Create a Blurb Book Inside Lightroom

As the end of the year is approaching and we’re all planning for the holidays, some of you may be considering giving photo-related gifts, like books with pictures from a vacation or a book of photos from the year.

Lightroom Blurb

Did you know Lightroom has a module completely dedicated to making Blurb books? I love that you can make a Blurb Book from inside Lightroom. Moving back and forth between your photo organization software and another app or online bookmaking site can be tedious and time consuming and Lightroom really simplifies this.

An example of a time saving feature: let’s say you have two photos next to each other on a page in your layout and you want to change the color of one or the other to be a closer match to the other. From within Lightroom, you can go to the Develop Module and make the change to the photo, and then it is immediately updated in your book. There is no saving, exporting, or re-uploading to the book.

I recently made a Blurb book as a gift with some photos from a family vacation to Scotland. All you need to get started is photos organized and edited in Lightroom.

Lightroom Blurb

You can then switch to the Book Module in Lightroom and quickly add pages and images. You can even have it “autoflow” the images you have selected and it will give you a head start on filling the pages of the book automatically.

Lightroom Blurb

You can edit each individual page as well as spreads (2 facing pages) together. You can add text as a title, small text, large text etc.

Lightroom Blurb

Check out this neat feature in Lightroom. If you do not own Lightroom, try the free 30 day trial of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and give this feature a whirl. This streamlines the process for making books.

Lightroom Blurb

Lightroom Blurb

This is one of the amazing features I cover in my Lightroom 101 class! If you have any questions and want to learn more, please  leave a comment below! Happy book making!

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    very cool.. I have noticed this feature but have yet to use it. I have made a few books through blurb with their software. Are the features the same in Lightroom such as customizable layouts?

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      Mark Weinberg

      Hi Aubrey

      Yes, you can create customizable layouts. The software isn’t exactly the same as Blurb’s software, but the way it works is similar. It is so simple to use when your photos are already in Lightroom.


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