End of the Week Student Work

It’s Friday again, and time to show you all what our students have been up to this week!

Daria Penta, who was also featured on our blog over here, put together this fun Oktoberfest postcard. If the block letters and bright colors don’t win you over, then the pretzel letter ‘o’ will. We love it, Daria!Work by Daria Penta

Nicky Berry is in our Babies, Toddlers, & Kids class. She snapped this adorable shot of her two-year-old snacking on some ice cream. We love the close-up detail and how she managed to capture such a sweet, simple moment. What did Nicky have to say about it? “”I am so grateful to Nicole’s Classes for giving me the skills to take the photo. I just love having this shot of her!” Work by Nicky Berry

And last, but not least, some invites from Stacy Olson. She created some wonderful graphics with bold, wintry colors and we love the banner details. Great job, Stacy!

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