HostGator has consistently proven itself to be the best… for me!

The web is littered with hundreds of web hosting companies all competing for your hard-earned dollars. But how the heck do you figure out which one is best for you, especially when everybody claims to be the best?

Let me start then by saying this: HostGator isn’t the best web hosting company.

But it is the best for me for four terrific reasons:

  • It offers incredibly fast bandwidth for my personal needs.
  • It provides exemplary customer service courtesy of well-trained, US-based agents.
  • It offers nearly unlimited expandability for folks fortunate enough to excel.
  • It features budget-friendly monthly fees that don’t leave me feeling bankrupt.

Fast Bandwidth

The foremost difference between Host Gator and its competitors is in fact its amazingly fast bandwidth. While the majority of other budget-friendly providers offer laggy bandwidth courtesy of overstocked servers, HG prides itself on ensuring you never share a shared server with more than 35 other websites.

I literally have 6 separate websites, including and this one, on my shared plan. And yet, look at the amazing bandwidth I’m working with:

Customer Service

Another notable benefit is its dedication to customer service. Anytime your website is down, all you need to do is shoot support staff members a quick email, sit back and wait for a reply.

More often than not, they’ll log in to your site and ameliorate the error for you as a free courtesy — even if the error is related to programming code errors and not their web hosting services. Suffice it to say, no problem is too small for them to resolve.


One of my favorite aspects of the whole HostGator experience is its unlimited expandability. I first started with their cheapest plan but soon after decided to upgrade, so as to keep pace with my quickly burgeoning Web traffic.

By just spending an extra $7, I was able to go from hosting only 1 domain to hosting an unlimited number of domains. My simple account, for which I only paid $4.95 per month at first, now features seven different domain names. More importantly, none of my additional websites have slowed down the server.

Budget-Friendly Prices

For the beginner, there’s nothing like a starter plan for cheap rates as low as $3.96 per month. Yes, there are other companies out there that offer even cheaper prices as low as $1.99/month. The difference is, frankly, that their hosting services suck.

I know because I initially started with one of these companies. After a year of hell, I finally had enough and transferred everything over to HG, and I’ve been happy as a child in a candy store ever since!

Is It Best For You?

In conclusion, Host Gator works exceptionally well for me, and it may also work for you. It has really affordable plans for those just starting out. It also serves to those needing dedicated, VPS and reseller services. Plus, it includes complimentary software for creating a shopping cart, in case you want to sell products.

Remember, while this web hosting business for 10 years, but it’s risen to become one of the top providers in the country for a good reason. Their services are awesome, and I certainly recommend using their services to my family, my friends and any consumers reading this review.

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