Ask Nicole #1: Photo Editing


Welcome to our first installment of our new blog series Ask Nicole! In this new series, Nicole will answer a new question asked by a student or social media follower (you can ask a question here). Enjoy!


Lightroom 101: Virtual Copies


Today we’re sharing a super helpful and informative video from Lightroom 101 instructor Mark Weinberg on how and why to save virtual copies of your images.

Click here to watch the video tutorial!

Create a Calendar Page in InDesign in 5 Minutes!

InDesign Calendar Page

My new InDesign 101 class launched last year, and I’m excited to share my first InDesign video tutorial with you! It’s a quick and easy 5 minute calendar project! InDesign is a great program for multiple page documents, which makes it the ideal program for making calendars. It seemed like a good tutorial to start 2015 with, and now that you’ll know how to make your own calendar, you won’t need to buy one for this year!

Click here to watch Holly create a calendar page in InDesign!

And don’t forget to sign up for my InDesign 101 class (and if you like the pattern in the above image, sign up for our Illustrator 102 class too and you’ll learn to make it)!

Photoshop 102 Sneak Peek!


Have you mastered all the Photoshop 101 basics? Are you looking for new and advanced Photoshop challenges? If so, then we have some good news for you! Holly’s Photoshop 102 class is launching next Monday and she will teach you all kinds of exciting tips and tricks, including how to extend complicated backgrounds in your photos quickly and easily using an awesome tool called Content Aware Scale. And she’s prepared a little teaser video showing how to use this tool in less than 3 minutes to extend a cityscape background!

Click here to watch Holly’s Photoshop 102 sneak peek video!

How to Create Ribbon Banners in Illustrator

How to Create Ribbon Banners

Ribbon banners are a very “in” graphic design trend, you’ve seen ’em on greeting cards and posters and everywhere in between. Well now you can easily add this fun look to all your designs by watching Illustrator 101 & 102 teacher Holly’s newest free video tutorial!

Click here to watch Holly’s newest video on ribbon banners!

Watercolor Brushes in Photoshop: Video Tutorial & Free Download!

Free Photoshop Watercolor Brushes

Have you ever wanted to create gorgeous watercolor effects in Photoshop? Well thanks to fantastic online resource and today’s free video tutorial, now you can!

Click here to watch my newest free video tutorial on Using Watercolor Brushes in Photoshop!

And click here to download the free set of watercolor brushes to practice the tutorial!

Chime In: What Should Our Next Video Tutorial Cover?

Video Tutorial

Happy Wednesday everyone! We’ve been working really hard over the last few months to build up our Free Video Tutorial section with helpful tips & tricks from our master instructors. But, we’d like your help to make it the best it can be — so, What should our next video tutorial cover?


How to Create Japanese Washi Tape in Illustrator

How to Create Japanese Washi Tape in Illustrator

Here at Nicole’s Classes, Japanese washi tape might be one of our favorite inventions ever (maybe only second to ice cream and the computer). We even use it when we package up textbooks to send out to our customers!

And while we love the look of washi tape in real life, sometimes we want to add that same adorable and kitschy look to our graphic designs, especially when creating digital scrapbooks.

In this video tutorial, Illustrator 101 teacher Holly shows you all the steps to creating your own plain and patterned washi tape in Illustrator. Her quick and easy tutorial will have you adding washi tape to anything and everything (and we do mean everything — it’s too cute not too) in a matter of minutes!

Watch the video right over here!

Masking in Photoshop!

Masking in Photoshop

My new and improved Photoshop 101 class starts today! I wanted to share with you one of the many amazing tips you are going to learn in the class: masking using type in Photoshop!

Click here to Watch it!

Want to learn more about how to use Photoshop to enhance your images, blog and more? Take my online class starting today!

Live Corners in Illustrator Creative Cloud!

Live Corners Illustrator Creative Cloud

I have an exciting new video tutorial for you today on a new feature in Illustrator Creative Cloud — Live Corners! You will be amazed at this new tool and how easy it is to use!

Click here to watch it!

Want to learn about other time saving features in Illustrator? Take my online class starting next week!

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