DIY Clouds for a Nursery

Cloud Template

I recently made these clouds from foam core and paper for a magazine shoot. Nicole’s sister Nina ended up taking them home for her nursery (she’s due in April) and here is Cole, Nicole’s little guy, testing them out. They make a great addition to a nursery or playroom and they’re easy to make. Here’s how!


What You Need:
(makes two 19″x13″ clouds)

Cloud Template (click on the link the left or on the “Download it!” image above)
One 20″x30″ board of white foam core
One 19.5″x27″ sheet or roll of decorative paper (these were found at Paper Source)
X-Acto knife (replace blade for extra set of clouds)
Large glue stick
Craft cutting mat

Step 1. Download cloud template and enlarge 200% on a large-scale printer (can be done at Kinko’s).

Step 2. Cut out template and line up on foam core to fit two clouds vertically. Trace two clouds on board with a pencil.

Step 3. Place board on cutting mat and use X-Acto knife to cut out clouds. Work slowly, keeping hands pressed firmly on the board but out of the knife’s reach. Clean up edges of cloud with knife when finished.

Step 4. Spread glue over one side of cloud, making sure to cover completely, especially edges.

Step 5. Press paper over cloud (use long end of paper to cover two clouds), smoothing out any air bubbles.

Step 6. Turn cloud to Right side on cutting mat (making sure it’s clean to keep paper fresh) and using X-Acto knife cut paper to shape of cloud.

Step 7. Hang with double-sided foam tape or hang with fishing wire to get a mobile effect (in which case, cover both sides of cloud with paper).

Tips: You can enlarge the template 225-250% to create varying sizes. Also, look for quality craft paper (with a little weight to it), which will help you avoid air bubbles.

Happy cloud cutting!

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