A Guide to File Formats

File Format Guide

We recently had a reader ask us to clear up the confusion associated with file formats. And we totally understand, there are so many different extensions to choose from when saving your files and it’s hard to know which file format to choose for what! Below are my quick and easy explanations on when to use each one:


It’s All About Nicole’s Classes!

All About Nicole's Classes

Last week, we were interviewed by a community arts organization and shared a little bit about who we are and what we do. At Nicole’s Classes, we are all about encouraging creativity, education and the arts in both our online and local communities. We’d love to share with you our answers to their questions so read on to learn more about the company, it’s beginnings and what we’re striving to do here!

Can you tell us more about Nicole’s Classes humble beginnings and how that grew into what you are today?


June Student Work

Happy Friday everyone! We have some great student work for you today from a variety of our classes. So sit back, relax and enjoy their amazing creations!

First up we have an amazing bouquet created by Floral Arranging 101 student Sara Cangueiro. Not only is the arrangement stunning, but her pictures are so breathtaking. Nice work Sara!

Nicole's Classes Student Work

Masking in Photoshop!

Masking in Photoshop

My new and improved Photoshop 101 class starts today! I wanted to share with you one of the many amazing tips you are going to learn in the class: masking using type in Photoshop!

Click here to Watch it!

Want to learn more about how to use Photoshop to enhance your images, blog and more? Take my online class starting today!

Free Father’s Day Download!

Father's Day Download
Happy Friday everyone! We have an amazing last minute Father’s Day download for you today! You know, in case you’re still looking for great things for all the dad’s in your life (we know we still are)!


Live Corners in Illustrator Creative Cloud!

Live Corners Illustrator Creative Cloud

I have an exciting new video tutorial for you today on a new feature in Illustrator Creative Cloud — Live Corners! You will be amazed at this new tool and how easy it is to use!

Click here to watch it!

Want to learn about other time saving features in Illustrator? Take my online class starting next week!

More New Illustrator Student Work

The students in our new and improved Illustrator 101 class have been knocking it out of the park in this first session, so we have even more great work to share with you this week!

Our first piece is from Australian student Grace Ryan. We love her re-imagining for this movie poster and we’re so amazed at her quality of work given that she’s only 15! Amazing job Grace!

Illustrator Student Work


4 Free Fonts!

4 Free Fonts

I am excited to share with you 4 free fonts that are some of my favorites! You can add them to your font collection and they will help make your designs even more fabulous! I have selected these particular fonts because they are all clean, modern and not too stylized so they will complement all of your designs.

One Day Instagram Flash Sale!


It’s a big day over on the Nicole’s Classes Instagram account… we’re hosting a one day 35% off flash sale! To get the code and save 35% on your entire order*, head on over and follow us on Instagram! That’s it, it’s that easy!

But you better hurry up, the sale is over (like really over, no exceptions!) at 11:59pm PST today 6/4/14!



*Sale excludes the Photoshop 101 textbook.

Watercolor 101: Ombre Wash

Watercolor 101: Ombre Wash

Watercolor 101 instructor Monica Lee is sharing her quick tips on how to create the beautiful ombre effect in your watercolor paintings. Click on over to her free tutorial video to watch!

And if you’ve been thinking of taking our Watercolor 101 class… don’t wait! The last session of this class will be held in July, so sign up now or you’ll miss out on it for good!

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