with a talented photographer and learn from them. This would be such an eye opening experience…

  136. 150
    Sara Rose

    This looks like a contest for me,
    So everybody, just let me be,
    ‘Cause I need a little, photography,
    ‘Cause it feels so empty without me

  137. 151

    I love the camera in white . . . so classy!

  138. 152

    Your textbooks are my favorite! Your kids are the cutest and basically you are my hero! I realized I wanted to be a photographer halfway through college but chose to hurry and graduate for my husband to go to med school- this giveaway would fulfill all my dreams since we are so broke that they seem like they will always be dreams :)

  139. 153

    Still hoping that I might win! I’m excited to possibly learn more and who doesn’t love some awesome loot!

  140. 154
    Sara Rose

    A Haiku:
    I want to win this
    For my best sister Hanna
    I wrote a haiku

  141. 155

    Fingers crossed! I would love this!

  142. 156

    Entering again. (& keeping my fingers crossed!)

  143. 157

    This would be an amazing time!

  144. 158

    this would make my year.

  145. 159
    Stephanie Braithwaite

    I would be OVER THE MOON to win this! I’m always looking to improve my skills and this would be SOOO fun!! I’ve taken a couple of classes already and I’ve loved them both. :)

  146. 160
    Sara Rose

    “All the money in the world is no substitute for hard work and ingenuity.” -Spanky MacFarland, The Little Rascals

    I’m working hard to try and win this. And also- I don’t even have all the money in the world to pay you off with, even if I wanted to :) pick me!

  147. 161
    Diane Viton

    What an amazing 3 days that would be!!

  148. 162

    Most amazing give away ever!

  149. 163

    I have loved photography for a while now but just decided to launch my own business and website. LA is my favourite city in the whole world (it’s even in my about me) and I would love this chance to learn more about my passion!

  150. 164
    Courtney Page

    I would love this! It would be such an amazing experience to see Nicole work and learn from her!

  151. 165
    Sara Rose

    When I look back on my life- I want to say I wrote an annoying amount of comments on a blog while trying to win a contest. Thanks for giving me this opportunity :)

  152. 167

    This sounds like the perfect match to re-ignite my first passion. EnLIGHTen me.

  153. 168

    Would love to win this awesome giveaway!

  154. 169

    What a fantastic giveaway! As a food blogger, I’m constantly trying to improve my photography skills: to compose more intriguing shots, to find/create better lighting, to style props effectively. It would be a dream come true and a fantastic learning opportunity to shadow a professional photographer! I’ve also never been to LA– I hear it’s wonderful.

  155. 170

    This would be a dream come true! Ever since I was a little girl I have been fascinated by photography, and I have done modeling for a few years now which has provided me with unique experience and insight. I absolutely love learning from different photographers; how they view the world, how they work with clients, what drives them. I am now pursuing a professional career as a photographer, but am just getting started! I would die of happiness to be able to have this opportunity!

  156. 171

    Fingers are crossed! I’ve been meaning to take my skills to the next level for TOO LONG and I’m certain that this would give me the boost that I need.

  157. 172
    Lindsey Reese

    Such a great giveaway! Would love to win!!

  158. 173
    Sara Rose

    This is the thing- ultimately you want someone to win this that you will actually like being around. My sister is the coolest person I know. She is hilarious and has killer dance moves. AND! Is an extremely attentive student. Please bless I win this so you can spend some time with her and she can learn some more photog skills. Thanks.

  159. 174

    What an awesome experience for one lucky winner! Thank you.

  160. 175

    AHHH I can’t believe it’s almost over! I’m hoping that I can learn and experience this crazy cool opportunity. I’m always looking to advance my skills and I have learned a lot from working with you in the past. Congrats to the winner! In excited to see the finished pictures!

  161. 176

    I don’t think I can sleep tonight! My fingers are staying crossed all night!

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