Ask Nicole’s Classes!


We’re expanding our “Ask Nicole!” series to include all of our teachers at Nicole’s Classes! If you have a question for any of our instructors, ask below in the comments and your question could be answered in a future blog post!

As always, you can ask Nicole anything about photography. But now you can also ask Holly about Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign or graphic design in general! Or if you have a question for Tara about food styling, Chelsea about floral arranging, Mark about Lightroom, or Flight Design about branding, ask away below and your inquiry could be picked and answered in an upcoming post!

We’re excited to assist with all your questions!

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    Awesome! Here’s my question:

    I am trying to improve my interiors photography. My question is regarding aperture. I know that I need to go higher with my aperture number to get more in-focused depth of field. However, is there a rough guideline on where to start on an average size living room? Are we talking F9, F11, F22? Also, I have seen a lot of “noise” in some of my shoots. Have been using an ISO of 400. Is that too much? Or might there be another reason?

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    Paige smith

    Nicole always has the perfect white balance. I’m wondering if she could tell us how she achieves this. I often just use AWB because it is the easiest. But I’d love to know any tips about white balance.

  3. 3


    Once someone takes a class, how long will the class/lessons be accessible to the student? Will it be possible for the student to revisit the video lesson later on?
    Thank you,

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      Hi Claudia!

      Most classes are guided by the teacher for 4 weeks, then access to the lessons and videos remain so you can revisit and relearn!

      Thanks! Hope to see you in the classroom soon,


  4. 5

    I was also wondering about white balance, and if Nicole uses a light meter or gray card, etc. I would like to achieve close to perfect or perfect white balance in camera with little or no post-work! Thanks!

  5. 6

    Will you offer floral design course at 50% again?

    • 7

      Hi Deanna! Our 50% off sale is a once a year sale, but we have lots of other great sales throughout the year! Make sure to sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of this page so you don’t miss our next time!

  6. 8

    Where can you get used Patone swatch book?

  7. 9

    Hey, that’s the grseatet! So with ll this brain power AWHFY?

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