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Why are our classes so awesome?

  • Our classes are all online and self paced so you can
    learn in your pajamas, anytime, anywhere!

  • Our teachers are incredible professionals
    and each class is carefully curated.

  • Teacher feedback allows you to learn
    faster and better!

  • You have access to the class materials
    for as long as you need!

Our Students Love

“Attending Nicole’s class was empowering! I loved learning how to have complete control over my camera!”

- Chelsea from Frolic!, Photo 101 student - See more

“Thank you so much for this class! Thanks for your amazing feedback: starting with the positive, and when necessary, ending with tactful, honest, awesome advice. My camera returned and I can’t wait to get out shooting today. You have inspired us all.”

- Judy, Photo 101 student - See more

“Thank you very much for the wonderful class, I thoroughly enjoyed it and learned TONS! Your critiques made my day! I still have a long way to go but I feel like I’m off to a good start thanks to you!”

- Heather, Tabletop Photography student