Make an Easy Spring Floral Centerpiece!

I’m so excited to be teaching my first session of Floral Arranging 101 this month! I wanted to share a recipe for an easy spring floral centerpiece in time for Mother’s Day this weekend, or you can use it to make any dinner table setting a bit more seasonal. With just a few tricks and this easy recipe, you’ll have a centerpiece in no time.

nicole's classes spring floral centerpiece!

Collect pitchers in different sizes to display across your table and then add water and flowers.

Flower Recipe:

10 stems of viburnum
10 stems of daffodils
10 stems of forget-me nots
8 stems of yellow ranunculus

Fill the vases with viburnum first, leaving as much greenery above the water line as possible. Keep the flowers flush with the edge of the vase. Fill in holes with ranunculus, then add daffodils, letting them stand taller above the other flowers. Add forget-me-nots last, keep their height somewhere between the daffs and the viburnum.

A few tricks:

* Make each pitcher a little different. Make one mostly viburnum, while another is mostly ranunculus.
* Use ranunculus buds and extra greens to make it feel natural and effortless.
* Refresh the water everyday to prolong the life of the arrangements.

Happy Spring!


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